Whoever travels often can sing a song about it: a heavy suitcase inhibits the joy of traveling immensely; you also take a lot of things with you unnecessarily. What can you do about it?

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Pack efficiently, travel light

On one of our last press trips, a colleague suggested: “Write one Article about how to pack efficiently ”. She is right, an important topic. Shortly before Christmas I was in Austria by train that year.

That means three transfers with a rather heavy suitcase. And why was the suitcase so heavy? Because from the ski slope equipment to the Business-lunch outfit everything had to be there again.

Travel only with hand luggage, but still chic: the best tips

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There are these colleagues who are always on the move with hand luggage - and always look like they are peeled from the egg. How do they do that? I asked around in my circle of friends and put together the best tips.

  1. Shop consciously: The most frequently mentioned tip begins long before the actual packing, namely when shopping. For example, I'm always looking for lightweight shoes that don't take up much space and weight, or items of clothing that can be color-coordinated.
  2. Pack consciously: If the wardrobe is already well sorted, packing is quicker and easier. For example, black is always good as a basic color because it can be combined best. Jeans are good because they are sturdy and even wearable with stains. Otherwise, a color-matched onion skin system is necessary: depending on the travel destination, you have to cope with temperature differences of 20 degrees.
  3. Have a motto: The colleague with the hand luggage, asked how she always looks chic despite the small suitcase, replied: “I think of a specific motto and a basic color for every trip. I then vary them with cloths, for example. ”
  4. Towels - speaking of: Towels are a must! On a plane, a fellow traveler told me once that she was not going on a trip without her three travel towels: They are light but versatile. For example against the wind or cold on the neck, as sun or rain protection on the head. You can use them as a chic accessory or as a beach towel. They help to cover stains or other suddenly occurring problems and can even replace skirts or blouses in an emergency. Never without a cloth!
  5. Light and easily washable clothing: I pay attention to the light and washable cloakroom, even when I'm shopping. Cotton, for example, is heavy and dries very slowly when washed. If you don't like the more practical polyster, silk is recommended: A few years ago, a friend deliberately equipped herself with silk garments for a trip. Advantage: low weight, dries quickly when you have to wash your clothes.
  6. To wash: A tip that I will definitely take to my head after the last tour: wash or have it washed. For example in the hotel, which is expensive, or in the laundromat. If planned correctly, this can save a great deal of weight.
  7. Zipper bags: Another colleague always packs her clothes in plastic zipper bags. They are light, but ensure that the clothing stays wrinkle-free and does not fly in the suitcase, so that you can still find everything quickly.

Conclusion: traveling light can be so easy

These were the tips that I could collect for more practical travel. You can see: With a little ingenuity and organizational skills, light travel can be very easy - and then pack suitcases. In this sense: Have a good trip!

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