Anyone who changes perspective gains new insights, eliminates blockages and progress faster. But how do you change perspective? For example, with the not-yet or chance technique.


All a question of technology

"The belief that one's point of view is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions," Watzlawick said. For example, anyone who believes that the im Meeting "cross-shooting" colleague "has a wheel off", inevitably goes into escalation (or resignation). On the other hand, anyone who takes the view that the colleague is merely an outlet for his overshooting creativity (self-portrayal, innovative spirit, activity...), gives him his Five Minutes of Fame - and then the meeting continues; undisturbed, efficiently and quickly.

"What? Doesn't he bother? He just wants awareness for his crazy ones ideas?”, participants often ask in training courses on the (self) management technique of changing perspectives: “How do you come up with something like that?” Good question. If you are stuck in your own thinking and feeling groove - how do you get a new perspective? Or as the train driver said as he raced towards the siding at 180 km/h: "If a switch doesn't come soon, there will be a crash."

“Oh, he just wanted attention? Then we wouldn't have had to argue for 20 minutes. Why didn't I think of it earlier? " I also hear that in training and Coaching often. Simple answer: Because this new perspective, which is usually only gained ex post, is almost never sought ex ante. We involuntarily argue before we arbitrarily ask the question: Streit is one perspective - what would be another? Many perspective techniques help answer this question. Let's consider two of the most pragmatic.

The not-yet-technology

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For difficult Tasks, major challenges, setbacks and crises, we often say or think: "I just can't do that!" So we give up or just continue half-heartedly. In coaching in particular, a change of perspective that can be done with just one word has proven its worth: yet.

Tell yourself or the depressed: “I can't do it yet. We can't do that yet. ” This is not a word, but a whole perspective: Those who cannot do it assume immutability and lack of character. Those who cannot yet assume a timeline, a process, more precisely: an ongoing improvement process. Related to this is the change of perspective: “Errors? We don't make mistakes. We collect information about how it doesn't work. ”

The Opportunity Technique

The budget is all that Customer makes additional demands, the supervisor says: “But it has to be finished by Friday.” Hopeless! Fact? No: perspective. I just see it that way. The chance technique has two variants. Variant A asks: “I can only see everywhere Problems! What opportunities am I missing? Where could they be hidden?" Variant B asks: “Okay, after due consideration, we have to take this defeat. What's the chance in this defeat?" Or as the Americans say: The Blessing in Disguise, a hidden blessing.

The project team in the present case recognized for itself: “At least we are strengthening ours Expertise in crisis management! Who knows what else it's good for." Incidentally, the latter is also a nice reframe, a reassessment of a situation, a change of perspective. Not far off is the perspective variant “The good in the bad”: “Even if 99 percent are bad, what is the good one percent?”

Practice creates masters

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All tried-and-tested techniques for changing perspectives are immediately obvious and can be sight-read. However, the central requirement is: Like all highly effective techniques, they need something exercise.

Any novice driver can drive a Polo, but Nico Rosberg's Formula 1 car requires driver training. After completing the training (do-it-yourself, in a group, in a seminar, in coaching...), however, they make big ones Fun. Therefore, we consider some of these techniques that allow a completely new view of things.

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