What has Barack Obama got to do with the Scorpions? Not much at first glance, but if you take a closer look, there are many things in common.

Achieve Goals & Change the World: The Power of Right Attitude

With the eyes of a child

Looking at the Eyes of an innocent child ours World, one seems fast to discover the secret of a happy and fulfilling life. Stick to the rules of the game, bring home good grades, and work as hard as you can each day, and your hard work will be rewarded generously—with even more Regulate, more school and even harder work. And you have your school days a few years later successfully behind you, the most brilliant thing that life has to offer awaits you: a Workplace, Money and Future, which consists of a never-ending hunt for more - until one day you're old and gray and dropping dead. This is commonly referred to as a happy life.

"So Honestlywhat wild claims! Where does this Rudolf get this cynicism from?” they are now thinking for sure the one. 'Yes, and what's the problem? That's how life is!« the others. Which group do you belong to? Maybe you don't know for sure yourself because you've never thought about it before. Easy, Tiger, that doesn't matter at all, just philosophize a bit to yourself. In the meantime, I'll tell you about a scene that I experienced in my home village of Schwarmstedt in the summer of this year.

Complaining doesn't help

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It was a wonderful day, the sun was shining and, like every week, the organic farmer was setting up her fruit and vegetable stand in the village square. As always, I was drinking my good morning espresso at Gino's when two men entered the pizzeria and sat down at one of the tables next to me. Of their Appear and clothing style, two typical sales fuzzies, around 40 and passing through. They ordered a cappuccino and began to rant about the effects of the financial crisis. They constantly complained about an incompetent state, about stupid and power-obsessed politicians and about a capitalism that had gotten completely out of joint. The money-hungry bank managers, who completely clear and undoubtedly identified as the only real culprits of the dilemma. They had to serve for everything: for their bad-tempered ones Executive, for their own fears about the future, for the bad grades of their children, even for their private ones Problems. I listened intently. Did one guy really blame a total stranger for his marital crisis? Exactly! And he really meant it.

Before the financial crisis he never had any problems, not with his own Ms., not with his children, not with his job - his life had been perfect! Now, however, one problem led to the next, and of course there could only be one person to blame - the evil banker. discussion ended. on account, please! When they went their way again a short time later, I watched them for a moment. They didn't look happy to me. N / A? Did you recognize yourself a little in what the two men said? Maybe not word for word, and you may have escaped the financial crisis, but haven't you gotten into the habit of blaming others more often than yourself in difficult situations? You can admit it, most people do it that way.

Everything depends on the right attitude

But let's stay with the bad banker example for a moment. The general public Opinions about the banker isn't exactly the best, and when the news earlier this year saw plastic dolls dressed like bankers dangling from London lampposts, you may have thought, if only for a moment, 'Right . Hang them, those crooks!” Okay, read that last sentence again. Would you still feel like this if the banker was your little brother? Your beloved husband, best friend or even father? What would your picture of all this look like then?

The banker is not solely to blame for the misery, if one can speak of guilt at all. Take a step further into your thoughts. It may sound strange, but we are all equally responsible for our current situation. Where is your connection to the banker? Well, you certainly have money in a bank and thus support this system. you have it for useful found as long as you were personally fine with it, right? Nobody can absolve himself of it. We're all in the same boat and we're all entertaining things that we accept - for our children and their children.

The world is programmed flat

The consciousness of the world has ultimately been steered in this direction by faulty programming by all of us. The global economic crisis, climate catastrophe, religious wars - we are all of these because it comes from us and only from us. So from you too. It is of no use to look at the others, and certainly not to scold them, because they only do what the system in which we all live tells them to be: be the best, the smartest, the fastest, the strongest! You can see where this thinking leads. Or were you taught to be the happiest at school? Were you admitted to high school because you cared so lovingly for the well-being of the class community, or maybe "only" because you were able to memorize a significant part of it?

It is always said that the world is so difficult to understand, that everything is so incredibly complicated, impenetrable and complex. It might be, but you don't have to be a super genius to realize that it still doesn't work. As long as more and more People starving, as long as brutal wars still rule entire continents, as long as people around the world are still suffering and are so unhappy that they no longer see any meaning in their lives, even though there are all these problems Solutions there is no one who can reasonably convince me that the system that created all these crises is the right one. It can not be.

The Obama way

We all know that and still don't change anything about it. Why are people like these reps from Gino's restaurant complaining about their unsatisfied lives instead of them Energy, which they spend on complaining, to use and actively change something in their situation? Because they don't take responsibility for their own lives! They play the victim role so they don't feel guilty if they fail in the end. Then they would have to admit to themselves: »Shit, I screwed up. Me all alone and no one else!

One can see this phenomenon very well in the Barack Obama's success story. I don't think he's so admired solely because he managed to become the first black president in the history of the United States of America. Rather, it's because he did something that seemed almost impossible. The burden that came with his skin color was so immense that he had to muster an unimaginably strong willpower to overcome the seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Obama made his big dream come true and showed humanity that anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself. That's why he's so revered and celebrated like a rock star. At last the world has a leader again to blame for all of its problems. We have received a new Messiah who is now to judge it, and we can breathe freely again, because from now on we no longer have to think about our own inactivity.

Sometimes starting small is the best solution

Sure: Our world needs visionaries like Obama who break out, who jump off track and go their own way. People for whom there is no category, who create a new form of tension and collectively bring us forward. But you can be one too. No, it's you! You just haven't noticed yet. Sometimes the most beautiful flower grows out of a stinking dunghill, but if we stand in front of it with our eyes closed, we will never be able to see the beauty. The economic crisis is such a stinking dunghill. We need the resulting tension to keep our normal

Order mess up again. What we call "normal order" is about to be thrown into mighty chaos, and yet it doesn't seem so bad that we're breaking it Crisis as an opportunity to fundamentally change something in the way we all think. We are shaken up properly, but not really shaken awake. Head in the sand, eyes closed and through. We either do nothing, or we try to find solutions to the problems, always using the means that got us there in the first place. We fly to the moon, shoot rockets into space, but don't see the seemingly simplest things.

We have to change the system

That is why there will continue to be lively crises in the future, in whatever form, until maybe at some point the last person realizes that our system should be changed. All well and good, but what has all this got to do with me? You might ask now. You just want to get your own life going and not save the whole world right away. I understand that, of course, but in principle there is no contradiction in this. The development of the big world works in the same way as your own, very personal little world, like that of any other single person. We created it ourselves according to our ideas, constructed it ourselves.

God consciously gave us free will, that's why he lets us do all this nonsense. He has endowed each of us, you, me, Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden, all seven billion people on this planet with so much power that not only theoretically, but also practically in this second, right now, everything is different can do. We all wear this Reset in us, but very few call it off.

Let's look ahead positively

However, I have noticed that global consciousness has changed massively for the better in recent times. That's good, because 30 years ago things were very different. Mankind is slowly waking up from its slumber, at a snail's pace, but still. As the saying goes: constant dripping wears away the stone. And nevertheless verlieren we always lose sight of the big picture and do not focus our energy on change, but on the accumulation of matter: house, car, television, laptop, mobile phone and and and. Our children are already choking on all the toys in their children's rooms and at the same time don't know what to play with anymore because you Brain cannot handle this permanent load.

We flood our senses with new stimuli and no longer notice that we are just trying desperately to cover up a deficiency. Because all that stuff we put on beyond a certain point is a clear sign that we're missing something important in life. Namely the ability to fill life with yourself. That's why yogis don't need anything anymore because they have so much positive Having energy within you that everything outside is completely superfluous. Items just don't have any Significance more because their state of consciousness is already at a much higher level. You're on the heels of the mystery of life, if you will, and I'm sure you'll agree that a fancy sports car seems pretty insignificant in comparison, right?

That all sounds very spooky, I'm well aware of that. I've been on this trip for over four decades and can only recommend getting a ticket as well. It doesn't cost anything, it's all for free. You won't be walking around overnight with the wisdom of a yogi, but you will find the fog slowly but surely clearing around you. That is an animal feeling! I promise!

How to understand the world better

The world is not at all that difficult to understand if you make the effort to engage with it with all your senses. A trick here is to try to switch off all the knowledge you already have. Just imagine you've lost your memory. Yes, okay, this is far from easy, but try it anyway. When a baby is born, it is endowed with all the features that we possess as human beings. But instead of expressing and developing this potential, the Society on the baby and continually kills off those divine abilities.

It is already written in the Bible: "Let us be like children...", because the children are the happy ones. That's the whole point. This is where we have to start. Ask Think about why our children get older and closer to adulthood, and the more unhappy and stressed they become. The answer sounds plausible: because the system constantly forces children to fight against their own nature. Children instinctively approach life in a playful way, they don't tense up because their minds don't block them. they have no Anxiety before their future, which is why they are real Fun can experience. What percentage of adults can say that about themselves? I don't know, but the number won't be very high.

Virgin killer

We wanted to express exactly this phenomenon back in 1976 with the cover of our album Virgin Killer. A young, naked girl sat behind a pane that had a crack in its most intimate part. For us that was then Art and social criticism at the same time, but the youth protectors saw it as just a huge mess. Admittedly the motif was a very direct form which we chose to indicate that time is the death of all virginity. The child is screwed up by information that some people cobbled together a long time ago, partly with clear connections to the laws of nature, but partly just to mislead a society, to keep it trapped in its own system .

That too sounds quite adventurous and like a great dark conspiracy of humanity against itself? And you're still wondering where do you come into play? You just want to be happy, have some money in your bank account and have a good life. Exactly! But before you can do that, you need to understand the principle by which all of this works. We are all part of this system and the reason why everything, good and bad, big and small, is what it is. The fact that you are reading this text is a sign that you are open to change and ready to rethink. If you want to be successful in life, find out what makes you happy and what you enjoy. Start playing again. Of course it sounds childish, start playing again ... but that's exactly how you have to approach it.

The game of life

In a sense, I made my own fortune for myself. Life is one big game. Imagine you stop working, you just play! Wouldn't that be an absolute hit? Because how can something be bad that is fun? Bingo! Now you have it. And so I officially declare the games open.

All right, Rudolf. Great idea! Let's go! Let's go play. Ahem, but what exactly? And where should I go, to the left, to the right? And anyway, what do I take with me to play? And what do I wear? Do I get dirty? Then I'd rather leave the white sneakers in the closet, right? What do you think it will rain Do I leave my cell phone here? Someone could call me! Should I quickly change my mood status on Myspace? Damn, in three hours the new season of »Dr. House «. Will I be back by then? Is it still worth it then? Shouldn't I stay here on the sofa and order a pizza? Or go to the video store quickly, then I can go ahead »Dr. House« put on another movie, plus the pizza, chill out and put your feet up, what do you think? I have to get up early tomorrow anyway for my crappy job! Oh, I can't even think about it. What a Stress! Shit, I'll just post on Facebookthat I can't get anything to start today. Doesn't the video store have a delivery service? Yes? Hammer! Then I don't have to leave the apartment anymore. Rudolf, I'm kind of annoyed by the whole thing now SALE. It's all too much for me again. Let's chat next week, okay? So until then. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Constantly under stress

Sure, see you, but do you seriously think your answers will be different next week? Don't you have to get up early and have something to do that's really annoying? Believe me, the excuses to am Status holding on to the quo will never run out. No matter which decision we have to meet in our lives, we are in a constant struggle with ourselves. Every day anew. On the one hand we have our soul, our »heart«, which sits on our left shoulder in the form of a sweet little angel and wants to whiz around the world with us every day. His powerful opponent is our mind, which sits as a devil on the right shoulder and constantly scares the angel with his huge trident of any change.

The mind and the soul are now constantly fighting for our favor and as you can surely attest from your own experience, we almost always let the mind win. I decided a long time ago to only listen to my heart because I realized that it would never make a wrong decision. Maybe it didn't always direct me ways Objective but it made me get up from the sofa every day and sent me out into the world with a great feeling.

I decided a long time ago to just listen to my heart because I realized that it would never make the wrong decision.

Ocean's apprentice in Atlanta

In 1979 we toured the USA with our Lovedrive album. In Atlanta we stayed in the Peachstreet Plaza, a super stylish hotel - round like a tower, with a facade made of glass. From my room I had a sensational view of the city skyline because I could look up into the sky on a straight line - animal! I was sitting at my desk with my guitar, the television was playing without sound and I was composing a little to myself. I was just developing the beginning of The Zoo, a track from the upcoming Animal Magnetism album, and looked lost in thought at the screen. I had switched on the news channel, which showed a live broadcast of a helicopter flight. I paid no more attention to it and concentrated fully on the composition. Suddenly it got very loud around me. I put the guitar on the bed, stepped to the window front and saw a helicopter hovering right in front of my nose. "Hmm, you know that one from somewhere," I thought to myself and looked again at the television, back to the window front, back to the television, to the window front and indeed, it was the same. Immediately I turned the sound on and learned that the helicopter was filming the bank next to our hotel, which was being robbed by gangsters. Totally crazy! Do you know the scene from the movie Ocean's Eleven, in which Basher Tarr is sitting in his hotel room in Las Vegas and excitedly watching a hotel blown up on TV, even though the scene is right next to him and he only has to look out the window? That's how I felt. Hollywood up close!

You can experience that too, in your own way, in your world, if you don't keep putting off the fun of your life until next week. And above all, don't be afraid of it. I know you're thinking right now that you have to solve a million problems to even be able to relax for a moment. But you are wrong! There are no problems in life, only new situations. Problems cannot be solved, but difficult situations can. If there really is something that keeps you from sleeping at night, give it your undivided attention now. Be present with all your senses, change something or accept this situation as it is, but don't let it hold you like a slave. Do you actually know who creates all these damn problems in your head? Ask your mind! He keeps telling you what horrible horror stories you could expect one day. Do you recognize the trick he's using? The mind speaks in the subjunctive, because your problems have nothing to do with the present, i.e. your actual life in the now. They are still in a distant future. Maybe they'll show up at your door someday, maybe not. Who knows. Just think about it. They would rather just lie on the couch and burden themselves with negative thoughts that are entirely speculative than have fun with a free spirit right now. This is crazy. This fear-mongering principle is used everywhere, in the media, in the Economy, in religion, in politics:

There are no problems in life, just new situations.

All use this basic human feeling successfully for their own purposes, in order to tie their decisions on the stupid victim people. No one asks, because everyone is too busy being afraid of tomorrow: for heaven's sake, I'm the next to be fired, mine will be Family have enough to eat, will I survive the giraffe flu, how much longer can I pay my rent, will I get sick from GM meat, what about mine pension, is there a third world war? It's all utter nonsense! Is this the picture that you drew of your future life in kindergarten, when you could still play carefree? To be honest, I can hardly imagine that.

We have to keep one thing very clear in mind: We are all just a reflection of our society, our parents, our teachers, our faith, our entire environment, because we have been programmed according to their ideas and value systems. We in turn pass this knowledge on to our children. You really don't have to be a super religious person to realize that God, in whatever form he exists for you, wants everyone on earth to experience the greatest possible happiness there is. But why doesn't it work? And there we are again - caught in the cycle of fear. Just break through it! The fear of pain is always worse than the actual pain. We know that it is, and yet we keep falling into the same trap of "what-if" - and in the end we can hardly move because of the fear.

No fear of fear

Even as a child I was extremely suspicious of this behavior of adults. I tried to explain it to myself in my naïve and childish ways, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't figure it out. My parents often discussed hypothetical events that could happen tomorrow, next year, or ten years from now. in the face of mine Mother I could then often see an expression of worry and sorrow. For example, she absolutely wanted me to follow in her family's footsteps professionally and already saw me as a telecommunications technician at Siemens or Deutsche Post. She comes from a traditional family of civil servants and she wanted this kind of security for me too. Nice and bourgeois, the main thing is that the pension is secured. She projected her wishful thinking onto her children, because of course she only wanted the best for us. And when something happened that could have shattered this fantasy in her mind, she got scared. Like probably 99 percent of all mothers. Is not that crazy?

You're afraid of something that hasn't happened yet. “What comes will come anyway, so don't worry.” A little saying from my father that is so truthful. So if tomorrow does not happen what I'm afraid of today, then I’ve had noises whatsoever. And the time when I might as well have had fun is irrevocably lost. Martin Luther once said: "And if I knew that tomorrow the world would break into a thousand pieces, I would plant a tree today." He realized that it makes no sense to be afraid of the future. However, to enjoy the sight of a tree today, yes. What comes will come anyway, so don't worry

Everyone is responsible for their own situation

A first step in making a change is realizing that you alone are responsible for your situation. When you think about it again, you realize why being happy, having fun, and playing games isn't as easy as it sounds. But why are we having such a hard time with it? After all, these are all things that we know are good for us. The answer is as simple as it is surprising: We never learned it any other way! Strange as it may sound, we were never taught how to be genuinely happy, nor what it feels like to have real fun. All we're drummed into from birth is Performance to bring and seek visible success in the form of material possessions and social recognition to strive. And then we fall into a lifelong hibernation called routine and only wake up when the grim reaper is at the door. "Oh, is that it already, isn't it?" we then wonder, totally surprised. "Fuck! Life hasn't even started yet and is it already over? I still wanted to do so much tomorrow!«

But then unfortunately it says: Game over! The idea is pretty frustrating, isn't it? So forget about them right away. The first step in making a change is to realize that you are solely responsible for your situation. So I can't tell you what to do. But that's not a problem either, because you already know the way. Now all you have to do is get up from the sofa and break the system

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