In the face of the climate crisis and energy shortages Sustainability and lowering the Costs essential for the survival of many companies - also for a good image. 12 tips.

Reducing energy costs and consumption in medium-sized companies: 12 sustainable tips for companies

Why is sustainability important for companies?

The topic of sustainability in companies, especially in medium-sized companies, has become increasingly important in recent years. With growing concerns about the impact of human activity on the environment, many companies are recognizing the Significance sustainable management practices. But beyond that, with suitable Methods significant cost savings for companies.

Because especially energy-intensive companies, from production plants to data centers, consume a significant amount of energy every day. While this consumption is necessary for operations, it also poses a major challenge to the bottom line. Rising energy costs and increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions have made energy efficiency a top priority for many businesses. Companies are therefore constantly looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and Money save on their energy bills.

Sustainable management for energy-efficient companies

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However, finding ways to save energy can be a complicated task, especially for companies operating in complex and highly engineered environments. Fortunately, there are several effective ways energy-intensive businesses can reduce their energy bills without jeopardizing their operations.

A good example is the Switzerland-based Kannewischer Collection, which, with its six thermal baths and two thermal bath hotels at five German locations, is one of the energy-intensive companies. Because a stay in a thermal bath is directly related to comfortably warm water and rooms. Bathrooms therefore generally consume a lot of energy.

Sustainable from the ground up: Energy-efficient construction saves costs

An efficient One way of dealing with this problem are combined heat and power plants, which have been in use in the KissSalis Therme since 2004 and in the Spreewald Therme since 2005. Your advantage is that electricity and heat are generated where they are consumed. If less electricity is needed at times, it can be fed into the public grid.

The Spreewald Thermenhotel has also been supplied in this way since 2012. During its construction, particular attention was paid to ensuring that it later had the lowest possible energy requirements. Even then, the standards of a passive house were taken into account with regard to insulation, windows and facade connections. Skylight domes, which use daylight as a natural light source, are also used. The new building at the Emser Therme was designed in such a way that optimal insulation can be achieved with a compact outer shell. By switching to LED, power consumption could be further reduced.

In addition, the local, very warm and abundant thermal water is used to save energy. Thanks to the geothermal conditions and a technical system that networks the plant systems for heat and energy recovery, the need for fossil primary energy could be reduced by 55 percent. In general, all thermal bath buildings of the Company insulated in such a way that the pumps and machines in the basement heat up the floor above. So you can do without underfloor heating.

It is all about the economical use of resources

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But it is not only important to pay attention to ecology and sustainability in the design and construction phase, but also in daily operation. This includes using resources sparingly, separating waste and regularly monitoring and maintaining the Technology and the building to keep energy consumption as low as possible.

Another significant step towards improving the CO2 footprint was therefore the switch to water power in the years 2019 to 2021. With it, the element that is the heart of a spa also becomes a power source: water. The round outdoor pools in the KissSalis Therme make this possible in an innovative way. Since they are equipped with water mushrooms, neck showers and other attractions, a classic covering with tarpaulins is not possible. The water is therefore lowered into underground basins after the end of operation, where it continues to be circulated in the thermally insulated basement. In this way, hardly any thermal energy is used until the water is pumped back up the following day.

Sustainability begins on the executive floor

It is crucial that the issue of sustainability begins at the top of the executive floor: managing directors Dr. Stefan Kannewischer, who runs the Swiss family business in the second generation with his brother Jürgen Kannewischer, is himself an engineer and pool specialist. And as early as the 1980s, the company founder, Bernd Kannewischer, received an award for efficient energy use. Even then he foresaw that a resource-saving use of energy would prove to be the right thing to do both ecologically and economically. And even today it is a matter of course for the company that the management is an example of sustainability. That's why the managing director is now driving an electric bike or electric car Office and travels almost exclusively by train on business.

This way of thinking also extends to the entire corporate strategy: Currently, further options for the use of regenerative energy are being examined; the roofs at two locations will be equipped with photovoltaics in 2022 in order to generate CO2-neutral electricity for the thermal baths. In addition, the possibility of using hydrogen or other primary energy sources to generate electricity and heat is being clarified.

Sustainability as part of the employer branding strategy

However, sustainability can also be an important part of employer branding Strategy be. That means that Engagement of a company's sustainable practices and to highlight the ways in which it is making a positive impact on the environment and the Society exercises This can include initiatives such as reducing energy use, promoting recycling and supporting local communities. By positioning themselves as socially responsible and environmentally conscious, companies can Candidates Attract people who share these values ​​and are looking for an employer aligned with their personal beliefs. Integrating sustainability into corporate culture in this way has benefits such as attracting top talent, improving employee retention and creating a positive brand image.

At Kannewischer, on the basis of the company's climate and environmental strategy, the topics of "avoidance and reduction" have become even more important in recent years. Awareness raising and active cooperation with the employees are crucial for this. To set an example, a tree was donated and planted for all 2019 in 715. Another 410 trees were donated for the company's 50th anniversary in February 2022. This number results from 300 planned pool projects and 110 business studies that have been carried out by Kannewischer Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and Kannewischer Management AG since the beginning of the company's history.

12 simpler tips for a more sustainable corporate strategy

Incorporating sustainability into corporate strategy has many advantages that save money and, as an additional marketing measure, can also help to significantly improve a company's reputation. Sometimes there are quite simple means that establish more sustainability in the company, as the following 12 tips show:

  1. • Combined heat and power plants
  2. • Passive house standard
  3. • Optimum insulation – regardless of whether it's on the outside walls or in the basement
  4. • E-charging stations for cars and bicycles
  5. • Use of geothermal energy
  6. • Conversion to water flow
  7. • Photovoltaic
  8. • Lighting with LEDs
  9. • Regional, seasonal products in the restaurant and canteen
  10. • Job wheels for employees
  11. • Waste avoidance
  12. • Tree planting campaigns

Conclusion: Sustainability allows companies to remain competitive

Energy consumption and sustainable management are important issues that companies need to focus on if they want to remain competitive in the future. That saves money and is good for the image. So these points belong at the top of the list Agenda.

While it's not always easy, from implementing energy-efficient technologies to using renewable energy sources, there are a variety of ways companies can help reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability.

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