Schools have final exams every year. But what is the best way to pass this without Anxiety and Stress? An overview.

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Eva is graduating from high school. And now it's also clear what she'll do afterwards: Immediately after graduation she will go to New Zealand for a few months. But first you have to get through the Abitur – and that means cramming, cramming, cramming. And that usually with book and paper. Because although a real one in terms of age Digital Native, is actually one of the people who write lyrics in Internet print them out because they are easier to read on paper. And she complains occasionally because she finds my texts much too long...

When it comes to her penchant for the printed word, however, Eva is in the best of her leagues Society: According to a survey by the opinion research institute Forsa presented at the beginning of the year, 84 percent of schoolchildren in Germany would like to see more use of new media in the classroom.

What studies show

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The study commissioned by the high-tech association BITKOM, however, promotes a second key statement: 71 percent of the students still do not believe that e-books or educational software can adequately replace the textbook.

A student survey at the Carl von Ossietzky school center in Bremerhaven also confirms that printed matter is still highly valued as the basis for learning by prospective high school graduates, but that electronic media can be a useful addition. It is read, read a lot, in books and notes. Many students learn, for example, according to the method of reworking their own notes neatly into folder contents - some of the learning material already “sticks” during the reworking. The internet is mainly used for looking up.

Old exams as a learning method?

When web portals offered such content a few years ago, a hot discussion broke out immediately. "They're just copying," was the main criticism that the Internet would literally encourage people to cheat and cheat. Not true, says head student Eike Hoffmann: “I also like to take original exams in my lessons. They are more authentic than normal, shorter exams. ”

The fixed time frame of the Abitur exam can be tested very well with old exams. For example, students in English have to choose between two texts within 30 minutes decide – and at hers decision stay because the tasks the rest of the time clear to complete.

Learning - but how?

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Eike Hoffmann also points out the valuable comparison between original high school exams and “normal” exams. “With the comparison, students have the chance to draw conclusions about their level of learning with their own structure of their own old exams. This enables learning deficits to be recognized and compensated for. ” Her tip for students: “Be sure to keep your own old exams. They help with error analysis, above all in making you aware of individual, typical errors. ”

Schoolgirl Isabel uses old high school exams and exams in exactly the same way: “I look at the task again and check whether I can still answer it. If not, I will repeat this topic. ” Educational software, the Internet or cell phones are used as a supplement by her and all the other school students surveyed. And, according to fellow classmate Ina: "Books that prepare me for my high school diploma also play a major role for me."

Digital learning requires more personal responsibility

The examples also show that our education system urgently needs to be rethought. away from bulemicThings to Learn towards real knowledge transfer. But what could better educational methods look like? One thing is clear: in the rapid pace of digital change, our previous educational methodology is increasingly reaching its limits, and not just because of its outdated technical equipment. Knowledge is still imparted primarily through frontal teaching, interactive communicationMethods and techniques are hardly considered.

Digital learning, also known as blended learning, requires a special degree of personal responsibility with the need to be completely independent to organize and to motivate. If you want to learn effectively online, you should also know how ours works Brain works in conjunction with digital tools and what to look out for in virtual learning. We should use digital tools in a targeted manner to take in the necessary information and stuff like that Background sustained to multiply.

Help, test anxiety!

In spite of all the possibilities to set up the learning afternoon for the Abitur individually and efficiently: in one point, old and new media do not offer any insider tips - in the fight against exam anxiety. But it's not that big with the students. The Opinions by ex-high school graduate Iven John on exam anxiety spiegelt is reflected in many student comments: “I have Respect before exams, you can never rule out a certain unknown. But to speak of fear and to persuade yourself to do that can only be unacceptable. ”

Teacher Eike Hoffmann remembers her Abitur exam: “Tricks I didn't really have any against test anxiety. I just concentrated on the fact that all the tension would come to an end. The prospect of post-stress has helped me personally.”

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