Many People wish more Money. Basically, there are different ways to do this, from a salary increase to a Business start. We provide the best tips and ideas .

Earn more money quickly: The best 4 X 10 tips and ideas at a glance

Earn more money – full-time, part-time, self-employed?

In todays World everyone is looking for ways to make more money to earn. There are very different ways of doing this ways, for example full-time or part-time alongside your previous job. So, in this post, we're going to discuss some of the ways people are doing in their Everyday life can earn more money - and how the necessary activities can even be carried out alongside a full-time job.

The first option is to work more hours, but this will decrease yours Quality of life. The second is to find a better paying job, but that can be difficult and you may need a degree. The third is to find a part-time job that will allow you to earn some money on the side. As a fourth option, others may even consider giving up their permanent job altogether and becoming self-employed or even starting their own business Company to set up with different employees.

Earn more money through negotiation or promotion

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The first step that probably comes to your mind is that in your current job, you do more salary earn or get that promotion you may have been waiting for.

Why salary negotiations are not easy

However, you should clear make it difficult to negotiate your salary. It takes a lot Courage, confidence and a bit of luck to get what you want.

You need to know your worth in order for your employer or recruiter to believe in you too. Once they realize how much value you bring, they will be willing to pay more for it. Conversely, you must also be willing to do the extra work that is usually associated with a salary increase or promotion.

It depends on your negotiating skills

In addition, your negotiation skills are crucial: in fact, one of the biggest obstacles to commercial success is the inability to negotiate well. This is a complicated subject as there are many factors that can affect the amount of money you can make.

The salary negotiation process is not always easy, for many it is even one of the most difficult conversations in their entire professional life, as we usually have not learned to recognize ourselves as personalities sell. Therefore, it is often difficult to judge correctly what to say and how much to ask, after all you want more money, but you don't want a quarrel with him Executive take risk.

10 tips for salary negotiation

Walking this fine line may seem like a daunting task, but ultimately all it takes is a little preparation and a little courage. We give you 10 tips on how to do it:

  1. Comparative Options Research: The first thing to do is research the market and see what the average salary is for your position in your geographic area. One way that can help is to find out what others with the same skills are making and use that information when negotiating salary or looking for new jobs.
  2. Document your performance: regularly write down what you have achieved for your company, what successes you have achieved and – most importantly – where you have brought the company benefits.
  3. What do you want to earn: Decide how much money you need to make and how much money you want to make.
  4. Know Your Value: Find out what your skills are worth in the marketplace and set a value that reflects your experience level and educational background. Remember that some skills are more valuable than others, so be sure to rate them accordingly.
  5. Have alternatives in mind: You may be made a counter offer. So prepare for a range of salaries that would be acceptable to you when it comes time to meet with a prospective employer or clients/clients/partners/etc. to negotiate.
  6. Know what benefits are being offered: Sometimes a raise is impossible, especially as the employer incurs additional costs in taxes and benefits. But there are tax-free alternatives, so-called fringe benefits such as travel expenses or further training. Suggest appropriate benefits to the employer.
  7. Goal setting without fear: It is said that whoever remains silent loses. If you don't say clearly what you want, too. So be clear about your expectations. Be confident, but not cocky, always polite.
  8. What does your boss want? Consider the needs of the company before asking for a higher salary or benefits package.
  9. Patience: Be patient and know that the process may take some time. But keep asking. Steady drip holds the stone.
  10. Timing: Sometimes the timing just isn't right. If necessary, negotiate a higher salary at a later date.
  11. Termination: Sometimes your work just isn't appreciated. Don't be afraid to look for a better job if your salary request is denied.

Earn more money through further training, retraining or changing careers

However, the desire for a higher salary often fails because of one’s own qualifications and degrees. In this case, one Further Training or a professional one Reorientation help.

Further training in the existing job

In companies, in-company retraining or Further education from the existing Job offered. Many employers have now realized that it makes more sense to have your own Employees, employees who are well integrated into the company receive further training instead of having to spend a lot of time and effort recruiting new people to fill vacancies. This keeps the fluctuation rate low and saves Costs.

Internal training has many advantages: It means that there is not only a transitional allowance, but often also a salary from the company. In addition, most graduates of in-company further training are then taken on, so that one does not have to go looking for a job.

You should also find out about the earning potential. Last but not least, the duration of the corresponding further training can also be an important aspect to be considered in the decision should take into account.

Switch to a so-called shortage occupation

If you want to reorient yourself professionally, retraining in an area in which there are not enough qualified employees is advisable. After all, you won't become one Problems have a Workplace to find. There has been increased demand for some professions in recent years, making these areas interesting areas for retraining. In other professions, many employees are also currently entering pension.

The shortage of skilled workers is already evident in many areas, so that the right further training can help to get started here. In addition, digitization ensures that new professions are created that can be attractive for lateral entrants or career changers. The decisive point in the consideration is, of course, which retraining professions are really in demand. In any case, you should think twice about your decision, because after all, retraining has many consequences. can be accepted directly, but a retraining offer changes a lot in life.

Surely everyone has already heard that the trades in particular complain about a lack of young people. Therefore, retraining in a trade is a good one ChoiceTo for sure to find an employer. With the retraining you will receive a journeyman's certificate. In order to be trained later to become a master craftsman, there is the possibility to use the master BAföG. With a manual retraining occupation, you will not only soon become a stable one Income and have attractive career options, but also be able to become self-employed.

10 Training and retraining occupations in particularly high demand

First of all, it can be said that especially in the areas of crafts, Technology and care is sought. In these Industries everyone who wants to be retrained definitely has the best prerequisites for secure employment.

  1. Skilled worker or specialist? Anyone who would like to find out about current shortage occupations can do so at the Federal Employment Agency. A list of relevant professions is regularly published there. A distinction is made between skilled workers who have at least two years of professional training and specialists. The specialists are master craftsmen, graduates of technical training or a technical college or university degree.
  2. Crafts: Surely everyone has already heard that the crafts in particular complain about a lack of young people. Therefore, retraining in a craft trade is a good choice to be sure of finding an employer. With the retraining you will receive a journeyman's certificate. In order to be trained later to become a master craftsman, there is the possibility to use the master BAföG. With a manual retraining occupation, you will not only soon receive a stable income and have attractive career options, but you will also be able to become self-employed.
  3. Electrical engineering: Electronics technicians and electricians are diverse and in demand, and are sought after both in industry and in the construction industry. After the two-year retraining there is the opportunity to specialize. If you are interested in technology, you can retrain to become a technician in two years. Again, there are many directions in which one can specialize.
  4. Construction industry: There is a general lack of craftsmen in all areas in the construction industry. There are numerous training opportunities here. Bricklayers, roofers and master carpenters, foremen, skilled civil engineering workers, sewerage workers, parquet layers, tilers, glaziers, master craftsmen in the field of insulation, specialists in sealing technology, plumbers, pipeworkers, stove fitters and master plumbers and heating engineers are particularly in demand. 
  5. Environmental protection: Protection of the environment, climate and nature are increasingly coming into focus, but here too there is a lack of skilled workers, for example when it comes to the concrete implementation of climate protection measures in buildings or the expansion of renewable energies. Specialists from the construction and finishing trades, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, but also specialists for ecological agriculture are in demand here.
  6. Agriculture: Agriculture is a good keyword, because here, too, specialists for various agricultural services are desperately needed, because the profession of farmer has always been considered tedious and full of privation. These take on, for example: Services for agricultural companies and other clients. Their tasks include operating state-of-the-art agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, corn choppers and potato harvesters and maintaining and servicing them.
  7. Nursing and care: Nursing professionals are lacking everywhere. Everyone is certainly aware of the lack of nursing and care for the elderly. Here you can find suitable retraining opportunities for every interested party and for every school qualification, which are all in demand. These include, for example, social workers, educators, nurses, nursing professionals, geriatric nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, podiatrists.
  8. Office jobs: What perhaps not many people know is that there are also classic office jobs among the shortage occupations. Here, for example, retraining as a tax specialist or business economist for taxes would be ideal, which can be done within 18 months as part-time further training.
  9. Administration: Administrative clerks are also wanted in many areas of public service. Otherwise, there are other professions that suffer from a lack of young people. Among them are butchers and butchers, but also boat builders, professional drivers, railway workers, engine drivers and train crews. Within a few months, retraining can be done in the many local transport companies, most of which are looking for staff.
  10. Lateral entry: As a lateral entrant you can concentrate on the new professional fields. Here you can get the opportunity to look for a new field of activity both with and without special previous knowledge. These areas include experts in data science, web developers, programmers, computer scientists and specialists in IT security technology.

Earn more money through part-time jobs and part-time self-employment

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To make more money decide some people look for small jobs alongside their full-time job. There are numerous ways to earn some extra money here.

Find part-time jobs: what are the options?

Even if you already have a full-time job, it's still possible to find part-time jobs that will help supplement your income. There are many different types of part-time jobs, and many companies are willing to hire people for these positions when they're busy or seasonal needs need temporary help.

You can do small jobs you can find online, take a part-time job, and even start your own business part-time by starting your own business. A big, additional advantage is: All these jobs not only bring in extra money, but also give you self-confidence for yourselves Future and the opportunity for personal development.

How to find the right part-time job: Separating the wheat from the chaff

However, if you are looking for a part-time job, you should first think carefully about your personal job profile, qualifications and skills. Because the labor market is peppered with job offers that are tough and sometimes not very serious - part-time jobs that require little qualification are ultimately among the most sought-after jobs in Germany, so there are many black sheep among the providers who just want to take advantage of workers or lure job seekers with pyramid schemes.

A corresponding part-time job does not have to be bad, but you should at the selection take a close look. In order for you to find the right part-time job, it is important to look in the right place. Specialized job exchanges, where quality control takes place, are certainly more suitable here than threadbare bait offers in newspapers.

10 tips for part-time activities and part-time jobs

There are numerous activities available as part-time jobs. For example, you can work in a restaurant, run the household, babysit, or even become a tutor. 10 tips at a glance.

  1. Private Sales: Sell your old clothes, old books, movies and games online on eBay or other e-commerce sites. Make sure that the tax office does not classify you as a commercial seller.
  2. Find Specialty Side Jobs: Find odd jobs in your neighborhood with TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and similar sites.
  3. Miniobber: Look for a so-called mini-job, where you have certain income limits, but you can earn additional income without having to pay insurance – for example as a housekeeper or cleaner.
  4. Test buyers: Mystery shopping or test purchases serve to check the service quality in a shop. Various online portals offer the opportunity to register as a product tester.
  5. Occasional Hosts: Occasionally rent out your home to travelers through AirBnB to supplement your income. Please note that if you meet certain income limits, you run the risk of being classified as a commercial landlord.
  6. Stocks and cryptocurrency: Many people invest their money in the stock market or in cryptocurrency to earn something on the side. This form of wealth accumulation can be very lucrative, but it also involves certain risks.
  7. Gamers: There are indeed professional gamblers and poker players who have gambled their way to downright wealth this way. Anyone who gets a taste of the scene can test the relevant offers. But there are also many more people who have lost their homes and homes gambling, so gambling should be enjoyed with caution. In addition: Many offers have no license in Germany and are therefore illegal, such as this page, the Free spins free offers as a lure and thus probably relies on the addictive factor of the offer.
  8. Bloggers: Start a blog and use Google AdSense to monetize it. Please note, however, that you need a business registration from the first cent earned.
  9. Tutoring and adult education center: If you like dealing with other people and like to pass something on, become a tutor or give an adult education course. The activity is usually freelance, depending on the educational institution, the earnings are even tax-free up to a certain limit.
  10. Care: Many elderly people can no longer go shopping themselves and need someone to do it for them. Others need a babysitter. And dog sitters are also in increasing demand. Make sure that your offer does not exceed the limit of neighborhood help.

Self-employment, starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur

Sometimes, however, the small part-time job turns into a successful business idea with an enthusiastic customer base - and thus the step into full-time self-employment. We would therefore like to mention another way of earning more money here: namely the idea of ​​founding your own company on the side – freelance or commercial, with employees or as a solo self-employed person, large or small.

Professional self-employment: chances and risks

Being self-employed can be a great way to make more money because you are not limited to the hours you can work. You can set your own hours and work as much or as little as you like. This way you don't have to depend on someone else for your income and you can make your own Finance and your schedule check. However, founding your own company or becoming self-employed also harbors some challenges risks: It takes time for the company to grow and grow.

Nevertheless, starting a business is a good opportunity for people who think entrepreneurially to earn money in addition to their full-time job and build up savings for the future - or even to switch to self-employment entirely. And more and more people are realizing that they can earn their living in self-employment much more comfortably by acting and acting independently.

First steps to independence

Starting a business does not necessarily mean founding a large company with several employees. You can also start as a freelancer or solo self-employed. It is important that you have the correct legal information steps such as registration with the tax office, trade office and the requirements of your legal form. There is a lot of information about this on the website Federal Ministry of Economics.

But the first step to self-employment is to try different things. There are many possibilities that you may not yet know. For example, if you have a blog and want to monetize it, you can use ads or affiliate links to promote the Application getting paid for other products. You can buy clothes online sell or bake delicious cupcakes to sell at the local market on weekends. Or if you have a skill that people need — like being able to edit videos — then you can Internet Use to find people who need your service and offer them a price.

10 tips for successful business ideas

A successful business start-up requires offering services or goods that other people are willing to pay for. Below are 10 business ideas that will help you make more money.

  1. YouTube: Start a YouTube channel and monetize it with ads, sponsorships and/or crowdfunding
  2. Writer or Editor: Become a freelance writer or editor available for hire on Upwork or other platforms and create advertising copy, for example.
  3. Software Development: Create an app for Apple or Android and sell it through appropriate app stores.
  4. eCommerce: Start an Amazon FBA Business. Sell ​​goods on eBay or Etsy as a professional retailer.
  5. eLearning providers: Further training is a highly professional matter and today it is much more than a part-time job. You can also offer your educational service digitally from home.
  6. Virtual Assistant: Many successful managers are looking for employees to do small digital tasks. Become such a virtual assistant for someone else's business from home.
  7. Become a chauffeur: Do you like driving? Become an Uber driver or a Lyft driver and chauffeur other people who don't have a car. However, please note the applicable legal rules.
  8. NFT trading: Non fungible tokens are a current trend that allow artists to offer digital versions of their works with a certificate of authenticity.
  9. Counseling service: Many people are looking for advice and help in all aspects of life, from financial issues to marital crises. Offer related services.
  10. Become a landlord: If you have unused living space, you can rent it out - either as a private landlord or for holiday apartments. In the latter case, a business registration is required.

Earn more money: find the right way

This article has shown without a doubt that having the chance to earn money is a multifaceted topic that many people are interested in perceiving. However, it is important that you are always aware of your skills and qualifications and thus make the right decisions.

Some options are easy to try and improve step by step. Others are more like the famous plunge into the deep end. After reading this post, you will be better equipped to set and achieve your income goals.

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