Anyone who wants to secure claims to power purely through hierarchy risks (secret) opposition. Straight from the Digital Natives, authority is only recognized when it is justified by deeds. Institutionalized “ex officio” authority is immediately challenged. And the classic status symbols have lost a lot of their radiance.

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How does your company deal with power?

Of course, communities need moderate systems of order and inevitable hierarchies. But they don't need a hydrohead. This is mainly about the perceived hierarchy, the “hierarchy in the Head” and its dangerous consequences.

Those who celebrate the hierarchy do it deftly, and they choose their words admirably, for they are seminar-driven. But their attitude, one also feels between the lines. In the end, everything goes to a question: How will you deal with power?

Decisive questions are

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The light and the dark side of the power

Power in itself is neither good nor bad. What matters is how you use them. There is a light side and a dark side of the Force. It makes the good better and the bad worse. The ridge is narrow and the temptations are immense. "His new job has gone to his head," the saying goes.

Brain researchers report changes in the amount of hormones, especially testosteronespiegel increases. One becomes a high-T person, often one of the “dark triad”: psychopaths, narcissists, and Machiavellians. The possible consequences: unscrupulousness, excessive need for recognition, positional haggling and self-service mentality.

About the Power Drug Testosterone

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If testosterone is at work, the whole company may be rebuilt to impress investors, please the business press and rake in bonuses, regardless of whether this is entrepreneurial useful and serves the well-being of all – or not.

The power drug testosterone dampens empathy, which used to make sense in individual cases, because in combat you had to be able to kill if necessary. Quite clear Testosterone can also be a wonderful impeller be, it takes care of growth and progress and brings us forward powerfully. But in the wrong minds, it's devil stuff. It fuels escalation, allows you to jump beyond permissible limits and creates the dreaded tunnel vision.

Power and fear are a couple

Where there is power, there is always Anxiety. The fear of those pushing to the top is that they will miss the boat. And the fear of those who have already reached the top is to rescind the privileges that come with power verlieren. So it happens that those who are obsessed with power hermetically seal off their area of ​​responsibility, remain in silo thinking, and you Background like treasure instead of sharing.

So everyone who gains power has to be extremely careful, because power changes you Personality. The increasingly careless handling of powers leads to blind overestimation of one's self, to a lack of conscience, to pathological megalomania and possibly to crime. social Competencies wither away Emotional cold sets in. And self-critical insight dries up.

Authority forbids rejections

Often there is no one left to call for a stop. For obeying authority prohibits contradictions. By the way, there is a close relationship between a professional Ascent and concealing mistakes and difficulties from the Executive.

If the elite and the workforce understand themselves as “we up there” against “them down there”, then the break is inevitable. In such a context, interpersonal cold is the lesser evil.

Where fear rules, creativity has no chance

Above all, be in large Style human resources are wasted because a scenario of threats, intrigues, resentment and mania for control builds up.

The focus is inward. Everyone is busy with themselves. For customers there is little time left. there is  creativity the key resource of Future.

No one buys mediocrity

Thinking against the rule is one of the key success factors in standing out from the average and mediocrity. Because nobody wants to buy mediocrity anymore. Mediocrity is not even remembered.

But how should something extraordinary, even unique, be created when streamlined Employees and a mouth-dead pack of followers Company people - and everyone just looking up and waiting instead of looking outside to the customer?

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