The not-to-do list also includes unproductive and thus incorrect working methods. For example simply to work wildly drauflos. Or be distracted by social media.


Only no actionism

Don't just go to work to get your overload under control. If you don't prioritize everything is somehow urgent or important. Do not succumb to the temptation to act in front of your fellow human beings or yourself as hard-working or active.

Make yourself first klare Ideas about the desired and planned Objective. The answer to overwork isn't to juggle more balls—read: do more.

The important thing always in view

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The answer is: fix the few things that your Shop or can really change your life fundamentally. And do them Tasks before everyone else. With the principle: “Think first, then work”, you will always reach your goal faster than the other way around.

Of course, sometimes you have to put up with a few disadvantages (calling back later and apologizing, paying a small late fee, an unimportant one customers verlieren etc.), but that's tolerable. Always think of your really big and important tasks first.

Do not waste time on social networks and Web 2.0

Put Facebook and Co. on a leash. If you are constantly sending messages, looking at photos and films or commenting on any status messages, you will inevitably lack this time for your essential tasks. Instead of being under the illusion, as described in the previous chapter, that this will really help your business, you should see it as a leisure activity. And only use your precious time very carefully for this.

Also avoid chats as a distraction. Uninstall messenger programs such as Skype, MSN, ICQ and Co. from your computer. Also answer incoming Ask on Xing only for a fixed and very limited period of time. For example, once a day 15 minutes before lunch. During this time, you process all requests at once.

The difficult is the implementation

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Time management is important in the fight against time thieves, because only with the right one Organization you succeed your Energy use to achieve your goals. An important Method: Lists to show you what NOT to do.

The principle of the not-to-do list sounds simple in theory. The difficult thing, as always, is its implementation Everyday life. Just focus on one item at a time on the not-to-do list, just like you do with your to-do tasks.

Central questions

Consider two central questions for each task

  1. Does this task really bring me closer to achieving my goals?
  2. How bad is it if I simply do not do this task?

Tasks that you can not advance

You will be surprised at how many of your tasks you do not make a bit of progress and that the Earth will continue to spin when you ignore these tasks.

Then start off on the not-to-do list. Estimate how much time you gain by eliminating or reducing such useless tasks.

By the way: it helps to counter your guilty conscience by controlling your thoughts by constantly reminding yourself of your enormous achievements.

Imagine, you have a heart attack

If you're one of the few cases where these questions really don't help, try a more drastic one exercise:

Imagine suffering a heart attack and having to halve your working hours and workloads.

Away with the worst disturbance

Identify the ten worst troublemakers for your personal not-to-do list. In other words, those tasks that have the greatest potential to save time.

Sie werden for sure spot more troublemakers, but if you focus on the ten worst cases first, you've typically identified 80 percent of your time wasters.

Encourage others

But don't stop there: encourage yours too Employees, improve their productivity with their own not-to-do lists. It will boost your business results. As the pioneer of modern management theory Peter F. Drucker said:

“We spend a lot of time telling leaders what to do. We don't spend enough time telling them what they're doing stop should. Half of Executives, who I have met, doesn't need to be told what to do - she needs to be taught what to stop."

And in my experience, half of it is still an understatement ...

Action Steps - from the know-how to the Do-now

There is no way you can get all of the tasks done - cancel activities. Create your personal not-to-do list. Which tasks do not bring you closer or only marginally closer to your most important goal?

Reposition the dots one at a time, eliminating one every week. Have your employees make an emergency-to-do list and support them in their implementation.

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