Career choice traditionally works like this: we choose a profession, a Vocational Training – and we should practice it as long as possible throughout our lives. But what happens when we suddenly realize that the path we have taken is no longer correct?

away vocation to--

What the company expects

When I was completing my commercial apprenticeship and my Study in business administration, many gifts from my childhood had been forgotten.

Childlike joy gave way to a concern for utility and prestige. Think Family, the school system and the Society formulated expectations that I rationally found convincing.

Either or - or not?

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I became a man who conscientiously turned to conservative ways of life. At any rate, I had a vast supply of opinions that did not match any of my own life experiences.

The Twen focused on reason and logic remained in the Either-or-Program. It was true that during my studies and training I had felt a certain unease about my professional goals.

Objectives in the labor market

The career choice was rather an answer to the factual prospects on the labor market. For example, psychological aptitude tests were open to the most promising economic opportunities for me.

With my gift for numbers and my good Structure– and understanding of planning, I became a business economist with a focus on accounting law and human resources. The servant had long been the only master in my house.

When the soul does not play

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But at some point something did not feel right anymore. Had I displaced the soul until then, it came just after the successful study to the inner debacle. With a good exam in the bag, a deep sadness arose and I felt sick.

For my social environment it was an incomprehensible scenario. When, after many months, my income situation assumed threatening colors, I began to return to working life.

Do not forget the vocation!

Thanks to the relaxed financial situation, I was able to Boy Visit an alternative practitioner in Cologne, my home town. However, since I received a trainee offer in Bad Homburg after a short time, we had to end the treatment.

In our last Conversation she advised me: "Don't forget your vocation!" At that point I didn't understand what she meant by that.

A spiritual journey

On my way through the World of the financial institutions, the intuitive spirit only spoke up sporadically and in quiet tones. Sometimes I remembered the words of the naturopath.

Also on a Christmas Eve when mine was mine Ms. gifted the book by Shirley MacLaine: The Camino de Santiago: A Spiritual Journey. It still took some time. But then I set out, and the pilgrimage did not only take me to the pilgrimage site in Spain.


I later wrote and completed a theological term paper on the subject of this book Coaching- and pastoral training. I always came across the subject of vocation - and it captivated me.

In the years of practical work with People in situations of upheaval I was clearthat the crises are a useful element in the change process. In a way it is Sinn can only be experienced through his absence.

Ratio or feelings?

People, however, are both rational and emotional beings. So a customer decided to emigrate to southern France. She announced her very lucrative position in Germany to free her, which promised her life more meaning.

Her love for Provence and the dream of setting up a business in our neighboring country became so strong that she set off.

New food for the body and mind

People can therefore be prepared for enormous efforts when something is no longer correct in the food chain or when a new food is simply called.

Work-Life-Sense assumes a concept of “nutrition” that includes both survival and life emotions. The human being is a body-soul-spirit unit and then moves when at least one of the components calls for a new or different nourishment.

How do we achieve need fulfillment?

The first step will be to identify and evaluate a food deficit. In this course I will emphasize repeatedly that all three components are taken into consideration in a holistic change process.

For survival and for well-being we need Income for need fulfillment and promotional circumstances, the Health and enable vitality. The soul needs sense as nourishment. Only if we manage to do justice to all components, one Balance to manufacture these components, we can speak of a happy and fulfilling professional life.

Coping with crises holistically

Then only the reversal can become a central opportunity. Through the multitude of discussions with qualified and talented professionals, I realized:

Luck and Success depend on whether we holistically manage the professional reorientation in crises. For me, holistic means that we gratefully acknowledge both the intuitive mind and the rational mind.

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