Creativity is no longer just important in so-called creative professions, but affects everyone Industries and work areas. Because good ideas are in demand everywhere Problems solve, optimize products and services or that Company otherwise carry on. But how do you find that?

Creativity problems-solve

Good ideas are like fruit pulp

By the Italian bestselling author and semioticsProfessor Umberto Eco has the following quote handed down: Good ideas are like flesh, which begins gradually: First, the core is there, then this and that is added.

In other words: a really good one Idea is not a flash of inspiration that comes down from heaven at some point, but is often the result of hard thinking. A constant process that you usually don't do alone, but ideally in a group Team denies. Because: Many minds think more than one.

Creativity techniques for brainstorming

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Various creativity techniques are available for brainstorming, such as the morphological box. Here all imaginable Solutions of a problem are systematically compiled. If, for example, changes are pending in the company, all the crucial sub-problems (customer benefit, own resources, prices, competition, etc.) must first be identified.

For the sub-problems different solution alternatives are worked out and noted next to each other. Individual solution variants for each subproblem can now be combined to form complete solutions. From the various possible combinations can then select the best.

Playfully solve problems

Another Method is the more playful six-hat thinking, but good for looking at your idea from different angles. You follow up on it Lust and mood one of six colored hats - one after the other, of course. Each color represents a particular school of thought.

White, for example, for objectivity and neutrality, with which information is collected without judgment. In contrast, red symbolizes personal feeling, subjective Opinions, yellow the positive qualities, etc. Take the corresponding opinion and write it down. This gives you an idea of ​​the pros and cons of your idea clear.

Creativity Techniques - 8 Tips for finding good ideas

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  1. Mind Map: Write the topic in the middle of a large sheet of paper in capital letters. Circle it. Form multicolored branches - each branch is a new keyword that comes to your mind.
  2. Feature list: Write down the key features of an existing product or service: can these features be modified, that is, replaced, otherwise used, redesigned or otherwise combined?
  3. Brainstorming: Here you should leave your thoughts simply spontaneously and unrestrained free running: Such a brainstorming session usually takes 20 to 40 minutes. Just write down, completely without evaluation!
  4. Morphological box: First of all, all the crucial subproblems have to be determined. Subsequently, various solution alternatives are worked out and listed next to each other. Individual solution variants per subproblem can now be combined into total solutions.
  5. Six Hat thinking: This method is somewhat more playful, but it is a good idea to look at your idea from different angles. Set up one of six colored hats as you wish - one after the other naturally. Each color stands for a specific direction of thought. Take the appropriate opinion and write it down.
  6. Osborn method: Identify your problem and then ask any questions you may have. Even if the questions may seem a bit strange to you, they help you see your idea from different angles.
  7. Just do something different: Sometimes it is enough if you just change the perspective on something to come to a new idea. So you can, for example, the question or reverse. Now you may think of many things you should not do - and that will give you lots of ideas on how to do it.
  8. To weigh chances and risks: But unfortunately, it is not enough just to have a good idea: you also have to be aware of the opportunities and risks of your idea and incorporate them into your planning accordingly.

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