New work, new forms of work as you want, are an important trend. What is often neglected here is the question of what it actually means to have a dream job - and how to get there on often stony paths.


Trend themes new forms of work

Because the topic of new work, new forms of work is always popularly propagated in the media - I'm just thinking of the many features about travel bloggers Spiegel Online. It also sounds great and cool to work flexibly when and how you want and your own Tasks to be able to choose.

Also on theFuture Personal”, the largest European trade fair for human resources management, the topic of new forms of work is rolled out more and more broadly every year - and thus sets the direction for the human resources sector.

The lure of the dream boy

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The crucial question, however, is: is it really so tempting to pursue a dream job? After all, Confucius is credited with the saying: "If you love what you do, you will never work again." So off to a dream job?

In fact, I often read about it in the media Peoplewho have found their dream job, for example as a dropout in the South Pacific or as a freelance artist. What these stories have in common is that the protagonist, often overnight, quits his old job and often starts something radically new. The dream of many people suffering from stress that their Executive would rather bang the notice on the table today than tomorrow.

Behind the scenes

Sounds easy, but it's not when you take a closer look. The Dane Jesper Voss was about Headhunter in Luxemburg. In order to have more exercise and fresh air, the now 50-year-old gave up his stressful job and his house in Luxembourg in 2005 - and instead founded his small tourism company Fanø Sport und Event on the Danish North Sea island of Fanø. Even today he is sometimes stressed by the customers, works ten hours a day and more. But he is outside a lot and can pursue his passion for Nordic cuisine on oyster safaris, among other things.

In order for things to get going, however, Voss first had to build up his local contacts step by step. And there it shows weakness of the media dream job stories: They like to conceal the fact that new start-ups are not always a bed of roses. And that there is more to it than “None Lust have more."

To the new beginning in the dream job belongs more

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Because a new beginning requires honesty with yourself in the first step, big ones Courage, a structured approach, contacts, often financial reserves for the beginning and often more work as well Disciplineto implement a project.

There is no doubt that new forms of work or a new start in a dream job can bring liberation and Solution when the existing situation is really unsustainable. For me personally, changes were usually always improvements from which I learned something.

Change or stay

But that doesn't necessarily have to be the case: One can also understand Confucius in this way: simply finding joy in what one does, annoying bosses and colleagues from another Perspektive see and - as boring as it sounds - maybe even with the given situation satisfied .

Stay or start over - the path to your dream job has many faces and they decision is up to everyone. Even the ex-HR and hotel manager Carinne Solo and had the courage to start a new career well prepared.

A job that didn't fit

She was a French human resources specialist for twelve years Corporate, But the job, she says, didn't suit her. So she opened a small hotel in her hometown of Guingamp. “Today I can choose who I work with, make the decisions myself and do what I do best,” she explains. I was thrilled with the joy and vigor with which she devotes herself to her new task:

With the help of Family and neighbors, she renovated the hotel herself and also one Vocational Training in gastronomy and Accounting completed. Every morning she gets up at 4 a.m. to work 19 hours. And while in the past a large apartment, a convertible and long-distance travel were normal, today almost every cent goes into the hotel. "It's not paradise, but I'm happier," she says.

Why people get stuck in spite of all dissatisfaction

This is not for everyone: psychologist and book author Tom Diesbrock advises people on a new start and has identified reasons why, despite great discontent, many prefer to sit on dead horses than to switch over:

For example because the old job is frustrating, but still for sure appears. Because others do it too. Or because it's more convenient. You can't blame anyone for that: starting over isn't easy. In addition to courage, it also requires Endurance and purposefulness. A certain amount of suffering is often necessary. And sometimes the living conditions are not favorable, then patience is required.

Important: do not knock everything over

It is important to proceed in a well-considered manner and not to overturn everything immediately out of dissatisfaction: When you change industries, you first have to establish new contacts – for example by simply speaking to people who work in the job you want. If necessary, additional qualifications necessary.

Carinne has also prepared accordingly and was able to achieve a stable Network To fall back on. And she does not look at her former job with resentment, but sees it as a necessary learning phase. Just like that, with the right mix Optimism, courage and considered action as well as an appropriate network, a restart can also succeed.

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