There are 5 basic psychological needs that are common to everyone People apply worldwide and whose non-satisfaction leads to negative emotional states. What do you really need to be happy?

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Emotional leadership - a definition

In any leadership position, understanding the psychological needs of those you lead is crucial. emotional Guide is the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions while understanding the emotions of those around you. The Concept emotional leadership is therefore based on Ideathat humans have basic psychological needs that must be met in order to Workplace to achieve optimal performance. These needs include a sense of belonging, a sense of autonomy, a sense of Expertise, a sense of Objective and a sense of security.

As a leader, it is important to be aware of these needs and create an environment that is conducive to the fulfillment of these needs. This way, you can improve your team's overall morale, productivity, and happiness. In this post, we'll take a closer look at each of these five basic psychological needs and discuss practical ways to meet them in the workplace. Understanding the importance of emotional leadership and how to meet these psychological needs can make a big difference in your leadership success and satisfaction Employees

What do people need to be happy and content?

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This is based on a very simple consideration: what do people need in order to lead a happy and contented life? The answer in a nutshell: the five basic psychological needs must be met. Let's explain that in a little more detail:

Who of us has not experienced an emotional moment, be it as an employee, as a Executive or as a leader? In the modern workplace, people are driven by emotions more than ever. Emotions guide us through our daily lives and give us a sense of Order and Structure. But they can also be distracting in the workplace, as people are often driven by emotions like Anxiety, excitement and joy will be overwhelmed.

What is the concept of emotional leadership?

This is exactly where the concept of emotional leadership comes into play, which is probably as old as mankind. But it is not fully understood or entirely misunderstood.

Most of us don't think that leadership is something particularly emotional. We're not that Opinionsthat leadership should be emotional, at least not in the traditional sense. We think, that Executives firm in their beliefs clear in their goal setting and must be resolute. And we believe that leaders are based on rational facts decide and act.

Leadership with heart and mind

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But is leadership based on facts and figures? Or is it a mixture of feelings and emotions? Of course both are correct. Leadership is a mixture of feelings and facts. But any leader who has a deep understanding of their employees' emotions will Team much more effective and with more Effect being able to lead.

The Term 'Emotional leadership' is synonymous with the phrase 'leading with feeling' and is often associated with the term 'motivational leadership' to describe the need to be aware of one's own emotions and cognitive states.

Good leaders care about their employees

Leadership is not just a matter of giving orders. It is a way of loving and being loved, a shared experience that is not always easy or pleasant. That's why so many leaders struggle with the idea of ​​being led emotionally—the idea that the leader should be guided by the feelings and beliefs of the people they lead.

In fact, emotional leaders are often the ones who make exactly the right decisions. They understand their followers and convey the right one message at the right time and in the right way. And there are the ones that will have a more positive impact on your team or yours Organization have by your emotional Intelligence use.

Emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important

So what exactly is this emotional intelligence that everyone is talking about? In any case, in today's fast-moving and constantly changing business world, emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important for effective leadership. Leaders need to be able to understand and manage their own emotions as well as the emotions of their team members. Emotional leadership is a leadership approach that Significance of emotions and relationships in the workplace. Through the use of emotional leadership, leaders can create a positive work environment that encourages teamwork, creativity and promotes productivity.

Central to emotional leadership is the understanding of the five basic psychological needs that every human being has and which are described in more detail below in the text. At its core, emotional intelligence is about how leaders can use emotional leadership to meet those needs and create a more productive and fulfilling workplace. This approach brings significant benefits to both leaders and team members. And for good reason:

Feelings as fuel and motivator

Leading with feeling is different from leading with that Head respectively. It's the way to not be afraid of the awkward social situations you have to go through. It's the way of being a leader that also acts like a colleague and friend to your employees while guiding them.

Because feelings are the fuel that drives us and influences our actions. Each of us. Therefore, a good leader is the one who uses head and heart equally. But who also manages to win over other people with their emotions, their Courage, to touch and motivate their strength and passion. As the following example shows.

The next Depp in Castingshow?

A man is standing on a stage. He is fat, his shirt tight over his stomach. His teeth are crooked and he crosses his eyes. Quite frightened, he looks at the crowd of spectators and at the three members of the jury. One of them asks him why he is here. He says, "I want to sing operas." Cut.

Different people are shown. Young people, older people. A couple watching the program on TV at home on the bed. A young man who sees her on his smartphone in the subway. All have something in common. You laugh your ass off at this foolish looking man.

Who really makes a monkey?

Another idiot making a fool of himself on a talent show. Hooray, again something to enjoy and treat yourself to feel. Because the people who laugh are not making fools of themselves. You are way better than him. Cut.

The first notes of ≫Nessun Dorma≪, the aria at the beginning of the 3rd act of the opera ›Turandot‹ by Giacomo Puccini, can be heard. The foolish looking man begins to sing. Cut. The people you just saw laughing have fallen silent and are staring spellbound at their devices. The man sings so wonderfully that even a layman who has never heard an opera understands that something very special is happening. There is someone singing who has a lot of talent. Cut. The man reappears.

Courage touches

He masters even the most difficult passages of the opera completely flawlessly. Cut. The camera shows the astonished faces of the jury members. You look at this man with your mouth open. The only Ms. in the jury gets moist Eyes. Cut. Now many people who just laughed at the man start to cry. Now all these people are no longer united by the common mockery - but that they are part of an extraordinary, an extraordinarily beautiful moment.

And what unites them is the fact that they are all touched. Feel strong emotions. Cut. The man finishes the aria and during the last tones it dispenses Audience him thunderous applause. standing ovation The woman on the jury burst into tears and all faces show an expression of deep Respect and humility towards the person and the moment they have just experienced.

Paul Potts

You might have guessed it already. I have just described the commercial of a German telecommunications company. The singer in question is British Paul Potts. I often show this commercial at lectures and during training. I'm tracking two with this Set. On the one hand, I want to trigger emotions in the room, that's what it's all about centrally at my work.

No matter if ten or three hundred people at that Lecture participate, there is almost never anyone who does not react to this short film. I myself, although I've probably watched it a hundred times, still get goosebumps over and over again.

Satisfy basic psychological needs

In addition, I can use this film to illustrate the connection between emotions and basic psychological needs in a very simple way: Whenever you feel a positive emotion such as joy, happiness or pride, one of your basic psychological needs has been or is being satisfied. It is the same the other way around. If you feel a negative emotion such as anger, fear or sadness, one of your basic needs has been or is being violated.

It is not about the physiological, physical needs of humans, such as food, drink or sleep, but about what people need on a psychological level in order to lead a happy and contented life.

Avoid negative emotional states

It is irrelevant whether it is caused by a one-time traumatic event or a permanent injury, leading to psychological damage and thus to negative emotional states.

For example, with depression or persistent anxiety, those affected are in a persistent negative emotional state and are trying to negative feelings felt by her Behavior to avoid or reduce as much as possible.

Avoidance strategies are unsuccessful

For those who are terrified of something, staying at home to avoid that "something" seems more appealing, even though they know logically that it isn't permanent Solution can be.

Very few people can immediately name these psychological needs, which all individuals have in common in a more or less pronounced form. That statement alone is astounding given how central they are to human happiness and unhappiness.

Swarm intelligence

I'm not calling for a new school subject right now, but I think several lessons should be devoted to basic human needs. If you use the so-called swarm intelligence of a group of maybe ten people (e.g. in training courses and workshops), you get the five basic psychological needs in relative terms light zusammen.

At this point you might want to think about the following question for yourself (and make some notes):

What do I need to be really happy and satisfied to be?

What do I need to be really happy?

You have probably thought of one or the other of the following points:

The 5 basic psychological needs

These aspects are mentioned again and again. Grawe has worked out exactly these needs, but in other words, on the basis of scientific studies, namely:

  1. The need for bonding
  2. The need for guidance and control
  3. The need for pleasure and lack of pleasure
  4. The need for self - improvement and self - protection and
  5. The need for coherence, consistency

These five needs are central to understanding emotional leadership. We shouldn't forget that.

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