Many people want to lead, but not always does the manager have the right qualities. And not always the real leader is also the one Executive of a business. What does a good leader actually look like?

leader-power values

If the boss is not the leader

I remember the example of a company of the automotive supply industry. I had a lot of talks with the CEO - it was about taking over a major contract in the field of organizational development - and I was surprised that we did not finish. One day the riddle broke.

The archetypal leader in the store wasn't the manager, but someone else entirely. I met him when I visited the works council. Large antechamber, two secretaries, royal Appear. The works council chairman.

The true king

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He was the real boss in the ring. He ruled from the background and ultimately determined everything in that Companys happened. Not only through direct influence – after Conversation I had my mission with him - but above all because everyone knew that he had the true power.

Everyone, including the CEO, was looking after him, waiting for his last word, or at least his approval. In the long run this proved to be not good for the company, they lost market shares. It was a strange constellation.

Who gives the values?

Similarly strange ended our search for the owner of the archetypical leader role in a medium-sized enterprise in east Westphalia. He was hanging on the wall. In an elegantly paneled room, the company founder, who had died a few years earlier, looked down on us from a curved frame as we discussed who presumably values.

He was it. We heard in the Company from the most diverse People often the sentence "What would the old boss have said about it". He was just still in people's minds. Fortunately, that has changed in the company over the years. Today, the role of leader is mostly played by the Ms. lived, which according to the nomenclature she should also have, by the managing director.

The most important task: meaning-making

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Thus, we are concerned with the important question as to what constitutes the archetypical leadership role. What are their characteristics and qualities? The most important task of the archetypical leader is the foundation of meaning. This can happen in different ways.

Sometimes someone has a brilliant inspiration, like Jesus Christ with his Sermon on the Mount - if it comes from him. He thus has a meaningful effect on a huge social System, Christianity, and that over thousands of years. Another bets Sinn through his life, his role model, such as Nelson Mandela. In functioning families, it is the parents who lovingly convey meaning and values ​​to the children.

How does successful meaning transfer work?

So what happens Guide. So not by someone standing up front and announcing that they are now leading or saying where to go. That is the exercise of power, but not leadership in the archetypal sense. If a teacher in school succeeds - and fortunately I have seen such teachers - to awaken the sense of working on a certain subject, then the students will follow him in the process.

Successful mediation depends on the student's sense of being good, and making it their own. Then in front of the class suddenly an archetypical leader stands, and not just someone who makes any announcements and who wants to force obedience because of his office.

Leadership vs. exercise of power

Unfortunately we meet in the real Welt usually offers something completely different under the leadership label. There are specifications made, pressure and Control set up, remuneration systems for performance improvement devised and threat scenarios developed.

But that is not leadership, but the exercise of power. People do not follow such a mechanism, but are driven by it. It works though and is very convenient for the guides. One achieves cadaveric obedience, the habitual Behavior human lemmings or the compulsive effort of perfectionists.

The potential of the social system

However, the entire potential of the social system is by no means opened up. Leadership in the archetypal sense has two sides that are very closely related. On the one hand, there is the conveying of meaning through a large Idea, by example or loving guidance.

And on the other hand there is the active and voluntary following of the guided because they accept the meaning. This mechanism fulfills the archetypal role of the leader.

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