The developments also go very well in human resources clear towards collaboration and networking. And it urgently needs to dissolve silos and promote new projects. Because on HR-Managers are waiting, new exciting tasks.

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Current challenges for personnel

Human resources managers are currently facing the challenge of implementing major topics such as digitization and collaboration in the field of human resources Companies contribute.

The networking of experts is becoming a decisive and superior task, which is increasingly accepted by board members and managing directors. They have recognized that closer collaboration between departments is becoming more and more important for companies in order to promote cross-cutting projects.

Personal contact remains important

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Digitization facilitates project management in companies and helps to simplify process. Experts subsequently assumed for some time that collaboration would become increasingly virtualized in the future. This view is today largely outdated - or at least it was recognized that it is not true in one-sidedness.

Rather, both corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises have had the experience that personal contact between specialists from different departments is becoming increasingly important.

Cooperation across borders

The problem with this: they often know colleagues from different areas not at all. HR managers have a new field of activity here: They are faced with the challenge of enabling collaboration across departments.

Associated economic Objective is to increase the performance of your company. Because more networking helps to discover synergies.

4 new output fields for HR managers

This results in some new and interesting developments especially for human resources departments and essentially 4 areas of responsibility:

  1. Collaboration and Collaboration: When colleagues from different departments bring their expertise together, projects are much more successful. Silo- tokens, on the other hand, is one of the biggest obstacles, and more and more companies are recognizing this. Companies of all sizes will be looking for new opportunities in the future to strengthen the exchange between employees. Digital collaboration tools continue to play a role, but personal interaction is becoming increasingly important. One of the key tasks for human resources managers in the coming years will be to look for new forms to promote exchanges.
  2. From virtual exchange to personal meeting: Meetings and events are well suited to contribute to the networking of employees. However, cross-departmental solutions often need more. So far, many companies have used company-internal social networks - so-called social collaboration tools. These can be an excellent help to form communities on specific topics. In many cases, however, sustainable networking and a break-up of silo companies only arise when companies go a step further and make new personal contacts possible.
  3. Conversation and dialogue vertical and horizontal: Exclusive top-downCommunication has been about to end for some time. Companies have recognized that they need an increased exchange at all levels and thus have to communicate more strongly and more strategically in all directions. The aim is to learn from each other and to develop further - so the employee learns from Manager and vice versa. The same applies to the interaction of specialists with different expertise. Know-how often only becomes really valuable through transfer and exchange.
  4. Networking supports recruiting and employee retention: Better communication is usually associated with a progressive and positive corporate culture. This is also more important than ever in the area of ​​recruiting and employee retention. For an increasing number of specialists, this is often the tip when it comes to the question of “walking or staying”. Potential new employees also get much more information in advance. Highly qualified specialists and managers not only make decisions based on hard criteria such as salary or working hours, but also on so-called soft factors when looking for an employer.


Projects are often so complex today that one-dimensional access is not enough. Experts from different fields must work together. In addition to the exchange of knowledge, this also promotes a positive corporate culture. Managing directors and members of the Board of Managing Directors have recognized this and are pushing ahead with such initiatives today.

In order to better network employees from different departments and levels and establish contacts, companies need new solutions. In addition to events, web-based approaches can play an increasingly important role, which - analogous to the principle of dating platforms - contribute to the mutual learning of colleagues.

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