Of course we have everything under control. In response to the question «Everything with you clear?» we only expect a single answer: "Sure, you too?" For many People but the pressure in the home office is no less than in the Companys.

Reduce stress, motivate employees: Leading with meaning in everyday home office life

The lack of structure is the greatest challenge in the home office

Often the missing Structure the biggest challenge. Job- and privacy mix more and more. And because working at home with the vacuum cleaner and YouTube, that Meeting competing with the kids and the parrot sometimes shifts the focus. The end of the song is: there is simply too much left. The to-do list grows immeasurably. And in most cases the week only has five working days!

So if you take a closer look, you soon come to the conclusion that companies must finally act now. And Executives be ready for something they were never trained for.

Leading at a distance is a challenge

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Not an easy one for executives Discipline. Especially since they own theirs Everyday life have to cope differently than before. They are rediscovering and reinventing themselves, so to speak. Important here are culture (probably the companies that have already built them) and trust (good, if a Team already has a common mindset).

And if not, how about an update? Included Definitionhow you want to work together now under the new conditions. Which communication tools for what? How should meetings go? You could also take this opportunity to critically question all the meetings (also known as “tired”) that used to take place live.

Leading with heart and mind

As a manager, you should always add a few extra ideas have in their quiver how to promote interaction in the team. Inspire yours Employees with info snacks (Online- Lectures, small impulses or discussion sessions). Give away a good book that you have just read and that you sustained excited. Motivate you with good Communication and more serious Esteem. And the most important thing: Take an interest in your employees.

A manager doesn't really know how their employees are doing in the home office. The small image section in Zoom or Teams does not reveal the inner state of health. Every manager now has the chance to score right here. By taking care of the other's mental wellbeing.

Bosses should lead

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Working from home forces managers to do exactly what is at the top of their job description: lead. And if the smallTalk in the cafeteria, it is important to replace it virtually. How about, for example, regular digital »After Work Drinks?

Now is the perfect opportunity to invite employees on board if you haven't already. Talk about culture, about cooperation, about opportunities and potential in the Future. Take off the cool mask and show yourself as a leader as you really are. Just in one Crisis played coolness is only counterproductive.

Leadership - but with focus, please

The concerns of many executives that productivity will suffer in the home office are mostly unfounded. On the contrary: a study with 16.000 employees (“Does working from home work?”) Showed that people are 13 percent more productive at home. A UN study also showed that more unpaid work was done within one's own four walls.

It is important that people learn in the home office, very much fast to create a structure and become aware of their self-discipline. If you lack this experience, you will eventually find yourself in your pyjamas, unshaven and with your hair done on the bed with your laptop. Luckily, online sessions are held regularly. This counteracts the comfort zone, because then at least the upper third of your own body must be camera-compatible.

Motivation is particularly important in times of crisis

Yes, management gurus say that every employee is responsible for his own Motivation. That's basically true. But in challenging times everything is a little different. It is particularly appreciated when the Executive sometimes asked about the well-being.

Yes, it seems unfair. Employees should be motivated, praised and valued. And who does that with executives? You shouldn't hope to be praised. Rather, it is about a good manager knowing why they are doing what they are doing. You have that Sinn defined by working for yourself, one is less responsive to praise and recognition instructed from outside.

When worries increase

In difficult situations in which we have little experience and a lot has changed, fears and uncertainty are inevitable. According to a representative study by the Link research institute, the mood of the Swiss population deteriorated significantly within a year (from January 2020 to January 2021). More than half of the respondents said that their fears and worries had increased, and a quarter of the respondents slept worse.

Ultimately, every crisis is a mental challenge. And as a manager you are not only responsible for yourself, you also have to be there for your employees. If this is done in a supportive, benevolent and appreciative manner and if managers convey meaning, teams and companies remain efficient even in crises.

Mindset shift - when buzzwords become important

That means you dem Business-Buzzword "mindset" should now attract much more attention than before. It matters what we do focus and where we consciously direct our mindset. One reads and listens to the latest Coron every houra-Zand the next frustrating lockdownMeasures, this is not the breeding ground for inspiration and motivation.

We should be a bit more critical about what we let in "up there" because it's our mood, our Energy and thus has a decisive influence on our performance.

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