The principle of the meta search engine, the most diverse providers fast and searched in an uncomplicated manner is well known from various areas: Der Job Search eg or at hotels. HomeToGo now applies the principle to holiday homes and holiday apartments.

Home Togo-Founders

HomeToGo: idea and founder

The holiday home search engine HomeToGo was developed in 2014 by Nils Regge, Dr. Patrick Andrä and Wolfgang Heiglund founded. Heigl previously founded the comparison portal Swoodoo, Nils Regge the holiday home portal Casamundo, and Patrick Andrä previously held a senior position at Home24.

All the experience that went into HomeToGo and last provided investors with 20 million dollars. Accordingly is Berliner Company since the Foundation has grown rapidly and currently employs more than 70 Employees. "In ten European countries, Russia and the USA, HomeToGo now operates its offer in the respective national language."

How does HomeToGo work?

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How does searching and finding with HomeToGo work? I tested the offer for a weekend stay in The Hague: You enter a destination, eg Dutch North Sea or The Hague, the desired date - and you can see the available results.

In addition, you can select the search with various filters, e.g. the price, the type of accommodation, such as a holiday home, holiday apartment or hotel, facilities - or, for me personally Distance to the water.

You can book the accommodations in some cases immediately, in other cases you have to first cumbersome with the owner inquire.

Advantages of the search

In fact, at HomeToGo, there are also a few hotels, so-called residual quotas, which can be booked at a very short notice. Therefore, instead of a holiday house, I spent two nights in the

It is also practical that HomeToGo also displays pictures, short descriptions and features, so that you can compare them quickly. This works even mobile in the browser with the responsive side excellently. Thus, one can theoretically search the accommodations directly from the road.

Nevertheless, it is good to compare the data at the HomeToGo again with those on the partner side like Wimdu or When booking you will be redirected to HometoGo's partner platform. At the very least now mobile search should not be fun any more, because not every of the partner sites is mobile optimized.

You should pay attention to this

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And from a legal point of view, you leave Home To Go and go as Customer almost into the hands the partner platform. When booking, you are therefore also subject to their conditions, both in terms of the booking procedure and any cancellation fees.

It is also a good idea to look at the reviews of the accommodations as well as the provider on the respective platform before booking. Especially the latter is important, because HometoGo displays reviews of the accommodation, but not the provider - and in one case, there were blatant differences.


What initially irritated me when booking was that the prices on the partner platforms seemed to differ from those on HomeToGo. But there is a very simple explanation for this: HomeToGo calculates its offers in the standard setting with a grace period of one day and then gives the cheapest price. As a rule, this “Problem” can be resolved by changing the corresponding setting.

Overall, however, HometoGo is a very practical, clear and well-programmed platform to find cheap holiday accommodations even in the high season.

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