Anyone who wants to study these days usually applies or looks for one study place, which you pull through to the end, and then open Job Search to go. In the best-case scenario, you've done a few internships on the side. Does this affect all students? No. A small group stubbornly resists the scheme F and immediately does a dual degree.

dual study

Training 2 in 1

Why only do one when you have both studies and work Vocational Training - that's what many think. Because that is probably the most important difference between the dual study program and the traditional study program: theory and practice are closely interlinked here. And that's intentional.

Only those who have a training or employment contract with one can get a study place Company or a cooperating institution. Instead of months of semester vacation, there is - as in professional life - “only” 30 days of vacation a year.

Related to the company

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And the thesis is usually written on a topic that is closely related to the work in the company. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about how to finance your studies, and even after you graduate, being taken on is relative for sure – quasi-paid studying with a job guarantee.

Berufebilder author Milan Klesper wrote two articles The dual study / combined study and The extra-occupational study examined in detail and compared the pros and cons in short.

Advantages and disadvantages of dual courses

So it's no wonder that the number of courses that have company training firmly integrated into the curriculum is constantly increasing. For the cooperating companies, they are part of a Strategy for long-term personnel development to meet the need for skilled workers in the Future to be able to cover.

Job opportunities improve significantly for graduates. This results in the following Ask:

Too much theory at normal college

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For Steven Gotthardt from Neustadt in the Westerwald district, a dual study program was definitely better Alternatives: The 24-year-old had initially started a diploma course at the University of Siegen. But theoretical cramming in crowded lecture halls was not his thing.

From an acquaintance he heard about the dual courses offered by Deutsche Bahn (DB) in cooperation with universities throughout Germany. He applied to DB Systel, dem IT-Specialists from DB for a place on the dual course of studies in business informatics at the Rödermark vocational academy in Hesse.

Job interview as in a real job

"But I wasn't selected by the university, but by Deutsche Bahn - just like with a real job: I didn't just have to do one Assessment-Center, but also pass a telephone interview beforehand, some of which was also conducted in English. Since we also have a lot of contacts with other countries and international employees on the job, English is the language mandatory! " explains Gotthardt the multi-stage selection process.

Theory and practice in change

During the six-semester study, theory and practice alternated: Gotthardt graduated between three months at the university and three months at the company in Frankfurt.

Since the degree program for 40 consists of percent of business content and 60 percent of IT content, the student went through various departments during the practice units such as business strategy and management or energy supply.

Put theoretical knowledge into practice

He particularly likes the opportunity to work independently on his own projects and his theoretical Deselect from the university into practical experience or, conversely, to deepen your practical experience in theory.

He has to write reports about the practical units and present them in seminars - the evaluation plays an important role in the overall grade of the study.

Thrown into the cold water

Even if the theory and practice are well intertwined, the business economist has already been thrown into the cold water for practical work and had to acquire content in his own initiative. For Steven Gotthardt, independent, disciplined work is therefore a prerequisite for successful study:

“For example, at an ITSystem worked on the reports from operational data decision making were generated in management. I acquired the specialist knowledge myself, because I like to learn autodidactically and such challenges suit me. We then covered the theory part in the following semester, so I was of course able to build on my previous knowledge.”

Is student life too short?

Gotthardt still has a student life, in which the nights are celebrated as well - even if all study content naturally follows one another tightly packed and also the holidays with 30 days are comparatively short:

“You have to work through every lecture consistently. Such a stringent program is not for someone who likes to put things on the back burner ”,

Final thesis in close consultation with the company

The student is currently working on his thesis, for which he has three months. During this time, Gotthardt becomes a practical one Problem to scientifically investigate from his everyday work. He chose the topic in close consultation with the company.

Before it could go, the examination committee of the Berufsakademie had to agree. And it is also safe to take him to a permanent position: from October, Steven Gotthardt will work in the infrastructure area of ​​Deutsche Bahn.

How is the study organized at Deutsche Bahn?

For over 10 years, Deutsche Bahn offers dual study programs. Initially only in cooperation with the vocational academies in Baden-Württemberg, in the meantime it has developed cooperation with 17 universities throughout Germany. In the meantime, more than 600 students are studying here about 19 disciplines, including business informatics, as well as project engineering, facility management or the real estate industry.

The practice units take place at different locations of the company, whereby the wishes of the students are taken into account as far as possible: Thus the students can be used near the university place or spend a practice unit abroad, because the German course is represented in 130 countries world-wide.

How much money do students receive?

During the course of studies, students receive an annual bonus and a BahnCard 100 for professional and private journeys. For student fees, the students can receive an interest-free loan that must be repaid only after the course.

In some fields of study there is the possibility to get a diploma as well as a bachelor's degree, with the completion of an IHK examination as an apprentice a skilled worker letter.

Try all the departments

The great advantage of this form of study compared to a normal course of study is the opportunity for Kerstin Matzer, a staff member for personnel marketing and the development of new trainees at Deutsche Bahn, to try out different departments:

“In the three years of study, the students get to know different areas and can find out which one suits them best. For example, we have had students who originally opted for Marketing interested, but then realized that HR was a much better fit for them. Conversely, we also get to know the students well during this time and can help them to find their way around.”

What are the takeover chances?

According to Matzer, the chances of being taken on are correspondingly good if they perform well: around 90 percent of the students are taken on. The personnel officer sees the reason for this on the one hand in the strict selection, but also in the quality of care:

“We ask very precisely why someone would like to do a dual degree with us. Anyone who has made it will get every conceivable help from us. We also expect our students to make an effort and follow up if there are difficulties anywhere. In 10 years I have only had one experience that someone had to drop out of college - because they did not pass the exams at the university. ”

explains Kerstin Matzer, pointing to a fundamental problem of dual studies I aufmerksam: Anyone who has to give up one of the two components, for example because they cannot pass exams or because the employment contract has to be terminated. has no other Choice than to give up the whole study.

Dual studies at Media-Saturn

Combining theory and practice - and doing so in an international course: That was also the reason for the French Laura to opt for a dual course of study decide. Originally, she worked at consumer electronics chain Saturn in Rennes, France.

There she became aware of the dual study offer of the Media-Saturn Group on the intranet.

Why study dual?

She first went through the e-assessment procedure that Media-Saturn zur selection uses by its students. In the second round there was a telephone interview in English, and she also sent her application documents to the company's headquarters in Ingolstadt for further examination.

Last October, she began her seven-semester course in International Retail Management at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. “I realized that I wouldn't get anywhere without a degree. But what I also liked was the international orientation of the course: we are 29 people from 12 countries, everything is entirely in English, some of my fellow students don't speak any German at all. It's also very exciting how People from different cultures deal with the learning material.”

The study offer

In total, Media-Saturn offers three dual courses: for the English-language study program International Retail Management, up to 35 slots are available every year.

There are 40 seats for the German counterpart, International Trade Management, and 10 places for the Business Informatics degree program. The study is completed in all three study programs after seven semesters with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

How is the course set up?

The lectures take place at the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt. During the semester breaks, internships are held at the Media-Saturn company group in Germany or abroad.

During this time the students should get to know the processes and the happenings in the markets and the administration of the group of companies as well as possible. Laura is also enthusiastic about the intermeshing of theory and practice:

“It's very interesting to see how something that looks perfect in theory can turn out very differently in practice. Example of cost planning: At the university, we learn everything that is theoretically related to the Costs owned by a shop. In theory, annual planning is not that difficult, but in practice it is sometimes a challenge. If something unforeseen happens, you have to Shop react flexibly.”

How is the study funded?

During her international studies, Laura receives monthly support from 1.000 Euro. Her fellow students, who study the German -language degree program International Trade Management, receive a scholarship from the Erich-Kellerhals-Foundation amounting to 700 Euro per month.

In addition, they are paid in the practice phase with 500 Euro per month. The financial support for graduates is staggered: from the first to the third semester there are 700 Euro monthly and from the fourth semester 800 Euro.

Study and employment contract

In order to be able to start a dual course of study, the Candidate conclude a contract with Media-Saturn. The study place and study contract are mutually dependent, i.e. no study place without a contract and vice versa.

The contract will also be void if, for example, studies are not provided. Then financial support is also omitted.

"Objective this offer is Boy Train people according to the needs of Media-Saturn in order to use them as junior staff in the company after successful completion.”

explains Horst Maiwald, Vice President Group Human Resources of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH. For this reason, since the winter semester 2005 / 2006, Media-Saturn has offered dual courses in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt.

Who can apply?

Interested parties can apply for the dual study programs every winter semester apply. The prerequisites for starting a dual study program at Media-Saturn are a (technical) university entrance qualification and a good command of English.

“Ideally, applicants should have gained initial experience in retail or IT in the form of internships or part-time/holiday jobs. For International Retail Management we are primarily looking Candidates with an international background, as all lectures in this course are in English. The recognition of foreign school diplomas is indeed quite complicated, but we have experienced ones Employees, who take care of the formalities.”

What courses are available?

The AusbildungPlus database currently lists 712 dual degree programs in Germany involving more than 26.000 companies providing training places parallel to their studies.

Particularly interesting for high school graduates are the training integrators and the practice-integrated dual study courses. Here, the entrance requirement is usually in the Fachhochschul- or Hochschulreife.

The prerequisite for enrollment in a practice-integrating degree program is always the contractual commitment to a company. Applicants must therefore apply directly to the company - for this reason, there is usually no admission restriction for dual study programs on the part of the university.

Education-integrated degree programs

Training-integrating dual courses combine the studies with an education in a recognized education and training program. The study phases and the vocational training are interlinked both in terms of time and content.

The Berufsschulunterricht is either stashed or partially also completely covered by the university. Thus, in addition to the degree, which is now a second recognized degree, a degree in an apprenticeship is now acquired.

Practice integrating courses

However, a course of study integrates the course with longer practical periods in the company or a part-time part-time work, but there is no separate vocational qualification.

Vocational integration and extra-occupational programs

Anyone who has already completed vocational training, for other forms of study come into question:

Berufsakademien as a pioneer

The Berufsakademien are at the forefront of dual study: in 1974, the first Berufsakademien (BA) opened in Baden-Württemberg on the initiative of well-known companies.

Meanwhile, there are Berufsakademien in many other federal states, among a total of about 170 courses you can choose here.

What are dual courses?

A special feature of a dual study program at a vocational academy is the close cooperation between the company and the academy. These dual courses are usually completed after three years with the Bachelor exam.

Since the 01. March 2009, there are no professional academies in Baden-Württemberg, however: one of the eight universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg has developed a state-of-the-art university offering dual courses: the dual university of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg.

Dual courses at universities of applied sciences

In addition, there are now more than 300 dual courses at Fachhochschulen. Most offers can be found in state, and more rarely in private technical colleges. Depending on the university, the course of studies and the student days vary considerably, usually between three and five years.

A Fachhochschul diploma is considered as higher than the degree of occupational dermatology, but this does not have to say anything about the quality of the training. Also some universities and general secondary schools offer dual courses, so far 27 in number.

Which fields of expertise are dual?

There are offers in the areas of management, banking/Finance, Insurance, civil engineering, computer science as well as electrical and mechanical engineering, among others at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken and at the University of Paderborn. Finally, some private administration and business academies also offer training courses that combine commercial training with a business degree.

In terms of disciplines predominate overall clear the economics. Here, a business administration degree is usually completed in connection with commercial training. After that, computer science and mechanical engineering/process engineering come in Combination with practical units in the technical field. However, there are also dual study programs in the areas of social affairs as well as economics and social studies. Only one dual study course is offered nationwide in the fields of architecture and mathematics.

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