the Channel People want a lot, for some people less is enough. In addition, many things that make you wealthy cannot be bought. And as everyone knows, the last shirt has no pockets.


Body and Mind

Body and mind are not separated. When you are sad, your body produces tears. When you get upset, your blood pressure rises. If you are happy, activate unconsciously your facial muscles and your immune system is strengthened.

You move in fresh air - your mood improves. They are massaged or pleasantly touched in one of the many ways - you are happier. They hear the leaves rushing. Your mind will be quiet.

How we harm our body

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Some lovers can live by air and love, some disappointed ones eat Kummerspeck, others get away with worries of appetite. Some of them strain their bodies for a well-filled wallet, some frustrated people sit flat on the TV set with alcohol, ready-made pizza and chips.

By the way, according to a study, the average European is already spending about 12 years of his life in front of the screen. Others live an active life in the anti-aging or fitness delusion.

What is healthy?

The influence of our brain on the body is truly amazing. Even foods that are healthy in and of themselves are not automatically healthy. Who cares or Stress has been shown to absorb and digest fewer nutrients and ages faster.

"Something is in my stomach", the saying goes! And this influence is not just for the moment. Every painful or pleasant body experience leaves and leaves traces. Love or punches, it makes a big difference!


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Our bodies are designed by nature not to store “garbage”. What is needed is used optimally, what is no longer needed is discarded. A healthy body does not produce waste. But if the body gets out of balance - often due to poor nutrition, overexertion, disregard for one's own ecology, through our thoughts, moods and actions - it has negative Consequences.

“Garbage” accumulates, for example when we eat more than consume. 67% of men and 53% of Women are overweight in this country, although the conditions for a healthy diet in Germany have never been as good as they are today. Many men pay more attention to good quality motor oil than good cooking oil.

What do you need?

How important is the “fuel” that you supply to your body? Do you fill up with petrol, even though your car needs diesel - perhaps because you used to drive a petrol engine or because it recommends advertising or your neighbor also fills up with petrol?

I would like to seduce you into a rendezvous with yourself. A rendezvous with consequences... With successes that go beyond the usual striving for success. With successes, quality of life, serenity and Satisfaction include – even in a time that demands a lot of you.

Body wrap

But you can also "fill up" physically: More and more people are turning to bottles, pills or drugs. According to a FORSA study commissioned by Techniker Krankenkasse, 70% of employees feel stressed at work. One in four suffers from psychological stress that restricts them.

According to the absenteeism report by the AOK, more and more Germans are “doping” themselves to meet the demands of the Everyday life to be fair. By the way: Some call this DVD our I, our ego, our neural control system, our mind, our unconscious.

Relationships: chains or cobwebs?

Do you know that: you feel committed to boring Meetingsto go to events or family celebrations? Or do you only keep relationships for the sake of form? Relationships are like strings.

They can both give us support as well as put on fetters. Some relationships are strong as chains, some sensitive as spiderwebs, others are similar to a suction cup with suction cups at their end, which simply do not let go and suck.

4 Questions about the relationship quality

Now take 5 minutes to do the following Ask to answer. With the answers to the following questions, it will be easier for you to take the next step: get rid of your “relationship garbage”. World to accomplish. Because relationship garbage is a burden, especially you!

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