To recognize its potential and to be able to develop it in the market, it is for Company important to successfully shape change processes by initiating them first and then continuously optimizing them. This is not possible without investments!

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What change initiatives and project management have in common

A central aspect in terms of changes in companies is the project business Problemswho every Employees face enormous challenges every day. Project management and change initiatives have one thing in common: they can only be approached strategically and in a structured way Success to lead. Many managers are the advantages of a change quite aware of this, but what about the remaining aspects – for example with regard to the necessary investment?

  1. The possible positive results of an investment - The “Pot of Gold”:
  2. The potential obstacles and risks of investment - The “crutches”:
  3. The positive points, if we do NOT invest - The mermaid":
  4. The risks we face if we do NOT invest - The crocodile":

1. Positive results of an investment - “Pot full of gold”

Companies often report that projects, especially in multiproject environments, are completed much faster and in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality and with the same budget.

So companies should accurately quantify how much profit their company can generate by being able to complete and commit to 25-50% more projects with the same resources customers zu sell. It often turns out that possible implementation costs can be amortized after a very short time.

2. Potential obstacles and risks - “The crutches”

Employees and managers often worry about the planned change. One should be aware that the work does not disappear but is only better organized. If a company introduces a new method, without explaining to the employees what it is, a number of misgivings and misunderstandings often arise.

If they are not cleared out, this can lead to significant problems resistance in the planned implementation. Therefore, before the introduction, companies should Basics mediate and address and clear up misunderstandings directly.

3. What you don't want to give up - “The Mermaid”

When Executives and employees in the company satisfied are, the willingness to change is low. Unless it can be shown that the positive results (pot of gold) are very large, the risks (crutches) are comparatively small and a danger to the

The company exists (crocodile) if it does not optimize its project management. If the company hardly positive will achieve results, the risks are disproportionately large and the existence of the company is not endangered, NO company will in whatever invest. In all likelihood, the implementation would bog down and valuable resources would be wasted. The company's situation would deteriorate.

4. Impending risks if there is no change - “The Crocodile”

Often the companies are not aware of the danger they are in due to the suboptimal project management. Very snappy crocodiles are, above all, an imminent change from customer to competition, unattractive internal projects, too long a processing time for innovations or product developments, the competitive advantage of the competition or simply a strong pressure on prices or delivery times.

Companies need to be very precise about their crocodiles Eye keep. If these grow and become (even) more aggressive, there is an urgent need for action!

Conclusion: Stand out from the competition

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Changes are coming Agenda - not only in the project management of a company, but in almost all areas. So there are also good opportunities to stand out from the competition by taking a good approach.

Provided that the crocodiles can be thrown down and the crocodile can be admired, the mermaid can be admired and concentrated on the pot full of gold. An increase in profits has not hurt a company!

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