On the journey to the Future not only needs bright minds, but also light luggage, because the markets, like the rabbits, are always hitting new ground. For number games, budgeting excesses and rigid adherence to Regulate there is no time. Norms only produce mediocrity. And ISO noise creates isomorphism.


Change structures, not people!

“Change structures and don't People. Smart people don't stand a chance in stupid organizations." That's what leadership expert Reinhard K. Sprenger said.

That is why, first of all, the bleached ballast has to go overboard from old businesdays: traditions that have never been questioned, sacred cows, which no one wanted to slaughter, management modes already wearing a rusty patina. With the weapons of yesterday, the battles of tomorrow are now not to be won.

Traditions about board!

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There isn't much time either. And the list of obsolete Methods and processes is long. But fixed systems tend to be continuous rather than bold.

And Control is a retrospective instrument that can only show undesirable developments that have already taken place. Bureaucracy and administration delay, prevent or steer decisions in the wrong direction.

Standards cause mediocrity

And standards only cause standard services - and thus boring mediocrity. You give planning security? A contradiction in itself! What the Company encountered in the market today is permanent provisionality.

The only certainty is that plan and reality are already drifting apart on the second day of the new fiscal year. And what does a good manager do then? He does not follow reality but the plan. That is absurd!

When the manual becomes the law book

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Of course, regulations and functional routines ensure a level of performance, they relieve the workload, and they help to avoid bad mistakes. But they also ensure a gradual incrustation process. The question: What is the best way to do it now? ” will no longer be asked at some point.

When a manual becomes a code of law, they are Employees mainly concerned with meticulously following the predetermined procedures, regardless of whether they useful or are pointless.

Guardian of the prescription collection

And their superiors understand themselves as guardians of the regulations collection. Their compliance is strictly monitored. Deviations are punished with all harshness. And every suggestion for improvement becomes an attempted standard offense.

An evolutionary standstill is thus pre-programmed. Lack of initiative and conformity. From diversity of opinion becomes simplicity, which, decoupled from reality, ultimately also makes simple decisions.

The ones up there

“The Ones Up There” decide in many companies about things that they understand far less than "they down there". And that's exactly why we need a climate that makes swarm intelligence possible.

Unfortunately, many managers still believe that they are on the fringes of their Organization there would be no intelligent life. But the opposite is the case. The most valuable Deselect for a company is right there.

Mistakes are the price of evolution and innovation

However, employees only reveal their thoughts if they believe they will Esteem experience.

And when they know that mistakes are not a broken leg. Because mistakes are the price of evolution and Innovation. Anyone who tries something new must also be allowed to fail. Making mistakes means: to practiceto learn to win.

Error-learning culture is inevitable

A proactive, mindful error-learning culture is therefore unavoidable. Therefore at least a standard should remain in the company.

And this is called: “contradict yours Executive!” In this way alone, many small innovations can be achieved that make the day-to-day work life facilitate everyone and – who knows – the customers really enjoy.

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