Undisputed: The dilemma that Candidates deliberately present yourself in a good light in job interviews and you therefore only get to know them to a limited extent. So what are the possibilities of getting a real, honest picture of candidates despite the phenomenon of social desirability?

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To bypass socially desirable behavior

socially desirable Behavior can only be shown if the candidate knows what answer interviewers want to hear from him. Then he can adapt them so that you dem HR will like. What answers to classic Ask are desired, it can also be used in a variety of Candidate-Read guides.

And a well-prepared applicant does the same. Good applicants prepare themselves in detail for their interview. They know their strengths weaknesses, Set and skills and they will present them to you in the best possible way.

Example: Socially desired responses to teamwork

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Teamwork is a frequently requested skill in job descriptions. Nevertheless, it is seldom the case that a candidate only Team should be able to. On the contrary, in addition to being able to work in a team, he should also be able to work independently.

Contestants know that you're good at not just a lone fighter or an exclusive team player Company arrive. For this reason, answers such as:

There are applicants who do not behave socially desirable but draw a very honest picture of themselves. However, it must be emphasized that this is not the rule, but the exception. Most applicants avoid reporting their weaknesses or potentially unfavorable ones about themselves.

How to avoid default answers

HR personnel will only receive standard answers to many of these questions from these applicants. To get a real impression of these applicants, HR professionals have to ask specific questions. So put yourself in the position of such a job interview:

Your goal is to really get to know the applicant in order to find the right one decision to meet about his suitability. If applicants do not by themselves Honestly and act real, you should put them in a situation where they appear real, at least for a moment. You can do this by surprising the candidate with your questions.

What happens when applicants have to react spontaneously?

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Then he has to answer the questions spontaneously. If People If you have to behave spontaneously, you cannot fall back on something that has been rehearsed or tried and tested. Instead, you fall back on a response or behavioral repertoire that you already have. That's why spontaneous answers reveal a lot about an applicant.

They say something about how quick-witted, spontaneous or flexible the other person is when they have to act unprepared. They provide information about whether the candidate can confidently act and act without preparation.

Typical questions about the person - some examples

Does an applicant act carefully and take a long time to answer, or does he or she answer your question without hesitation? And what reaction does he show when he is surprised? Here are some sample questions you can use to surprise applicants.

How to get honest answers

To get your applicants in job interview To surprise you, your only resource is to ask questions that the applicant cannot prepare for and that will give you a real response from the applicant.

If the candidate does not know which response to you to approve, you make it difficult for him to behave socially desirable.

You can then assume that his answer is more honest. He can still appreciate what behavior or response you would like to see / hear, but he just does not know for sure.

How does the candidate answer?

The surprising questions you ask are not primarily related to the content of the reply, but to how the candidate answers them. So the focus is on the response of the candidate and your assessment of this response.

Therefore, you may also ask questions that are not related to the direct requirements of the position to be assigned. When you ask questions of your profession, make sure that you avoid the classic questions on the respective topics.

Questions without Konext

Questions can come as a surprise to an applicant for various reasons act. Typically, applicants are surprised when they ask questions that are completely out of context.

For example, if you change the topic abruptly and ask a question that does not match the original subject matter. Then the candidate has to adjust himself first.

What to look for in the applicant

Pay particular attention to the following:

All of these things give you information about the applicant's flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements. How fast can he really jump around and fully engage and concentrate on a new topic?

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