No pain, no gain - that's true, but you need it for that Success some self-marketing, efficiency and negotiation skills in professional life. That's why worker bees rarely do Career.

Be hardworking or have a career? The worker bee myth

Worker bees do incredible things, but there is a lack of recognition

There are people who make it in Companys Unbelievable, almost fall over themselves with good ones ideas, work with tremendous vigor until they drop - and then often lie completely burned out in the corner while others next to them climb the career ladder with a beaming smile. unfair, right? Professional success is often equated with long working hours. We often overlook what really matters.

Because precisely those who achieve incredible things in their job and work until they drop are often denied the necessary recognition. On the contrary, if they do make a mistake, they are immediately criticized for it. That is because bosses are not used to mistakes from them. Injustice, right? Unfortunately, these worker bees overlook some critical factors that are far more important to careers than performance..

Force of habit

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But why is it like that? On closer inspection, there are a whole bunch of reasons. First, there is the habit effect: On Employees, who consistently performs well, is for the Executive tremendously useful and convenient:

In the end he spurts without complaining. Then why should he be promoted - where he is now he's doing the best. Provided that his performance is noticed at all. Because such hard-working workers are often criticized by the boss because bosses are not used to making mistakes. And because their consistently good performance is viewed as normal, the employee often does not get the necessary one Respect met.

Do good and talk about it

Another important point is therefore self-portrayal. What's the point of an incredible amount of work and top performance if the boss doesn't even notice that you're always so good? Therefore, you should not only work until you drop, but also communicate this to the outside world - like a company that is not only involved in the development of a new product invest in the hope that it will then sell itself.

Advertising is at least as important - even if some people find that difficult to understand. I have known several cases of people who, for example, are very subtle about their boss clear have made that they also have other options - and have thus climbed a management position.

More work is no more achievement

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A common misconception is that the more effort you get, the more you get. Stress only makes you physically more capable, and only for a time, while tending to impede clear thinking. But that many mistakes happen, especially in stressful situations, is probably something everyone can do on their own Everyday life to confirm.

Hasn't it happened to you too that you're due to an important... Meetings or a Presentation were nervous – and promptly spilled coffee down your pants? Or you had to fast finish something on the computer, pressed the wrong button in a hurry - and the whole file was gone? Hectic and the associated carelessness are very common Debt at such mishaps. Pay attention to that.

Leadership as a career factor

For those who want to move up, not only specialist knowledge and motivation count, but also leadership qualities. At least the boss who is supposed to promote you has to be convinced that you have some. Bosses are usually not convinced of this. He notices that the employee achieves a lot, but also that he is primarily driven by the fear of making a mistake.

The driving force of action is not the joy of work, that positive, forward-looking “wanting to create something”, but pressure and Anxiety. The Problem however, that one is anxious People fewer Competencies trusts, has less respect for them and trusts them less responsibility - this is also the reason why such employees are often passed over for promotion.

Away with the perfectionism, with the thick skin

But how is the boss supposed to have respect when an employee cowers anxiously in the chair in front of him during a critical discussion and so through her body language formally demonstrated that she is not ready for managerial tasks? It is much better if an employee confident and sovereign with Criticism and shows next time that he has learned from it how to do it better.

But overzealous, perfectionist natures in particular fear the criticism that could hit them as soon as they do something wrong, so much that they do everything in their power not to make mistakes. Only this can Objective, in the rarest of cases. The more you focus on the criticism - and make yourself vulnerable.

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