Clothes make people - still! In fact, lay Company again value on well-groomed Business-Clothing. 2 X 17 tips on what Women and men should really pay attention to their outfit at work.

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The products and services are becoming more and more similar and a company - whether large, medium or small - can only distinguish itself today by "Employees-Personalities” position in the market.

The representation requirement of each individual employee increases enormously - every small and medium-sized enterprise also wants and has to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Clothes are a must

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Safe appearance does not only include manners or that Behavior in dealing with People, but also the clothes with which we present our company.

Clothing expresses their values ​​and their awareness of a well-groomed overall appearance. From the clothes or uniform can Customer definitely draw conclusions about your company.

Company: Back to the proven dress code

More and more companies are going back to the (proven) dress code

  1. to provide a consistent appearance and
  2. to separate the difference between work wear and casual wear more clearly. The leisure fashion has taken a great place in our everyday lives. We love it practically, casually and at times sporty and these signals can sometimes reach the customer. Studies in the US show that today again every
  3. Companies abolish “casual Friday” (employees don't wear strict business attire on this day). The clothes help to immerse yourself in leisure time on Friday.

The company should take the opportunity to address the topic of clothing and explain the requirements in the company, especially when hiring new employees. Otherwise, new employees always have to follow the “secret dress code”, which someone has shaped.

Clear rules make it easier to deal with each other

It makes it easier for everyone involved klare Regulate to write in the house rules so as not to have to have annoying discussions afterwards or the employees are reprimanded even though there were no clear instructions.

It doesn't always have to be a "uniform", but it should have a recognition effect for the customers give so that he also the employee Company can assign.

The clothes belong to the company philosophy

In some companies, you do not know whether to address an employee or another customer because both are dressed in casual clothing.

Whether eg a uniform shirt / polo with name tag and a dark trousers or a skirt with the matching shoes is chosen or a costume / suit is part of the company philosophy.

Business clothes: 17 tips for the woman

  1. Make-up: Clear distinction between day and evening make-up
  2. Hair: no flowing hairstyles - for long hair, the hair rather simple and with a tendency to get out of the face
  3. Hands: neat nail length, no nails or nail decoration, artificial nails - French manicure
  4. Clothing: represent the company and thus think of the message to be conveyed when choosing the outfit
  5. Well suited are trouser suit, costume, dress, skirt
  6. Always pay attention to the appropriate length of skirt or pants
  7. Always cover shoulders and upper arms
  8. Matching is a classic outfit (best materials and best quality) mixed with fashionable accessories
  9. No skin-tight body, no visible underwear
  10. No supermini, no big cleavage, no leggings, no super-sporty outfit
  11. No spaghetti straps, no romantic look, no transparent look
  12. Accessories: not overly high - pay attention to quality and jewelry, 8 jewelry as a guide, piercing / tattoo - not visible
  13. Belts: pants, skirts - the loops have
  14. Stockings: always wear stockings, even in summer (option), no seam, no fishnet stockings
  15. Shoes: closed shoes - heel-free is possible, no super high heels, no sandals, no mules, slippers, "Birkenstock", remove the label on the sole
  16. Perfume: restrained or fresh fragrance
  17. Bag: College folder, timer or briefcase

Business clothes: 17 tips for the man

  1. Hair: Short haircut, attention: hair from the nose, ears. eyebrows
  2. Clothing: not shirt open, non-skinny pants, no short sleeve (leisure) and tie, combination or suit, no too casual, sporty outfit (signals free time)
  3. Shirt: long sleeve shirt, singlet (!)
  4. Vest: lower button open - in a classic suit
  5. Tie: no comic motifs; Close button under the tie
  6. Tie tip: End of the belt - point on the thorn
  7. Cuffs: 1 cm from the jacket
  8. M-buttons: positive for the overall picture, not for a tie-free outfit
  9. Pocket square: pattern / design other than the tie
  10. Tie clip: currently not so up to date
  11. Watch - Belt: Metal color must be the same
  12. Belt: no empty belt loops
  13. Socks: dark and long; made of fine material and without pattern; Length: the socks should also cover the leg while sitting
  14. Shoes: elegant shape, well-groomed and made of leather; Brown shoes for a dark suit possible - attention in the evening!
  15. Jewelry: no jewelry such as bracelet, earring or visible necklace, no visible piercing or tattoo
  16. Handkerchief: made of fabric
  17. Perfume: unobtrusive fragrance

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