Logical thinking can mean a lot. However, the IQ tests are not a benchmark for the expression. The expression lies more in the way in which questions and Tasks be resolved. Because these skills determine the ability to make decisions.


Facts, facts, facts

When fact-checked, logical dominance reveals some significant peculiarities. Because numbers, data and facts have a big meaning Significance for this stamp. All tasks, inquiries or problems are only processed or decided after a precise examination of the file/factual situation.

Unresolved or even emotional decisions are rather alien to this dominance. The precision of thought also manifests itself in the precision of language. Superficiality, inaccuracies or even conjectures are not accepted.

Typical speech signals from the logical decision maker

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This is also evident in the language usage:

The problems can not be complex enough

The logician wants to know everything, analyzes everything exactly and thinks everything through to the last detail. Thus, activities that deal with analyzes, formulas or logical questions are particularly motivating.

They can Problems or questions are not complicated enough and the challenge of data analysis is particularly high. Scientific work or legal studies are therefore two examples of the preferred professional groups.

Logical analysis, but risk of detail loss

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Currently at leading position this character guarantees that the necessary facts are analyzed and evaluated in detail. Wrong decisions are rather unlikely with regard to the facts.

Too often, however, too many numbers, data and facts are accumulated so that the decision tends to recede into the background and the logician concentrates on his world of facts verlieren threatens.

Teamwork helps

Again, as with the previous dominance, that is an intelligent embedding in one Team Can remedy.

If not the second dominance even on this one People provides for regulation, then an appropriate balance should be ensured in the composition of bodies, committees or management floors.

In comparison: Conservative decision makers as a guarantee for successful implementations

What distinguishes the logical decision maker from the conservative decision maker? All activities that are devoted to details, require planning or an orderly Implementation represent, so dominated people motivate a lot.

Thus, the value conservative is an important guarantor for a consistent and successful implementation of planned changes. However, since he is very structured and often interrogative, he is perceived by future-oriented superiors or political friends rather as a brake - that is a mistake.

Conservative decision-makers have an important control function

Only if it succeeds, especially the value conservatives of one Idea or change to inspire, then it turns out that this dominance ensures that we are really doing the right thing and not just talking about it.

As a team member or as a member of committees, this formative dominance has an important steering and implementation function. In leadership functions, the value conservative tends to make decisions.

Hesitation and hesitation lead to delayed decisions

Hesitation and procrastination often lead to decisions not being made at all or being made too late. Thus, it is important that this dominance in projects or in the political as well as entrepreneurial Everyday life combined with people of other dominances.

The Teamwork creates the necessary balance here and ensures that necessary decisions are made elsewhere and then implemented for sure and done continuously.

Conclusion: Our individuality begins in the brain

“Every person has ways of thinking and behaving that are specific to them and that they prefer. They are an expression of its uniqueness and a prerequisite for autonomy and personal Expertise”, says Ned Herrmann.

In the course of our development, we humans develop individual abilities that are unique to us and an expression of our individuality. A few skills have proven to be particularly useful here. We have rejected others because they do not give us the Success brought what we hoped for.

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