If you want to be successful, you have to keep motivating yourself. Above all, this also means going on despite obstacles and difficulties in order to develop one's own Set to reach. Nothing demonstrates that better than sport.

Intrinsic Motivation: Lead yourself, keep going, achieve goals

How people navigate obstacles is critical to success

All People experience difficulties, obstacles and problems in their lives. The type of obstacles can be very different: they can be choleric superiors, personal fears, bad habits or even physical pain and problems.

Some of these obstacles are relatively easy and small and can light overcome, while others appear much more daunting and at first glance almost impossible to solve. In such cases, it helps to tackle problems in small steps instead of giving up out of sheer frustration, which is the first impulse for many people. Because it is often not what the obstacles look like that is decisive for success, but how we deal with them.

How people learn to overcome their own limits

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Most people have their own personal boundaries in life Head. These are usually through Education or social environment downright learned. As long as they have not yet reached this limit, most people are usually not even aware of it. But often reaching those mental limits leads to giving up instead of continuing Solution of a problem and thus to work the way to the goal.

For example, as a teenager I was rather unsportsmanlike and that may also be due to the way physical education is structured in our schools. Maybe it's just laziness in this area, but I just didn't enjoy physical exercise. It was only later that I found joy in sport through dancing and hiking and recognized its numerous positive aspects, which are also reflected in creativity and affect well-being.

Intrinsic motivation

Because one of the most interesting things about human beings is the way we are intrinsic Motivation use to overcome our own limitations. The Idea The thing about it is that all we have to do is set a goal and then be motivated to overcome our own hurdles to achieve that goal. This is the basis for all sports and many other things that we do.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it sounds in theory: it is a widespread one ProblemYou want to lose weight and exercise more, but that resolution won't get you anywhere if you're doing it out of a sense of duty and guilt, not because it actually motivates you. And so it is with many other subjects.

The Role of Personal Goals: Why do we want to achieve something?

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But there is a talent for being motivated by your own limitations to make the most of your own potential. The key to this is on the one hand Fun to have something. But the fun often only comes with the first sense of achievement, and it was the same with me in sports.

There has to be something that makes you want to start in the first place to want to push your limits, and that's intrinsic motivation. You can only achieve something if you really want to achieve this goal from within yourself. So your personal goals determine your actions, these are usually things that happen to you positive emotions trigger. Therefore, you should always ask yourself with every project: Do you really want to achieve a certain goal? And why? Why do you want to achieve this goal?

The emotional connection to the goal

Where was that for me with sport: Undeniably, exercise is good for your own physical fitness and thus also for performance and productivity. Don't organize for free LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke seine Meetings while hiking while TV star Manuel Andrack Hiking is useful for thinking creatively.

However, I have to say: My initial motivation for hiking was different. I just like nature, peace and beautiful views. When hiking, I like to climb a mountain, enjoy the view, wander around the plateau and regret every time I go down again. And I'm definitely more of a pleasure hiker who needs a certain amount of rest after every hike.

Improve your own frustration tolerance

So long-distance hiking and a trail that goes up the mountain twice poses a certain mental challenge for me. It was the same when I recently completed the 125 KM long Lechweg in Tyrol. Although it leads flat along the river for long stretches, it is quite impassable, especially on the last few meters.

Here I had to learn again and again to train my personal frustration tolerance, the inner one Schweinehund overcome and motivate me to keep going. In this way, my hiking holiday practically became a personal motivational training session.

Intrinsic Motivation: Lead yourself, keep going, achieve goals

Overcoming obstacles leads to success

For example, if you only do your work to rule, you are not doing more than you have to. That doesn't have to be bad, it just inevitably affects the result, also for your own progress. Motivation and frustration tolerance are therefore essential for success. And both can be trained.

In general, overcoming personal obstacles and frustrating experiences is the most important element when it comes to personal motivation increase. This applies to hiking as well as to the job and life as a whole: if you enjoy doing something and are committed to it, you will work more motivated and better.

Frustration and negative experiences: this is how it affects the brain

The results of brain research support this picture. The Göttinger Professor for Neurobiology Gerald Hüther recently explained in the interview with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard why this impression is also confirmed from a neurobiological point of view: the reason for the demotivation of many employees is the negative experiences that many of us have had in life. These experiences would be permanently stored in our frontal brain. Hüther explains in the very exciting interview:

“This frontal lobe is the area in the Brain, in which our so-called meta-competences, our convictions, beliefs, inner attitudes and ultimately the resulting attitudes are located. They determine what a person thinks, how he evaluates things, how he acts. The point is that we cannot simply change the attitudes that have developed there. Neither appeals in the notorious Sunday speeches nor admonitions and instructions in employee appraisals really turn employees into more Performance to inspire. The inner attitude, the attitude does not change as a result.”

Employee motivation The managers are in demand

An aspect thatGuide still receives too little attention from many: trying to force people to do something with extrinsic incentives is useless. But how can you intrinsically motivate employees? Only by replacing frustrating experiences with new positive ones, says the brain researcher. This requires, among other things, interpersonal closeness and positive feelings – for example for the supervisor.

That's exactly what you can experience when hiking: If you've climbed a mountain and been rewarded with blisters and sore muscles the next day, maybe that's how it will be fast don't try again. Unless he was rewarded with the positive feeling of a beautiful view and the adrenaline rush of having achieved something special. Because that's exactly what drives you to do it again next time, despite all the pain and hardship.

Learn while hiking for career success

It shows very clearly how you learn for life when you hike, in which you rarely manage to walk around permanently on the success plateau, because you often have to master arduous climbs and rapid descents. In order to cope with this, the necessary motivation is required.

And that, says Hüther, can only be brought about by the manager himself by leading with passion, not on himself Costs profiled its employees and the Courage has, sometimes unconventional ways to go and allow unconventional opinions.

The Journey is the Goal

So this shows that in Company in a special way too Executives are asked to support their employees with intrinsic motivation. But not only that: the individual is also required to motivate himself again and again, to take all responsibility on the Executive shifting doesn't get anyone anywhere.

In summary, intrinsic motivation is a powerful motivator to overcome one's limitations. It can help us to develop our personal potential to be happy and successful. However, intrinsic motivation is not a miracle pill. To be successful, you have to do a lot Energy investto overcome challenges and develop his skills. This is a long-term investment. Since intrinsic motivation isn't a miracle pill, we shouldn't expect short-term gains either. We shouldn't expect instant results,

Intrinsic motivation as a means to happiness and success

This also shows that success and happiness does not depend on external stimuli such as the environment and other people, but on our own attitude or internal factors. These internal factors include motivation, Deselect, skills and the desire to achieve something. We have to be aware that we have to use our internal factors. If we want to achieve something, we must be willing to learn and make sacrifices.

All clear it can be said that there is a correlation between intrinsic motivation and one's own limits and that ultimately only overcoming one's own limits leads to success.

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