Many Corporate In the last few years, they were reluctant to push their own career website online - be it through social media or through search engine marketing. The latter was long neglected. 5 tips on how to do it better.

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SEM, SEO, SEA - what's that?

Search engine marketing (also referred to as SEM for short) combines two disciplines: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the one hand, and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) on the other. What does that mean exactly? The former refers to the organic search result lists on Google and co., Ie the free, ad-free entries that are arranged according to a complex algorithm.

SEA is about the paid listings above and alongside the organic results for a search term. With this form of advertising, the advertiser usually pays per click on his ad, the final one Costs per click (CPC) are determined by an auction system and depend on the competitive situation.

Search engine marketing for your own career website - 5 tips

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Both disciplines offer potential potential Candidate on yourself I aufmerksam close! The following five tips will help Implementation Strategy for search engine marketing:

1. Structure and navigation

Search engines take many factors into account when arranging organic search results. The search engine robots “crawl” your website and weight the content. Pages that are frequently and conspicuously linked internally are classified as particularly important by the search engine in the context of the entire website. Only an almost invisible link from the footer will pass on little “strength” to the career portal. The following should be noted:

Especially for large companies that are constantly looking for reinforcements in many areas, it makes sense to have a permanent position Structure to create the career website. Fixed supercategories with a large search volume should be created. An overview page with all Marketing Jobs or all jobs for mechanical engineers has great potential to achieve a ranking with exciting keyword combinations, such as “marketing jobs”

2. Clean on-page work

Both the category pages and the individual tenders should be cleanly programmed and take into account the important criteria of search engine optimization. These include, in particular, the following aspects:

3. Deactivate tenders: forwarding and, if necessary, reactivating

Individual vacancies cannot be filled permanently. For this reason, vacancies that have already been filled are often simply taken offline. Mostly it is useful, to redirect the URL used to the overview page, because the job posting may be linked internally or externally.

Thus, the potential visitors do not land on an error page and the so-called “link power”, ie the strengthening of a subpage for Google through links from internal and external websites, is passed on to the target page of the redirect.

This redirection usually occurs as 301 Redirect, if it should be a permanent forwarding. In special cases, an 302 forwarding, a temporary forwarding is useful if a URL is to be reused shortly.

So if there is a regular need for certain jobs, it may make sense to always use the same URL for repeated advertisements! This may already have a few links and therefore immediately enjoys basic trust and gains from search engines fast its former rankings back after temporary forwarding.

4. Use of external systems with a view to SEO

No question, HR Software can be very useful and the processes in the company clear improve. The decision Using a software solution is usually independent of the SEO performance in the first step. At best, however, there is the possibility of combining both:

For this it is primarily necessary that the overview pages and the job advertisements remain on your own website and remain editable. The application process itself can then be done via the System run, but if the advertisement itself “hangs” in the software, then a ranking is very unlikely and, above all, difficult to influence yourself.

5. Use Google Adwords to find applicants

When you talk about Google Adwords, it's about paying ads over and next to Google's unpaid search results. This is the short-term way to make your own career website on Google for potential applicants directly searchable.

Typically, you pay per click on your own ad, so you pay immediately and in return you get visitors to your career website. When it comes to search engine optimization, you initially invest time and money Money, in order to get permanent free visitors from the search engines in the medium term - often a fundamental decision.

The brief ad text should make it clear as quickly as possible what the potential applicant can expect on their own website. On the one hand, you avoid paid clicks from unsuitable searchers and, on the other hand, you lead the right ones Candidates to the appropriate job posting.

And finally ...

In short, it can be said that search engine marketing offers a lot of potential for career websites. A distinction must be made between short-term and immediately effective advertising via paid ads and long-term search engine optimization of the career portal.

The decision whether one or even both disciplines come into question is to be judged very individually! One thing is with everyone Measures im Recruiting very important: the right success control! Above all, Google Adwords offers a strong “Adwords Conversion Tracking”. Solution, using web analysis tools such as Google Analytics should at best be able to evaluate every measure!

Viel Success while optimizing!

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