How do you design one Rede really good? What stylistic devices help that Attention to win the listener? This is about the perfect stylistic device par excellence: Concise metaphors.

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The perfect stylistic device: Concise metaphors

Many of us have already learned that in school: In short, the seasoning is the spice. But also: Metaphors make speeches more vivid. How do they work together?

Quite simply: In the combination of concise metaphors come out. A quasi ideal stylistic device.

Create messages in a contemporary way

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If we one message to the man or the Ms. want to bring, then there are different ways to make it a little more catchy:

  1. On the one hand we give her the right spice by brevity.
  2. And we can clarify important things with metaphors.

Create conciseness by brevity

We produce conciseness when we limit ourselves to the essentials: short sentences, crisp formulations, striking statements.

Here, too, as with other rhetoric tricks, the listenerBrain again Energy and delights in the efficiency of speech. As a result, what is said sticks better.

Central messages crisp packed

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Above all, pour your core messages into short and crisp slogans. Einägigleit is trumps.

As a result, this message has a high probability of being well received, especially by People im Audiencewho attach great importance to conciseness, clarity and brevity.

Brevitas - crisp slogans make an impact

This rhetorical principle is called "Brevitas" and is ideally suited to pour your central messages into short and crisp slogans.

Clarify through metaphors

Comparisons, analogies and metaphors are helpful in understanding. They are structures for understanding and linking things on the basis of what exists.

An example: The new is similar to the known / the new corresponds to the known like this: ...

Looking for comparisons in the lifeworld of the listener

It is important to look for the comparisons in the lifeworld of the listeners. What we learn in early childhood becomes the foundation for more Things to Learn.

New fabric must be attached to the existing one Deselect to be attached. This is the only way to create a stable knowledge network. This is how the neurons in our brain work.

Results of attention research

Attention research can prove that nothing captivates our attention like human faces.

The animated fascinates us more than the inanimate, the moving more than the rigid, the concrete more than the abstract.

Animated faces fascinate more

This principle takes advantage of the rhetorical figure, which transfers the qualities of living beings to inanimate objects, the personification.

Through this personification, even a dry lecture is vivid, original and dynamic - he lives, so to speak.

Rhetorical figures at a glance

Some typical rhetorical figures at a glance:

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