In the past few years, alongside the “normal full-time study”, part-time study forms have come into focus. How practical are these really?

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Studying part-time is “in”

Were workers who, after their day-to-day work, still have a Study pursued, at the beginning of the century still exotic, so this development has fast changed. The distance learning statistics for 2009 show that the limit of 100.000 distance students was broken for the first time.

What is not recorded in the statistics: In addition to the distance students there are still plenty of evening students. Estimated is their number of the same order of magnitude. As a part-time student, you are no longer alone nowadays.

Different forms of study

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Anyone who has ever been involved in a career-accompanying study will soon have noticed that there are different time models. The two most used I would like to explain below:

This is because it does not always lead to an academic degree, such as Diplom, Bachelor or Master. In addition, there are numerous providers who carry out further training courses with certificates. This is not dubious, and these degrees are also recognized by employers, but one can not, for example, equate an advanced degree with an academic degree. The career opportunities are generally better with a diploma, a Bachelor's or a Master's degree or an MBA in their pockets.

What should you pay attention to?

If you are interested in a career-oriented study, you should pay attention to three things:

Further information

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Anyone who is studying for a postgraduate degree should consider carefully whether this form is very difficult to deal with.

Detailed research options for all evening and distance learning courses, especially those with an academic degree, as well as reports on the various providers can be found in the Internet.

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