Richard Branson is considered an exceptional entrepreneur who keeps going through crass Marketing-Actions noticed. But how does it work? Guide to Branson – and how to express your ideas in the Everyday life implement?

Richard Branson's concept for success: leadership with fun and resilience

Richard Branson's Road to Success: Listen, Learn, Laugh, Lead

Leadership is often associated with seriousness and a responsibility that weighs heavily on the shoulders of many managers. This is also due to the fact that in a globalized, rapidly changing environment Economy Change processes must be communicated and carried out for those involved Executives and Employees are not always fun.

Not so with Richard Branson, who has already done a lot in his life: He was editor of a school newspaper, record dealer, airline owner, island owner, balloonist, distributor of space travel for tourists. Accordingly, the management approaches that he, among other things, in a Interview at Bits & Pretzels gave the best, a little different than other managers. And was like this:

Fun as a prerequisite for resilient leadership

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Fun have, just do it: For Branson this is only logical, because for the bon vivant is a Company always also a playground where it's all about gaining exciting experiences and the World to rediscover. Great companies in which employees also want to work can only be created by having fun together.

But fun is much more than a marketing gimmick for employer branding: it also helps to improve leadership. Because mastering challenges with joy in one's own actions is an extremely important aspect when it comes to the necessary as a manager resilience to acquire.

Why resilience is so important for overcoming crises

Resilience is the special ability to survive difficult life situations without lasting impairment. And we need more of it. But what exactly does resilience mean? It is particularly important to deal with each new, unforeseen situation as factually and without Anxiety to evaluate and learn what works for that Future can do better.

To understand that, we have to go deeper Significance enter from resilience. What is meant in this context is that we need a certain psychological resilience in order to survive sudden changes and crises for which we could not prepare. Because one often reacts to crisis situations in an overly emotional manner and with a lot of stress because one does not know the corresponding challenge and therefore has not internalized what needs to be done.

Even small changes to what you are used to can help

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This applies to the personal sphere as well as to global crises. Resilience is now acquired by training for new challenges and the necessary ones steps can then be called up automatically in an emergency, almost like an autopilot. This has a lot to do with habit: In order for this autopilot to be set in motion, the corresponding behavior must be quasi-automated.

Uff, learn something new again? Yes, because even when stress, hectic and Problems are omnipresent, small changes in life such as regular exercise, mindfulness training or meditation are often enough to improve one's own resilience. Things to Learn by the way, so to speak. Or, for example, you keep setting yourself small and big challenges, for example in nature, in order to train your own resilience.

How sport and small changes help to become more resilient

I noticed this in myself when I was hiking long-distance in the Tyrolean Lech Valley: I was still cautious about dividing my strength on the first stages of the 125 km long route. In the further course of the route up to the last stage, which was particularly demanding for me, I became more and more courageous and could also face greater difficulties successfully get over. So long-distance hiking is a good way for me to train resistance.

But why is that? The reason is obvious: With such experiences, it is particularly important to evaluate each new, unforeseen situation as objectively and without fear as possible and to learn what can be done better for the future. A lasting resilience soon develops from mindfulness, which helps to survive difficult life situations without lasting impairment.

Richard Branson's concept for success: leadership with fun and resilience

Leadership Skills Learning from Animals

But there are other exciting approaches to acquiring such leadership skills. For example, in leadership training with animals, which is becoming increasingly popular. This is what we experienced at a seminar in the Ruhr area, where everyone can choose their animal training partner at the beginning of the seminar. It soon became clear that guiding llamas is not that easy: If there is too much pressure, the animals become stubborn. If you just let them do their thing, you won't get anywhere. Actually almost like in everyday working life. Llamas – the ideal sparring partners, um Teamwork to learn?

Beate Pracht and Andrea Eikelmann, who founded the company Prachtlamas in 2007 and for the Idea In any case, they are more than convinced of their idea: "If someone acts insecurely or is distracted and less attentive, then the animals react restlessly and avoid it. Or you do the opposite of that and try to assert yourself in an authoritarian and powerful manner, and then the lamas refuse completely.”

Teamwork with animals: Getting involved and trust counts

Optimal leadership looks different: “If you fully engage with the llamas and are present, they are light to lead and follow with confidence. A Concept, which one on leading from People can transmit,” explains Beate Pracht. The reason: While people always think and evaluate before they act, spiegeln llamas that Behavior and the attitude of their opponent completely unadulterated. "That's why you can learn a lot from llamas about your own behavior in terms of openness and trust," says Pracht.

The company offers team training and burn-out training, events and therapies with animal support in the Münsterland and Ruhr area: five llamas help the seminar participants either to relax or to improve their team skills.

Learning from the psychology of animals for everyday leadership

The idea for this came to the qualified sports scientist Pracht during her work as a sports and movement therapist in a specialist clinic for psychiatry and psychosomatics: "I increasingly had to deal with specialists and managers and with stress-related illnesses like Burnout to do. That showed me that you have to intervene preventively here.”

Pracht had already dealt with studies that showed the use of animals to be very effective in therapeutic Measures certify: “These advantages I then have Team- Transfer and management training courses and supplement them with their own approaches. Llamas, which as pack animals have become experts in coping with stress under high stress over the centuries, are therefore particularly suitable for this. "

4 tips: teamwork and leading animals

Llamas and other animals can help with stress management and leadership roles. You can find out how in detail here:

  1. Willingness to compromise: Does the animal want one thing, you the other? Let him have his way from time to time, eg regular breaks, then you will benefit from it! As beasts of burden, llamas are extremely stress-resistant and therefore also have a calming effect.
  2. Who said that: How does group dynamics work? With llamas, it's not always easy to tell who's in charge! Nevertheless, keep your goal in mind and always make it clear where you want to go. If you steer towards it in a goal-oriented manner - then the others will follow suit.
  3. Be consistent, but without pressure: Lamas and employees cannot always do what they want. Show where to go! But don't pressure yourself. Don't assert yourself in an authoritarian way and with power at all costs.
  4. Empathy and non-verbal communication: Anyone who learns to react to animal signals is also more likely to perceive non-verbal signals in humans. Non-verbal communication helps here, similar to that of colleagues: animals and people communicate with you, even if they don't say anything. You can adjust to that.

This is what science says: Empathy promotes resilience and health

What sounds like a funny idea at first glance has now also been scientifically proven: In numerous studies, researchers have shown that contact with animals also strengthens the experience of emotional closeness and trust in others. For example, those who pay attention to how animals communicate will in future also be more receptive to non-verbal signals in humans.

Demonstrable health effects of animals - especially in cardiovascular diseases - allow the conclusion that empathetic relationships enable a feeling of calm and connectedness that improves the handling of stress. And there is evidence that in people who positive Having contact with animals increases the release of oxytocin, which is associated with psychological states such as love, trust and calm.

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