Resilience is considered important today success for Job, career but also life in general. But what exactly constitutes resilience? Below we will give you an overview of the most important information on the topic and show you how you can improve your own resilience.

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What are the 7 pillars of resilience?

The seven resilience factors were developed by US researchers Dr. Karen Reivich and Dr. Andrew Shatté presented for the first time in her book The resilience factor.

They are based both on the findings of their own long-standing research activities at the University of Pennsylvania and on the work of many other research groups, as well as on the experience gained over ten years in the context of trainings.

Definition of the term

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In the German-speaking area, these factors are repeatedly mentioned under the Term “The Seven Pillars of Resilience” reproduced. In order not to confuse the already knowledgeable reader at this point, I would like to emphasize that although Reivich and Shatté are quoted again and again, these seven factors are very often rendered in a completely wrong way.

Factors which are identified as wrong are, for example, acceptance, leaving the victim role or network orientation.

Behavior or resilience factors?

While it is true that highly resilient People Accept setbacks more quickly, see yourself as a victim less often and seek support from other people, but these are “only” behaviors based on the seven resilience factors defined by Reivich and Shatté.

According to Reivich and Shatté, highly resilient people are characterized in a special way by high values ​​with regard to the following seven factors.

These can be measured using the RFI® (Resilience Factor Inventory) developed by adaptive learning system and further developed continuously through specific training measures and exercises.

The 7 real resilience factors

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I present the 7 real resilience factors to you in a small series on Best of HR -® before. You will get these factors in light found in modified form in every serious scientific contribution.

What exactly is behind each individual factor, I would like to clarify the individual contributions of my series.

How to learn Resiliency

Resiliency, however, is not a goddess that you simply have or not. A study on the subject of resilience, which we conducted in collaboration with the Bertelsmann Foundation, shows that people in the working life can obviously train their resilience against psychological stress.

This often leads to more for those affected Success. Because more resilient people not only prevent burnout symptoms and psychosomatic complaints in this way, but also achieve more often due to their higher resilience leading position.

10 Tips for Resiliency Training

Resilience can be trained in many different ways, as Simone Janson explains in her article 10 tips for resilience, balance and success. For example, by networking with others, a positive perspective on things and also sees crises as opportunities.

A very wonderful one Rede on the subject of resilience in the broadest sense, the American sociologist Brene BrownTalk held in Houston: She talks about making people their own weakness and accept vulnerability, i.e. be resilient, become more successful in life and also cope better with setbacks.

Resiliency in company practice

But resilience does not just have a personal component. Also for Company it is increasingly important resiliente, that is to say, psychologically more resilient and more efficient employees.

And you need this Employees not only with appropriate psychological Methods recognize but also Maintain resilience and develop, Finally, the corporate cultures have to change as well.

Top books on the subject

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