Recruiting - IT specialists desperately wanted: 5 tips for better personnel search

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Companies, craft businesses, doctors - they are all looking for qualified personnel. What is often forgotten in many HR campaigns: it is important to reach the right target group.

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ITler annoyed by staffers

Recently at a start-up event: I complained to a young developer, by the way, that he was permanently employed by a group: "Oh these stupid HR staff, they annoy you at Xing with your inquiries, you can't get rid of them!"

What I keep finding: many Companies are desperately looking for IT professionals and launch the craziest marketing campaigns. What you often forget paradoxically: taking the perspective of your target group.

Many IT positions remain vacant

A labor market survey by the IT industry association BITKOM shows, for example, that around 55.000 IT positions are vacant each year in Germany alone. According to the Association of Management Consulting and Information Technology of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, 61.000 people work as self-employed persons in the IT sector in Austria. Several thousand IT positions are vacant in this country. Depending on the source, the estimates vary between 3.000 and 5.000.

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It is no wonder that quite a few headhunters try to address potential candidates via social networks - and get them to change jobs. Active sourcing, as this method is called, is popular, but not without controversy among experts, precisely because of its relevance to data protection law. There are other reasons for the fact that HR developers are now a red flag for many developers: the way they are addressed. Because that should be coherent!

Coherent targeting? Nothing!

Being coherent does not mean large-scale posters with code formulas that lead to an application page - a campaign that the Düsseldorf company Trivago recently carried out and which at most caused a sneering grin in the target group. Rather, it is about the overall way in which you communicate with potential applicants.

There are investigations: For a study, the Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) of the University of Bamberg together with the career platform Monster interviewed the top 1.000 companies and the 300 largest companies in the IT industry in Germany. The results were compared with the results of the usage behavior and the assessments of more than 2.800 candidates.

Annoyed IT experts

The survey with regard to the approach of applicants shows: IT professionals in particular are annoyed by human resources or headhunters, because they receive too many uninteresting inquiries with inappropriate, standardized speeches or even fear that their current employer gets along with them. As a result, two out of ten applicants shun the channel in the future, 16 percent delete corresponding messages unread and especially men talk bad about spammers. No good self-marketing for companies looking for employees.

The development platform Stack Overflow annually polls 100.000 developers from 183 countries and regions about their education, future plans, preferred technologies, and expectations of their jobs and employers. Salary is a high priority for most respondents, but flexible working hours, work-life balance and opportunities for development also play an important role for developers in choosing their employer.

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Dear Personaler: Please less desperate!

Here, too, the speech is crucial, as Stefan Schwarzgruber, responsible for the business development in the DACH market at Stack Overflow, explains: "Basically, developers and recruiter are different types of people, according to the survey, 12 percent of developers recruiter even annoying." Who wants to win developers Therefore, he had to take a close look at previous projects and refer to them in his letter. "The candidate should realize that you attach importance to his work and person. Flawed marketing address alla, Coding-Guru Wanted 'brings rather little. Better: to deal specifically with the job description, remuneration and the experience of the preferred candidate, "Schwarzgruber recommends.

It is possible, however, that the suffering of finding IT specialists is not high enough for many companies: I am just thinking of the excited discussion about the IT entrepreneur Illja Maditsch, a doctorate in virology, computer scientist and founder of the research network Research- gate. He had attended a meeting and photo session of the Digital Council with Chancellor Angela Merkel in shorts and Superman caper. If Mr. Maditsch had appeared so for a job interview - probably defied some alleged shortage of personnel some human resources managers would have sorted him out.

Discussion topic training and further education

Education and training opportunities are also a constant topic of discussion among employers. Because they often want to invest as little as possible in the further development of their IT employees, for fear that the competition will then poach them. At the same time, however, initiative is underestimated: More than 90 percent of the developers surveyed state in the stack overflow survey that they have taught themselves new programming languages, frameworks or tools outside of their formal training.

This also makes sense, because as fast as technology develops today, it doesn't find its way into any curriculum. However, German employers in particular find it difficult to recognize alternative educational paths such as onlineCourses and programming experience equivalent to their degree. This would significantly increase your pool of candidates. As long as companies operate with such blind spots in recruiting, the shortage of skilled workers does not seem to be large enough.

5 tips for correctly addressing IT specialists online

The right approach is particularly important on the Internet. 5 tips on how to do this better. Because: there are many possibilities. You just have to know them!

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  • There are many ways to search for personnel online: find out in advance which network is right for your target group. Specialist forums and business networks are more suitable for more qualified applicants.
  • Orientate yourself to the prevailing communication culture: Business networks are, for example, more formal than private networks. Remember that most participants are interested in an open exchange of information.
  • Always use your own name: It may seem more inconspicuous if you want to get to know applicants anonymously in discussion groups. But especially if you are looking for personnel, you should always use your own name - otherwise it can be embarrassing!
  • Maintain your contacts: Networking does not mean that you can find what you are looking for. A network has to develop in the long term. Often enough, suitable applicants are only made aware of recommendations from the network
  • Allow time. Don't think you can get started and find the right candidate right away. Activities in social networks are complex. If you don't have enough time yourself: hire experts.

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