Nowadays that is Reset to certain processes or connections to the fourth factor of production - in addition to work, land and Capital - become. This is where the information broker's job begins.

Job profile! Information broker: knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

For example, how does a politician who wants to be re-elected, or a manager who is in his Company a new Technology wants to introduce, to the relevant information that will enable him to make his decisions on a secure footing and possible risks to keep calculable? First of all he will realize that he is a Problem has. Because this problem usually consists of simply not knowing enough about the matter at hand, one speaks of an information problem. And in order to solve this, he needs someone who knows his way around and who can provide him with the necessary information: an information broker.

Information broker applies, like everything somehow related Internet has to do as hipster Job. But if the impression is sometimes given, everyone Boy, computer freaks who are willing to take risks can get rich by hunting for data, so it should be noted that professional information broking is not feasible without well-founded technical and methodical knowledge.

You also have to consider that information research can increasingly be carried out by the end user thanks to better and better software, and that the operation of the databases is becoming ever more uncomplicated. So anyone who becomes a freelance information broker should only do so in connection with a technical specialization. In this case, the processing useful take place, only then can “added value” be created for which the Customer also willing to pay.

The importance of the internet is growing

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And especially those Significance of the internet is growing. The Germans are spending more and more Zeit online: This means that media consumption continues to rise and the Internet has meanwhile established itself as number three among the daily updated media. A symbol of media use will recede into the background in the next few years: the couch potato. Excessive TV viewing is indeed crystallizing as a phenomenon of older target groups and People with less Education out.

The couch potato is being replaced by a “stand-up consumer” who wants to have the entire range of content available at any time and anywhere. This approach to media is currently finding its way into younger target groups, but will also conquer the everyday habits of the majority of media users within the next five to ten years. With 120 minutes a day, 14- to 19-year-olds already spend more time on the Internet than watching television (100 minutes) or listening to the radio (97 minutes). Multimedia applications, especially videos on the Internet, are particularly attractive to young people: 92 percent of young people access videos and watch live or delayed television programs on the Internet.

Media industry in transition

Therefore, new communication and marketing channels are required: It is no longer just a question of the customers persuade them to buy a product with advertising. Modern media service providers have to move away from the idea that they simply convey knowledge and information to their customers. Much more need Corporate communicate with your customers, get ideas from them and create new ones together with the customer ideas develop. Web 2.0 is the Internet of user-generated content and many media companies are already betting successfully to this Strategy.

Bildzeitung asks its customers to act as reader reporters by taking snapshots with their cell phones or cameras. The photos can then be sent in or uploaded via email or MMS. The newspaper pays 500 euros for every photo printed nationwide. BILD pays 100 euros for each photo that is printed in a regional form by BILD. Publications on the Internet are free of charge. You may think what you want of this idea: From a business perspective, Bild increases its reach in a cost-effective way through this user-generated content.

A dramatic turning point is taking place in the media sector. Because until recently there was one in the media world klare Separation: here the passive users, there the media system that feeds the users with information. The so-called social web, the hands-on internet, has this Structure broken up - this and will have far-reaching effects far beyond the borders of the Internet in the coming years.

Specialists asked

And it is precisely this development that gives rise to many new job descriptions and business ideas such as online shops, cooporate bloggers, information agencies, internet service providers, regional social networks, price search engines, Online-Specialist magazine for a niche topic, opinion forum, publisher of e-books, audio book maker, video blogger, PR copywriter.

But one has better chances with a specialization: Information brokers will be in great demand in the health sector in the future: Health information is not only in greater demand by consumers, but also by doctors, physiotherapists, etc. Even more: In a decentralized and globalized health market, the topicality and barrier-free availability of health information will themselves be key markets. An information broker in this field will work on health portals that provide large amounts of information in a very short time

need to evaluate and communicate time. Also, he will be a mix of health professionaland IT- have to be a specialist, because only with this profile can the huge amounts of information be adapted to the different needs of the users.

What exactly does the work look like?

Information brokers research specialist information, evaluate it and present it to their superiors or customers. They are therefore information collectors who are usually specialized in one or more subject areas. They work primarily with the help of the Internet and special databases, but also access information in archives and libraries. Information brokers must therefore have an overview of the entire range of online and offline databases or conventional data pools in the respective specialist area for sure research in a wide variety of systems.

Information brokers mostly research economic specialist information such as market and industry analyses, company profiles and financial information. They select the information relevant to their respective clients and in this way optimize the flow of information. If necessary, they process the data digitally, draw up Pressspiegel, reports or summaries in German and English. This all assumes a good Vocational Training and the relevant ones with expertise in the respective field.

A bottled water producer would like to obtain current market data in order to compare itself with its competitors. The information broker can provide a wealth of facts within a few hours with the help of printed industry overviews, but above all via online databases and from the Internet: market size, market development, sales of the most important bottlers in Germany and internationally, competitor analysis, advertising expenditure, sales channels , Per-Head-Expenditure on mineral water, expenditure on non-alcoholic beverages, demand forecasts, trends, e.g. for reusable packaging and printed life cycle assessment.

How do information brokers work?

Information brokers usually work for database providers, market, industry and financial analysts and credit agencies. They can also work for advertising agencies, law firms and publishers of specialist magazines.

If you are involved in company projects, you can also set up and update internal information systems (information management), work as a management, IT or technology consultant and create online concepts (e.g. for publishers). Tasks belong. They can also be responsible for gathering information within a company.

They are specialists in dealing with databases and data networks. They prove their communication skills both in discussions with customers and in professional presentations of the results. As they often research internationally, a good knowledge of English is required. In order to keep up with the rapid development in the network, information brokers regularly receive further training.

Requirements, business start-ups, training and further education

In order to be able to carry out this activity, an apprenticeship or training course is usually required. Further Training in the field of information management or documentation or a university degree with a corresponding focus is required. Further information: German Society for information science and information practice eV

As an information broker, you are freelance. This means that you only need a tax number from the tax office. A business registration is not required.

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