appropriate Employees to find people who do great work, ins Team fit and stay in the long term, that is the requirement for HR employees. Just in the IT it's difficult - also because developers often tick completely differently. 7 tips on how to advertise your job forms.

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Job offers are applications from the developer

Through our daily interactions with developers, we know that most are not actively looking for a new job. You have to be convinced of a change. The job posting becomes a Application at the developer. For this reason, you can't leave a line unused and, above all, you have to show that you are familiar with the Job and the Working world the developer knows.

Has a Candidate the feeling that you don't know your way around, he suspects you of just hiding behind empty phrases or is even bored reading your advert, your chance is wasted.

7 Tips for compelling job offers from developer

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By day Communication between the HR department and developers in particular repeatedly leads to difficulties, we have 7 tips for convincing ones below Jobs compiled from a developer's point of view.

  1. How to start a good job posting? But how do you start a good job ad? The first step in the search for candidates is always to define the requirement profile precisely: what are we looking for, what does the new entry have to bring? Which qualifications are not compulsory but only desirable advantages? Once you know who you are looking for, put yourself in the position of the reader - what arguments do you provide that lure you into a new career path in your business?
  2. Do not use generic job titles: By this we mean general and meaningless titles. The title of the advertisement must immediately make it clear which position with which level of experience and which specification, ie programming language, is sought. Names like "Rockstar", "Ninja" or "High-Performer" have no place in an advertisement. The focus can also be specified, such as fintech or mobile developers. Like many others, developers have little time and scan ads rather than taking the minutes to read them. It is important to clearly state what is being sought.
  3. Dispense with phrases and marketing language: Do not explain to the developer what a developer is doing. Specifically, this means: No phrases and not too exaggerated marketing language. The fact that “digitization has arrived” gives the reader the impression that your company is just taking on the topic instead of being at the forefront. Rather express yourself artificially and write it as if you wanted to explain the job to a colleague or a friend. Authenticity is the key to the job interview, which is what you expect from applicants in the job interview.
  4. Avoid a too small circle of applicants: Niche technologies are very valuable and experts in certain areas are scarce. But do not limit your search for these employees yourself by writing only this rare technology in your listing. A very good developer knows how to get used to new languages ​​quickly. Even if the candidate is not perfect in your eyes, you can invest in the new employee's training and build it up.
  5. No spongy job descriptions: It is important that you describe the actual tasks and how the applicant's skills fit into the advertisement and do not write inaccurately about any “exciting challenges” or “innovative technologies”. Instead, speak in your advertisement about everyday work and the specific challenges that your company has. Which tasks are routine, what will the potential new entrant deal with on a daily basis, what are his special tasks?
  6. Refrain from repetitions: All too often it happens that one is repeated in the text and expresses only differently what has already been written. Instead, take advantage of the limited space and emphasize more specifically what their company offers the applicant and do not write down on what any other company has. Use the space to work out the benefits of employment in your company. Are there further training opportunities or time for your own projects? This is something convincing!
  7. Let other developers read the text: At the end, a tip: Let an employee from your team read your text. Best a developer or future colleague. Does he understand what it is? If he would apply for the job, you did everything right.

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