We learned to develop and refine our language. We have learned to hide behind beautiful words. But we have forgotten how to integrate our bodies naturally into ours Communication to integrate.


Deliberately suppress feelings?

On the one hand we suppress certain movements, on the other hand we consciously promote muscle movements whose Effect seems positive to us - a typical example is smiling - always and everywhere.

What we overlook: Our word language is created by our language center in the Brain controlled, which is located in the right hemisphere of the brain. Put simply, this part of the brain is responsible for all logical and analytical connections.

Body language from the belly

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In contrast, the body language so to speak, “from the gut”, as a stimulus-reaction language without a logical structure. Therefore, it cannot be influenced by grammar rules and spelling reforms.

Every person has their own and varied means of expression, which we often try to change. Instead of cultivating this most international of all languages, we try to suppress, change and close them manipulate.

Use body language more successfully?

Many participants in rhetoric seminars want to learn how to use their body language more successfully. Typical “loser signals” should disappear and the superior language of the winners should replace them. The competition is tough and every advantage is right.

Not only top managers and politicians have recognized this trend - no life situation is spared by "tips on the right body language".

The body can only be manipulated to a limited extent

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Sometimes, however, the shot goes backwards. Despite all the great efforts, the body plays a trick on us. It can only be manipulated to a limited extent. Feelings can not be completely suppressed, even if they do not fit into the image. They come to the surface exactly when they are least likely to penetrate the outside.

We always compare this in our seminars with a huge water ball, which can be kept under the water surface even with effort. Woe, if he gets us out and comes out uncontrollably!

Training can help

Admittedly, with some training, some parts of our body can be "mastered" quite well. Especially our face, it is also very close to the “control center brain”! It gets a little more difficult the further away from the “command point” body language takes place.

Especially our legs, we often have not quite under control. For political discussions on television, the tables are therefore usually even covered down. The picture more convincing sovereignty should not be clouded!

The legs in the handle?

A look at the feet and legs of the persons involved is very informative:

What does it matter to analyze body language?

The recognition and use of such contradictions in the course of the conversation is the content of many training courses. Every possible movement of a potential opponent is analyzed, broken down and examined for contradictions. So we try, every little one lie to expose.

However, we forget that only the overall picture of all body language expressions of the other allows a conclusion. The hotter one Conversation, a discussion or a negotiation, the more difficult it is for us to consciously translate body language. It is simply a language of the subconscious and eludes our conscious access.

All attempts to manipulate our non-verbal expressions create ours in the recipient message a certain picture: “There is someone who wants to hide something. He tries with his hands and feet to fool me!"

If perfection makes you suspicious

This realization does not occur consciously, it becomes subconscious as Information processed and forms the foundation for building a conversational barrier. We retreat, be careful.

All the perfectly acting ones People in the media and at election events make us suspicious at some point because they deny their “authenticity” verlieren. This is precisely the point that many public figures today overlook.

winners signals

Politicians who depend on electorate favor want to use all means to present themselves favorably. Body language determined by marketing strategies should not be missing. But not everyone succeeds as well as Johann Strauss Sohn, who played his violin before Spiegel and before an imaginary Audience practiced.

Not only did he find his personal note as a stand-up violinist, he also knew how to lead the orchestra almost exclusively through his rapid and far-reaching movements.

Man remains on the line

In all these efforts, the real person with all his corners, edges and feelings is left behind. Instead of beliefs, “winning signals”. We all have very fine sensors when the language of the body doesn't match the language of the word.

Like a badly dubbed movie, we either lose interest or we withdraw from the conversation.

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