change required change – and often resembles a balancing act. Because about the success of new ideas decides a quick Implementation. And this is only possible with motivated managers and employees.

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Recession activates changes

The specter of the recession haunts ominously on the horizon and in the minds of those responsible. Economic stimulus programs are tinkered with in order to prevent a downward movement and the economic Set to be reached undamaged as possible.

But ideas for reorientation are doomed to fail if they are not implemented out of conviction. entrepreneur, Executives and project managers are required to realign their leadership behavior and with their thinking, innovative ideas and their actions Future to shape positively.

The manager becomes a leadership coach

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It's a portion Courage to dare the paradigm shift in order to slip from the client into the role of the contractor as a manager. But swapping the usual roles is an innovative possibility Employees to motivate.

As a service provider to its employees, the executive thus puts on the hat of a coach. He is no longer direct and by instruction, but is the employee adviser, supportive and coaching aside.

Dare to try

The "serving" attitude of the executive towards the employees releases unfamiliar energies and reaction forces that are not activated in the "normal" relationship to each other, but are made possible only by the exchanged positions.

This leadership approach requires a fundamental rethink and cannot be done overnight. But with an honest will and some training you can grow into the new role. It's worth trying.

Communication as a basis

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A detailed Communication with the employees forms the basis for the work of the management coach. Special Significance comes to feedback discussions. Here, too, a reversal takes place.

It is not just the manager who gives the employee Feedback, but also the employees of the manager. The feedback in both directions has a productive influence on the work of everyone involved. How the coach's work can be improved is discussed, as is the professional and personal development of each individual employee.

Which values ​​are important for the employees?

If you want to lead in a value-oriented manner, you should understand the core values ​​of the People, with which company goals are to be achieved together. These are very different.

Digital Natives are driven by different values ​​than baby boomers, curious ones Young Professionals of different beliefs than sated late fifties. And: Not all members of a generation tick in the same way or even in a similar way. There is potential in diversity that needs to be awakened and used.

Filter out key values

A value meeting helps to track the core values ​​of the entire team. Each employee formulates his five most important values ​​and the three biggest unworthiness, which he rejects vehemently. The manager is also involved in this process.

In a joint evaluation and discussion, the most important can be derived from the multitude of values ​​by prioritizing, selecting and excluding. This will cause employees and leaders to adopt old values ​​and add new ones by consensus. Finally, key values ​​crystallize out of this list of values: the canon of values ​​behind which everyone can stand and which drives everyone.

Linking the values ​​with the corporate reality

To succeed, the canon of values ​​must be linked to the reality of the company. The value "courage" is translated into the requirement "error culture". Courage in the context of a company means "constructively dealing with mistakes" and as a management principle, for example, a decentralization of responsibility and the dismantling of hierarchies.

Value-based management is an ongoing process in which value meetings are regularly repeated and the value debate must be continued on a continuous basis.

Convincing in an implementation-oriented manner with 4K statement technology

In order to achieve corporate goals, it is crucial for upcoming changes that Team to motivate and involve from the start. Informative transparency is of enormous importance to convince the employees.

  1. Core message: Clearly worded, it is associated with rational and emotional benefits. The employees want to know what the issue is and where the new change wind will lead them to.
  2. concrete: What exactly does the new goal mean? What does it bring to the individual in detail, for their jobs, for their activities, for them personally? It also addresses negative aspects and potential stumbling blocks. Arguably well-prepared for possible resistance, concerns can be dispelled at an early stage. The individual value and emotion systems of the employees are included.
  3. Context: The connection must be recognizable and understandable. Why is the new goal so important for the company, the department, the employees? The positive consequences of the change can be linked to employee expectations: "We are creating / securing your jobs where you can optimally use your skills." The necessity and meaningfulness of the change is clearly shown, especially the emotional why.
  4. consequences: Every employee has to feel that it is worthwhile for him to get involved in the change. If the consequences are shown concretely, they have the opportunity to identify with the project objective and to get involved.

Implement instead of fail

Agile management coaches, who motivate their employees in an appreciative manner, and recognized employees who unite in their actions Sinn see, can move a lot together and successfully implement new ideas. According to the motto “implement instead of fail”, a change is just a new challenge for them.

If changes are made actively, they do not pose a threat. Rather, they present an opportunity for new thinking and doing.

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