If you are looking for a job, you need one thing above all: a meaningful, well-structured CV. We show in 6 steps what is important.

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A good resume makes the difference

Sometimes it's bewitched: you tried so hard on the last one Application given - and still you didn't get the great job. Now it says: "Continue and not that Courage verlieren!” Here you can find out what really belongs in a good and professional CV. Because who looks good and contemporary merchandise can has many advantages.

It doesn't matter which job you are applying for – you always need a CV. But in the meantime it is no longer enough to simply list all the stages of a professional career one after the other. There are some things to consider that will affect your chances of getting the job you want clear increase. A good resume is for the active Job Search also and especially in times of digitization very useful. Whether it should be printed out or made available as a correctly exported PDF depends on the respective tender.

What should the CV do?

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Although the CV in an application folder is only after the Write to arranged, but it is at least as large Significance. You should not underestimate this part of the application and here is the necessary one awareness let rule. The Objective The purpose of the curriculum vitae is to use the background to make it clear what experience you have already gained in your professional career. And it doesn't matter whether you just finished school, that Study or the Vocational Training finished or want to change employers.

To get to the next level of the application ladder, the job interview, a professional CV – or Curriculum Vitae – is of great importance. Find out here HR at a glance, which professional stations you have already completed and what skills and Competencies you can show.

What belongs in a resume? Use standardized structure

To the decision-makers so light As possible, there is a standardized structure that you can make even more attractive with a little skill. There are numerous resume templates for this purpose Pattern im Internet. There are also service providers who help with CV design. The placement of the current photo should be noted at the beginning. If you use a cover sheet, the photo will find its place directly there. Without a cover sheet, the photo belongs on the top right of the CV. The application photo should definitely be a recent and professional photo.

So that you don't get lost in the plethora of applications, the cover letter and résumé must be really good and professional. Above all, this includes establishing a link to the company's job advertisement. If you have written a speculative application, put the link to your skills and the position you want. If you do not do this, there is a high probability that those responsible will put your application aside. But to creative and extraordinary should your resume not be again, otherwise it falls too far out of the ordinary.

Convince with the right content: Your CV will be noticed positively

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So that means your resume is updated and tailored to the job you want. Do not only state the requirements and activities of the job in the cover letter, but also include them in your résumé. For example, describe that you have already carried out the required activity, the special program or the task at the previous employer or that you have acquired a special qualification for it. These relevant points show the HR manager and Executive right from the start that you have the necessary knowledge for the job.

Professional successes also have a right to be mentioned in the CV. After all, the decision-makers want to see what added value they see when they look at the documents Candidate for the Companys can offer. By specifically mentioning achievements, you can ensure that your merits are seen.

Structure and content of the curriculum vitae

Another important aspect is the right one Structure. The main focus is on clarity. However, the content is just as important, i.e. the complete and correct reproduction of the information you have given about yourself, your professional career and other personal components. In order to make the CV as clear as possible, the following criteria should be met:

1. All sections with appropriate headings

All sections should have appropriate headings, beginning with the main heading "CV". This includes the following personal information:

Optionally, the contact details and address can already be given here.

The next section of the list is the professional career, which you again provide with the appropriate heading. You should definitely note that the stations

2. In reverse chronological order

All stages of the curriculum vitae should be listed in reverse chronological order. The HR manager or the future boss can see at a glance the current situation or the most recent job as well as your professional experience.

3. Clear structure

Create an overview for yourself with the help of a good structure, which you fill in depending on the job advertisement. With additional qualificationsthat are helpful for the advertised job, you can collect plus points from the decision-makers. The following sequence has proven itself:

  1. Personal information about the person
  2. Professional background
  3. School education and professional education
  4. Further developments
  5. Knowledge and skills or additional qualifications
  6. EDV-Kenntniss to
  7. Commitment and hobbies

Depending on your personal situation, you can of course vary or remove the points. For example, if you do not do voluntary work, you need the point Commitment neither. Language skills or additional qualifications can also be combined if required. Which classification suits you the most Sinn depends on your individual career and the position you are aiming for.

4. The conclusion: date and signature

This point is often forgotten, but the product is: In addition to the cover letter, also sign your CV. With the signature you confirm the correctness of the document and the information is given more seriousness. Also welcome are the date and place of the signature, which give the professional CV the finishing touch. For electronically submitted applications, you can scan your signature and sign it digitally. This is now a recognized standard.

5. Honesty in hobby and interests

The rubric “hobbies or interests” is also important. Don't bore the reader with standardized phrases. Perhaps the requirements of the hobby fit, such as Teamwork in sport, also excellent for the advertised job. So it's best to specify your interests.

Another important point is honesty. HR managers have usually already gained a lot of experience with applicants and have therefore experienced a lot in everyday application work. You spot little untruths fast. At the latest in Job Interview Sophisticated questioning techniques can bring this to light. So the recommendation from the start is: close gaps in your CV and be open and Honestly to yourself and your potential new employer.

6. Content and form: What should you pay attention to?

In principle, as is so often the case in life: first impressions count. This also applies to an application and a professionally designed tabular CV. This means that the first thing you notice is the external appearance. An attractive design allows you to stand out from the crowd of your competitors. Put your skills in the limelight. The layout should be well formatted, structured and uniform, but also nice and clear. Choose an appealing layout that is easy to survey and does not come up with colorful pictures and confusing tables. How carefully you design the CV and the rest of the application documents gives potential employers an initial insight into how you work; Care and accuracy are always desirable characteristics.

Avoid spelling and grammatical errors, as these are an absolute no-go for most HR managers, as they also indicate inaccuracy. You may have the opportunity to have friends or relatives proofread your CV. Four or more Eyes are known to see more than two. And all the information you provide must also be consistent and consistent in the associated documents. If you contradict yourself in the course of the application, this can ruin your chances of getting the job.

Conclusion: A current, meaningful curriculum vitae is important

Don't miss the chance. Update your CV to the advertised job description. Make it clear that you have the desired skills or want to acquire them immediately. Be open and honest and explain any gaps in your CV. This will make you stand out among the large number of applicants and get your dream job for sure quickly one step closer.

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