Crises are instructive. Among other things, they make it clear to us that the Success of the team is more important than the individual. Then People are social beings.


What brings me all this?

Isn't it difficult enough to clarify and represent your own interests? Really do it Sinnto take into account those of others? Isn't it much easier to just look at yourself according to the motto: “When everyone thinks of themselves, everyone is also thought of!”

Granted, alterocentering can be really exhausting. You keep asking yourself: What does all this bring me? Caught. The last question must be: What does all this bring us? Some of the answers lie in the beginnings of human history:

1. Together, more successful

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Even then, an individual would have been hard pressed to hunt alone. The prospect of rich prey in the group was significantly greater, which is why the ability to cooperate was formed. These days you probably will not hunt with your neighbor to get your dinner.

But what do you do when you have an urgent Problem and need someone to talk to? Aren't you also happy when your counterpart, your partner, your Training has an open ear for you?

2. Alterocentricity promotes good health

"The good deed", namely the alterocentrization, not only promotes understanding, understanding and relationship, it also promotes one's own Health.

Listening to another, paying attention to their desires and needs getting involved often means more than a thousand words. Give your partner a smile too. Your partner will feel that you take them seriously and value them. He will be happy to approach you and the Contact us are looking for you - and also gladly with you Shops . make

3. The soft success factors

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Alterocentricity, sympathy and empathy are “soft” success factors. It's also a good feeling when I know that my partner is giving me his best trust. At the same time, you benefit from it yourself, because a smile relaxes and builds Stress and releases valuable happiness hormones. Acting in an altero-centric manner is worth it!

openness to Opinions Your conversation partner and consideration for his situation signal understanding and sympathy. Your partner feels that you are in good hands with you and is more likely to agree to your suggestions than if he or she feels left out, not heard or seen, or spoken to against the wall.

4. Negotiate successfully

But that's not all: Alterocentration will also help you to negotiate faster Objective. Do not you believe? Then consider this:

Nobody likes to cooperate or contract with people who only know about their concepts, ideas and imaginations talk and yours Ask, interests and needs simply ignored.

5. Mastering challenges better

Your manager asked you for a Presentation to keep. OK, you will think and still read fast those studies, that one essay, ah, there was that one Article in a specialist magazine. Forget it.

If you waste your thoughts less on content, think about it:

6. Convince by alterozentriertes action

Of course, the facts have to be spot on, but you can do most of them in your sleep anyway. you Executive trust you, so why should you doubt yourself? How well you come across will be critical to the success of your presentation.

By acting alterocentrically, you can convince your listeners of yourself. Anyone who gives others the feeling that they can respond to their wishes and feelings is a good listener. Likewise, one is more willing to believe what he says. Sounds practical: act alterocentrically and you will automatically get a higher one Expertise attributed.

7. Gain sympathy

By acting alterocentrically, you can arouse sympathy in your negotiating partners. Or don't you think so too? sympathisch, if her interlocutor responds to her wishes and his whole Attention aimed at you.

If you understand to listen to your partner properly, you will reap friendly looks. In addition, you will be more confident in conversation situations and talk more freely. Altercenterierung helps you to master challenges better. You will see, you will be more likely to forgive a mistake or a stutterer than an egoist who is selfish.

8. There is more in common than the sum of the individual parts

If I pay attention, give egocentricity, show interest, I don't lose anything. Communication is not a zero-sum game: what one gives, the other wins and vice versa. In the worst case verlieren all, possibly in Streit, Fight, attack, armed conflict - at best, everyone wins through 'alterocentration.

Show your openness to your communication partner, get involved in something new. You will be surprised by what previously undiscovered skills come to the fore. You'll see, it's worth it!

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