Recruitment videos are tricky, fast They can be contrived or even ridiculous act and you Objective to miss. If you still want to take the plunge to increase your recruiting and employer branding success, here are 5 tips to help.

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1. Authenticity and information content

The use of Recruiting-Videos is a tool in employer branding and helps to create more dynamics in personnel recruitment. The aim is to strengthen the employer brand, Candidate to address them more directly and dynamically, thus increasing the quality and suitability of the applicants.

Recruiting videos are varied on both the Careerwebsite, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Xing and Facebook and in Online-Job boards can be used. Successful recruiting videos stand and fall with their emotionality. Job seekers don't want empty phrases or advertising testimonials that would heal them Working world pretends that doesn't exist at first glance. Equally out of place are videos that aim to show an artificial or even ridiculous originality that fails to achieve set recruitment goals. First you have to determine which one Style, which content and which message you want to track with the recruiting video.

2. Industries and target group oriented statements

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The design and the statements should be made in line with the sector and the target group. One should try to pack the essential statement in a one-to-two-minute clip and to offer a compact view of the company's workday within a limited period of time.

The recruiting video is mostly then successfully, if it comes up with convincing “leading actors” – i.e. credible employees – and scenes with a realistic insight into their everyday work, tasks, requirements and Industry knows how to convey. Here, subtle music, statements, a pinch of irony or Humour and certainly also a small lapse in variety and entertainment value.

3. Ideas and possibilities

There are Company, which production of recruiting videos in the hands ihrer Employees give and thus achieve even more authenticity. A certain amateur touch increases the realness and authenticity, because recruiting videos that are too professionally created usually look like commercials and verlieren therefore credibility. Employee testimonials are a good way to vividly and exemplarily describe the employee induction phase, a stay abroad, a workshop or a typical task.

Experience reports from trainees who tell how they do it Vocational Training concrete expiration, where they are promoted as feel, what the working atmosphere is like in the company and whether you are supported by managers are other examples. Teams or groups of employees also appear dynamic in certain activities with information content. Testing a video internally and externally can provide more certainty about how it will be received and understood. Concept, goal, format, target groups, core statement, Implementation, emotionality and entertainment elements are keywords for considerations that should definitely be made and observed.

4. The success formula for web videos

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The winning formula for web video is usually: Information paired with a dash of entertainment – ​​short and concise. A recruiting video should also adhere to such specifications. An example of this could be an employee who, after completing an introduction, describes the sense of achievement, ups and downs, incorporates two to three amusing incidents and summarizes the experiences and impressions with a concise conclusion. It is also recommended to add specific topics focus and thus achieve more information content.

That means not singing the praises of the working atmosphere, but presenting two or three employee events that promote it and authentic show or do not describe employee promotions, but interview an employee who recently received an interesting new position as a result. It is useful, examples to choose which den Power of the employer branding and with core statements on the career website and in Jobs correspond.

5. Employees as a key element

The most important element in the recruiting video is the staff. These can be accompanied by the camera team in their daily work or in certain projects and challenges, for example, in striking statements about their job, the tasks, the quality of work, the working atmosphere and the corporate culture. Above all, this is intended to create proximity and credibility by allowing potential applicants to identify with the employees.

A popular means of design is also the tour of a Office , in which the employees themselves and their tasks and Motivation Briefly describe and show and demonstrate using practical examples. The creativity there are no limits - as long as the recordings and statements are credible and do not appear staged and artificial as in a commercial.

This also includes realistic assessments of employees without praise meses but with meaningful statements. Thus, critical aspects of the respective job should be adequately addressed, which can be achieved with a pinch of self-irony and increases the authenticity.

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