Not a few Company invest a lot of effort, Employees to find, but above all to keep. Candidate However, you should pay close attention when assessing employers.

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Change in the job market

"Employers who don't keep up with the times keep up with the times." This comment on a blog article in the recruitment industry spiegelt aptly reflects the current situation on the labor market. The balance of power between employees and employers changes and shifts, in the direction of the employee.

It is not clear from which individual reasons the situation on the labor market is currently changing. As so often, many aspects come together here: demographic, economic, social and technological, which only then bring about a change in interaction.

Digitization also plays an important role here, because the labor market and employers have to adapt to its rapid development. For example, while the proportion of global Internet-users was 1995% in 1, this increased 2014-fold in 41.

Change of values ​​of the applicants

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Google and Facebook are currently considered THE employers par excellence. Playground offices, free food, power-napping rooms and many other tempting offers are provided by the large corporations. But what the average German applicant values ​​these days is the following: a good working atmosphere, flexible working hours and an individual one Work-Life-Balance.

These principles are also part of societal change in terms of employee culture. It's moving toward the belief that when an employee is comfortable and comfortable with their work situation, they work more productively and faster satisfied is. Of course, this also applies to his future prospects, because an ambitious employee would like his employer to show him career prospects, how he can continue in the company and what he can achieve. The salary is secondary at this point, it's about dealing with people.

5 tips - that's what candidates should look for

If you are a candidate looking for a modern employer, there are a few things to look out for.

  1. First of all the research that has to be done on different platforms. On the one hand, one can of course be informed on the company's website and pay attention to the employee friendliness the employer promotes.
  2. But to actually get reviews and employee reviews, you should not forget forums for employer reviews. With the help of the mixture of the self-portrayal of the company and the subjective experiences of some employees, a rather realistic picture of the corporate culture usually arises.
  3. The most important part, however, is still the personal conversation. When you apply to a company for your research and are invited to an interview, your own impression of the people, the environment, and the general atmosphere counts.
  4. Furthermore, at such an appointment, especially if a brief tour of the company is made in this course, you can pay attention to many little things. For example, whether the workstations are ergonomic or by what means the physical and health welfare of the employees is respected.
  5. What is also important is the communicative interaction between the superior and the employee, as well as between the employees.

Create loyalty

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The Problem for employers is also the willing attitude of employees to change companies. Above all Boy At the beginning of their professional life, employees only work for an average of 12 months in a company and 57% of all Germans can imagine changing employers.

The ultimate consequence that employers can take from such numbers is to create loyalty. A change of company has become easier and more socially self-evident in recent years, so that you can emotionally attach your employees to the Company or has to be tied to certain leaders.

Transparent corporate culture

A big point of how loyalty can be achieved is the change the company hierarchy. The top down System is outdated here, a modern employer should offer flat hierarchies and be able to show general transparency.

For example, the numbers that are negative for the company should also be made accessible and it should also be possible to discuss opportunities for advancement. In summary, these aspects mean a cooperative Guide of the employer, which then leads to loyalty among the employees.

Conclusion: It is important that the company is a good fit

As an employee, you are in a good position when skilled workers are desperately needed and many employers make every effort to present their company as attractive. Be it through general transparency, rapid advancement opportunities, flexible working hours or the option to work from home.

But what ultimately counts is that you find the company that suits you Personality fits, because every employee sets different priorities and has individual requirements for his job.

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