Many People are interested in creative professions in the fashion industry, which is why we looked at courses on the subject of fashion.

Fashion in New York

The industry - many opportunities for academics

The fashion and textile industry has undergone a major change in recent years. Due to the globalization many activities, for which no great know-how is important, have been relocated to countries such as China or Bangladesh. This led to an enormous drop in employment in Germany.

Nevertheless, the fashion industry is one of the most sought-after employers. And not without reason: To the Turnover of around 10 billion euros per year increase, is the Industry dependent on professionally trained young people.

Creativity is the key

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In contrast to the non-know-how jobs, especially in academia, there is a high demand for young, passionate employees. Creative Modedesigner are in demand.

But there is also a need for innovative clothing engineers who develop techniques to make a protective suit of the fire brigade even more insensitive to heat but also lighter. In short: in the fashion industry, there are a multitude of exciting fields of activity and jobs waiting for young graduates.

The focus is on the alignment!

Anyone interested in entering the fashion industry must first choose between three possible fields of study decide: Creative, technical or economical?

Each of these three directions has different focuses, different content and offers different career prospects.


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This includes in particular what is probably the best-known course in the field of fashion, namely fashion design. As a result, the influx is also greatest here: at the universities, Art– and universities of applied sciences come partly 10 Candidate on one of the very limited study places.

This high demand is certainly due to the fact that a fashion design Study and the associated hope for a great one Career in the glamor world between the catwalk, models and your own fashion label as a cliché in the minds of applicants.

The study contents include:

Technical courses

TheseCourses, such as textile technology or clothing technology, are mostly heavily geared towards engineering and end with the academic title of “Bachelor of Engineering”. The course content therefore has a large technical component. However, some of them are structured very differently.

Textile technology is concerned, for example, with the development and construction of machines and processes for the production and processing of fibers, yarns and textiles from synthetic and natural raw materials for clothing and technical applications.

The study contents include:

(Business) Economic studies

The fashion management or textile management courses impart Deselect at the intersections of fashion design, textile technology and business administration. This combination of business Basics and textile or fashion-specific content enables the students or graduates to work in a wide range of jobs, for example as a product and collection manager for a fashion chain. Here they are responsible for the conception, manufacture and smooth delivery of a product or collection. The degree is usually a Bachelor of Arts.

Prospects after graduation

The fields of employment after completing a fashion degree are varied. First of all, of course, it depends on which of the above described ways you hit. Graduates of the various fashion courses usually meet again after their studies in different roles and positions, for example at

Depending on how you also set your personal focus during your studies and what practical experience you have gained through internships and co-working, there may of course be other career opportunities outside of this overview.

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