Bosses complain about unmotivated Employees, workers complain about the evil bosses. who wears Debt in the conflicts in Corporate? About the two sides of a medal.

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Bad bosses or unmotivated employers?

Many workers complain about bad bosses, bad mood in the company, bad working conditions.

But is it really only the employer's fault? Or maybe it is not sometimes the employee - as the following example shows.

Application - again not worked

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Ms. Meier has just come from Job Interview and is greeted excitedly by her husband: “And did it work out?” "No, they didn’t want me again.”

Her husband tries to comfort her: “Never mind, tomorrow you have a trial day at the other one Company, that'll be fine." Typical employer!? Why doesn't he give his applicants a chance at all? Read the full story:

Money yes - work - no thanks!

Ms. Meier's trial day went by and they even agreed. So she got an employment contract.

Now you are probably thinking: Well, that's great. Sure - only Ms. Meier sees it completely differently. Because days later she is sitting on her new one Executive opposite to:

I want to, but ...

"I want a job," she complains to him of her suffering. "But ... it's all so much to learn." When asked by her boss whether it was easier in other companies, he was upset:

“No, the last company even wanted to train me, but... that was too far away... and they couldn't tell me whether they would keep me. That's not possible... I have to know if it's worth it... this whole thing Stress... "

Is the effort worth it?

Taking a deep breath, she bursts out: “And I should be able to master a lot in a very short time. I often don't even know how to do it. ”

The boss tries to comfort her: “But it is quite normal that you need a certain amount of time to get used to everything. You need to be in the new one Team prove and the work processes are unfamiliar. "

"Yes, yes, but ...", she puts forward a thousand reasons and also that her nerves cannot stand it.

At thirty, no job yet

The boss knew that she had not been with any employer with her thirty years and according to her testimony there were always others to blame.

He gave everyone their chance. That's why he did it People, who found it particularly difficult to classify, easier. So that Ms. Meier didn't completely overwhelm herself, he deliberately left her in the same work processes longer than usual. But she generously ignored that, too.

Who does not want, finds reasons

Fortunately, she found further reasons for her planned cessation, although now with the other employees. For now it was they who made working in the company impossible.

"I am for surethat you can make it if you hold on for another four weeks. It's a shame about every chance," her boss started the last attempt.

Please do not work overtime

She became insecure and snappy: "I don't really want to work at the weekend and I hardly see my boyfriend anymore and ..."

Aha - these are the real reasons. Now he had lured her out of her. With a clear conscience he let her go now, because that was no longer in his hands.

Workers who do not give themselves a chance

The fact is that Mrs. Meier did not want to give herself a chance. The trial day she had to thank her husband's contacts.

He described the situation in the company as unreasonable. It is likely that she has deceived her husband in this way for years. Who will fail?

Do you know similar cases?

At this point we would like to know about yours Opinions look forward to this and similar cases. In particular to the following questions:

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