Impulse control is an important aspect when it comes to Set to reach. But that's exactly what a lot of people have People a Problem. What do successful people do better?

impulse control

Impulses are not always goal-oriented

You may remember the final of the World Cup, France versus Italy, in Berlin, it was a while ago. Zinédine Zidane is insulted in the worst possible way by his opponent Materazzi, goes back to him and gives him a brutal headbutt in the chest.

In this situation, he had neither his emotions nor his impulses below Control. And what do we learn from this?

Always keep an eye on the target

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What is important here is to see that this behavior is complete clear of his goal, that is, of his Success achieved: winning the World Cup in the last game of his career.

Perhaps you are one of the people who say: “Done right! Finally someone who doesn't put up with anything ”, and maybe this attitude stems from the fact that you would actually like to do something like this yourself, but always have to hold back.

The problem with control loss

In my work as a sports psychologist, I myself have asked numerous professional team athletes what their Opinions and I can guarantee you one thing: I have not met an athlete who would have understood this gesture.

There was not one who did not say: “He would have got really into trouble in the cabin because we probably lost the game because of that. He was no longer under control. ”

A question of discipline

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Highly resilient people know how to effectively control their first impulses, especially in pressure situations. This is not only in situations of strong emotions Significance, but also in our everyday life.

Therefore, impulse control is not to be equated with emotion control, as one might assume at this point. Impulse control can also be used with the well-known and not very popular word Discipline to be translated.

Resilience means keeping focus

Because highly resilient people are in an excellent position to work in a concentrated and attentive manner on a task and not constantly distract themselves from others Tasks, ideas Or get people distracted.

They also consistently pursue their goals, get things done and, in turn, gain a positive feeling of how Satisfaction or pride in having accomplished something.

Get things fixed - thanks to impulse control

Do you know this situation in which you want to close your e-mail program just before the end of the day and see that there are still three e-mails that you can not remember? Or that you are frustrated at the end of the day because you feel you have not achieved or completed anything?

This is exactly why impulse control is in ours Working world of highest importance. Especially when we are pursuing tasks that don't bother us that much Fun do, and these are part of working life, nowadays it is extremely easy to follow your first impulse.

The possibilities to be distracted have never been so great

First read the email that just came in, the phone rings, I'll go fast turn, the colleague takes a coffee break and invites you to go along, long time no facebook or checked it out on XING. The chances of getting distracted have never been so great.

yes, ours World has become more networked and therefore more complex and many researchers claim, as I said, that this is exactly what makes us ill and leads to burnout.

Burnout prevention through impulse control

I claim that it is not the complexity that makes us sick, but the way we treat it. Professor Fredmund Malik, one of the leading management thought leaders of our time, presents the following provocative, but also very relevant thesis in his book “Leading, Achieving, Living” on page 325:

“Almost all of the often discussed side effects of intensive work and professional pressure such as Stress, hustle and bustle, damage to health and many family quarrels can be traced back, I claim, to deficiencies in the way of working. You don't get sick like that from a lot of hard work light. You get tired of that. You get sick from inefficient, pointless and fruitless work.”

Be more aware of complexity

So in our modern lifeworld, we have to learn to deal with all the complexity more consciously and maybe even give up the grip on the BlackBerry or the iPhone in order to really complete a task.

Highly resilient people do not have to learn this anymore because they already have that ability in them and draw a great sense of satisfaction from it.

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