Many People interested in a Study abroad, but it is important to be aware of the complications this entails in terms of recognition of study achievements can entail.

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What are the advantages of studying abroad?

Most German universities have been offering courses abroad since the mid-XNUMXs. Aside from the very first experiences, this has since become an increasingly popular option. Nowadays there are many reasons to study abroad, for students, for Professoren and for the state. There are many reasons. This includes the educational advantages of an international degree, the opportunity to get to know cultures other than German or to learn another language. Students can often combine their studies with language training by obtaining a degree abroad. This is one of the reasons why the number of German students studying abroad is steadily increasing.

Studying abroad has also long been considered a way of gaining a head start on admission to a top university. It offers valuable experience, contacts and reference points that are invaluable in the competitive job market. However, it's also an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

The problem of the recognition of academic achievements

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A common one Problem in the international area, however, the recognition of degrees or even just academic achievements. Students have to prove the achievements they have made abroad, and this is not always an internationally recognized one qualification or a degree. It is also particularly difficult if the residence permit is also at stake in addition to the certificate of study.

Studying abroad for a year or more can also be an exciting and daunting experience. It is not surprising that many students are reluctant to have this experience, especially if they are not prepared for it. One of the biggest challenges for students applying for study abroad decide, is the financial aspect. While it is possible that Costs by applying for a scholarship, but there are still numerous other costs that students must manage.

The decisionGoing abroad for an academic degree is therefore still a difficult decision, even though nowadays there are more opportunities to study abroad than ever before.

11-point checklist for the recognition of exams and degrees abroad

The best way to deal with the problems that arise is to make sure that students know about the subject. We have therefore put together this checklist for the recognition of academic achievements.

  1. Which students want to have study achievements from abroad recognized? Most foreign students are Erasmus students who want to do their master's degree or a doctorate in Germany. In addition, there are also German students who have taken part in the Erasmus program abroad and then come back.
  2. How important is the Erasmus + program in this? Very important, because Erasmus and now Erasmus + has made studying abroad a lot easier. Still there are problems, but they are not insoluble.
  3. Are foreign Erasmus students interested in improving their language skills? Not only. If it were only about language acquisition, it would be easier to certify achievements. But many foreign universities have strict requirements for their students to complete certain courses. Sometimes their language skills are not enough, because you have to be able to follow theCourses to get a graded certificate. Most of the time we are accommodating in such cases, and hardly anyone has gone home without a proper permit.
  4. What are the motives of German students going abroad? The universities do not tell students what to do abroad. However, many want to find out more about the recognition of achievements. It is advisable to write a term paper, even if this is not provided for in the study regulations of the foreign university. According to the conviction of the German universities, students learn most through homework. Often, however, oral exams are also recognized as achievements. But this is not the case at all institutes.
  5. Where do the students come from who are aiming for a master's degree or a doctorate in Germany? Most of them are from Eastern Europe, already have a degree and work, for example, as a German teacher. A German master's degree or a doctorate improves career opportunities in your home country. These students are already well informed about Germany and its higher education system and often, but not always, speak excellent German. On the other hand, people rarely come from Western European countries.
  6. How do universities proceed with the recognition of academic achievements abroad? There is no guideline for recognition. The responsible academic advisors look at the documents, determine which services have already been performed, which ones still need to be performed, and then classify the people accordingly. Anyone who has already completed a degree abroad is usually placed in the main course here. The final decision on the classification is usually made by the dean of studies.
  7. What problems arise with the crediting of study achievements? A course in German, for example, is often structured very differently abroad than in Germany. Most of the students have a good knowledge of linguistics, but have attended comparatively few literary studies seminars. Others have not yet obtained a Latinum or still have to take Middle High German courses so that they can register for a Magister or doctorate. Acquiring additional language skills, such as the Latinum, is particularly difficult for foreign students, but must be if the examination regulations stipulate this.
  8. What is the recognition of academic achievements within the EU? Some universities have special agreements with foreign partner universities, ie German universities recognize the performance of the partner university as practically equivalent and vice versa. If there is such an agreement, even a diploma or master’s degree can be recognized. If not, the universities first have to laboriously classify.
  9. What are the advantages of the ECTS when it comes to grading? The credit points system makes it extremely easy to recognize academic achievements abroad, as there is no need to convert grades. The change from the traditional German Magister and State Examination courses to the internationally recognized Bachelor and Master system has also made the recognition of foreign degrees extremely easy.
  10. How important is internationalization to German universities? Very important, so they are very committed to it. German students are encouraged to spend part of their studies abroad. At the same time, the aim is to attract as many foreign students as possible to German universities. This also gives the respective university a certain reputation.
  11. How are foreign students looked after? It differs from university to university. A tutor often helps with problems getting used to the authorities or looking for an apartment. Or there is a special program. Most foreign students, however, are accommodated in one of the international dormitories, where they are also looked after. Of course, foreign students usually also receive intensive study advice.

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In summary, it can be said that studying abroad is an advantage that should not be underestimated. Such a stay at a partner university or host university offers many opportunities and options and should therefore be given positive attention.

However, the recognition of academic achievements in and from abroad is still a very big problem. Above all, the question of recognition is a complex and multi-dimensional issue and it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer because so many factors have to be considered individually depending on the case.

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