The ability, Tasks Giving to others is crucial to personal Success. However, this does not always work smoothly and without misunderstandings. Tips on how to do tasks and Set communicates properly to others.

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What the ex-head of state says about delegating

The Idea this post came to me when i was some time ago interviewed former Icelandic head of state Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. She shared with me her secret of how to raise a child and Jobs under one roof: organization. You have to cooperate with others and seek help.

That's when I realized how important the ability to delegate work to others is to your own success. All discussions about Time management-Tools, aids and to-do lists are obsolete if you can't hand over tasks that you can no longer manage yourself. Or to do it with dm-Founder Götz Werner, who said exactly that at Republica 2010, in a somewhat provocative way: “You to earn just Money, when others work for you.”

What the ability to delegate says about success

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The fact is, success is not determined solely by a person's ability to complete each task on their own. Effective management means, first and foremost, knowing when and how to delegate responsibility to others. Delegation is a crucial component of the Guidewho it Company enables their goals through Teamwork to be achieved more efficiently and effectively.

Effective delegation can help increase productivity increaseto encourage teamwork Stress reduce and improve the quality of work. It allows you to focus on your core tasks and use your time more efficiently. By delegating tasks to other team members, you can increase their professional growth support financially, trust build and create a sense of ownership and accountability. In addition, you can through the delegation Power Leverage the skills and capabilities of your team members, leading to better results and a more productive workforce.

Why delegating tasks isn't as easy as it sounds

However, delegating tasks is not as easy as it seems and it takes considerable skill to delegate properly. Delegation is an important tool for managers to increase productivity and efficiency by offloading some of their workload to other team members. However, delegating the right tasks to the right people is critical to success. Incorrect delegation can lead to confusion, missed deadlines and poor quality work. Therefore, it is important for you as a manager to know the importance of properly delegating tasks.

Ultimately, the delegation of tasks is a complex process that requires careful attention Planning and execution required. Many managers make the mistake of delegating tasks without proper guidance, leading to confusion, delays and ultimately poor results. Effective delegation, on the other hand, means identifying the right tasks and people to delegate, klare Giving instructions on what to do and regularly monitoring progress.

Delegate: Between fear and half-heartedness

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The fact that I am writing about one “ability” is no coincidence: many People find it difficult to delegate tasks to others and thus to a certain extent Control to deliver. Of course, trust in others cannot be learned overnight. But once you have successfully handed over the first smaller tasks, you will see that over time it becomes easier and easier to hand over control. And always remember: If you cannot do the work yourself for reasons of time or want to save time in a work step, there is no way around handing over tasks to others. So you don't have any Choicethan dealing with the topic of delegation.

However, I very often experience that delegation is only carried out half-heartedly: although the work is passed on, it is implicitly expected that the work will be done exactly as you would do it - but without expressly expressing it. Not everything you say when you delegate a task to others is understood exactly as you mean it. And often enough, the correct execution of the task suffers from the fact that the other person simply misunderstood the matter. Or, as the saying goes in linguistics: What matters is not what was meant, but how the other person understands it.

The difficulties lie in communication

Delegating therefore does not mean that you simply give instructions according to the motto: "Do this until the day after tomorrow!" Even if you do that as a Executive theoretically, you shouldn't say it that way, as the command tone is seldom well received.

Of course, this approach is even less appropriate if you want to ask a peer to do some work for you. In any case, it is better if you lead a constructive one Conversation with the person concerned and ask for surethat everything is understood exactly - because only then can you be sure that the task will be carried out the way you mean it.

10 tips for proper delegation

There are different approaches to delegating properly. We have compiled the 10 most important tips.

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