Success is a matter of attitude. Above all to himself. He becomes visible in the achievement of (self-)set goals. But the road to get there is often long. Overcoming the Distance between formulating and achieving a goal requires perseverance. In the Planning will gladly forget that.

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1. set goals

In general is a Objective the defined and desired end point of a process. In professional life, the goal is usually used to define the success of a project or more or less complex work.

In the private sphere, the goal often describes a desired state of the personal living environment. give goals to that Everyday life structure and Significance. Sensible goal planning and coordination make it possible to privacy to reconcile.

2. Individual goals

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A goal is not necessarily an invariable constant. Goals are changing, and many factors can affect the objectives. A twenty-year-old has different visions of his life as a mid-forties.

While the younger one might be easier with IT-innovations, he is not yet so tightly bound in his private life. The older one may have more technical knowledge qualification, life experience and extensive contacts. He is involved in a strong social Network from colleagues, Family and friends. Neither working method nor goals can be identical. Goals must also be adjusted to market changes

3. Check the stage

With a three-step goal plan, you will definitely win. You will achieve one of the three goals. Break down the main objective on the Performance down, which you have to provide in certain stages. This way you keep track of things and can also look forward to partial successes:

  1. Set yourself a maximum goal, a really really big goal, where you have to grab the stars and give everything.
  2. Set yourself an expected goal, a goal that you can actually achieve when you are struggling and accelerating.
  3. Define a minimum goal, which you also reach when something goes wrong. With this minimum, however, you should also be satisfied (if necessary).

4. Perseverance

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It is usually due to lack of perseverance when goals are not reached. The path of the least resistance is now easier to walk than to avoid or eliminate obstacles to the will. Increase your perseverance by following the tips below.

5. Eight useful tips

  1. Inventory: First, get an overview. Determine your status quo. How far have you come this year / in this area / in your life? Research your personal strengths and weaknesses and use them specifically.
  2. Really want it: Now is the time to set new, realistic goals. Identify yourself with your goal and use it as a source of strength. Trust in your inner voice.
  3. Looking ahead optimistically: Do not stick your goals too high. But dare to do something. Under-set goals do not demand and are unsatisfactory.
  4. Put down in writing: What is written in black on white, one can not only carry comfortably home, but also always bring out and check. Write down on what you want to achieve. Do all (life) areas run equally well? Or hapert it somewhere?
  5. Step by step: In order to achieve a goal, many individual steps are required. Well thought-out successively, the sum of all activities yields the desired result. Divide the way to the goal in single steps. Also try to win over the stage. Also a small reward for it.
  6. Adjust speed: You determine your individual tempo. Turn a gear back or accelerate. There is no standard. Adapt your speed to your condition. A short distance can be reached in the sprint, but not the finish line at the marathon run.
  7. Bypass obstacles: Endurance also means not giving up on the first obstacle. Sometimes a detour is more worthwhile than the supposedly direct way.
  8. Start now: You can only hold out if you start. Take the first step now. New ideas inspire. Anyone who hesitates for a long time will easily miss his chance.

6. Stamina is learnable

Always remember: You too can learn perseverance. But this also requires perseverance.

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