Which well qualified specialist would JWD already work? A problem that many Corporate have in the province because matching Candidate prefer to work and live in the hip big cities. What is the solution?


When big corporations and hip big cities lure

What can motivate highly qualified applicants to hire small and medium-sized companies not far from the big cities? What do companies have to come up with and what does successful employer branding actually have to look like from the target group's point of view?

The fact is, many applicants only look for what they already know and hear about again and again. And these are large corporations, where they want to build cars - for many a childhood dream.

Unattractive sites

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Or the big cities, especially Berlin, attract visitors. Working in the Black Forest, Franconia or Emsland? D rather not.

Smaller, medium-sized companies lose out in the race for the best minds - because their location does not seem very attractive and the Employees in future often don't even know the names of the companies, let alone know what they have to offer.

The boss has to do everything himself

I'm just thinking of a hotel manager in Hohenstein, Saxony, who is at the reception desk herself every day from 6 a.m. Reason: There is a shortage of qualified specialists in Saxony - not only in the catering trade. According to the training initiative “Future in Saxony” mainly have small and medium-sized companies Problemsto fill vacancies.

2011 was still advertised for 75 days, 2013 86 days. Reasons the initiative sees above all in the exodus of qualified workers. And so Silke Geike will probably still have to stand at the reception.

Funding for professionals

In South Tyrol, too, companies are complaining that applicants are underqualified. With targeted funding, the region therefore wants to innovate and Economy boost. Companies that hire highly qualified employees can even have half of their personnel costs reimbursed by the region - for two years. This refers to university graduates in technical and scientific disciplines with at least five years of professional experience.

But what attracts high potentials to the provinces? At the age of 29, Daniel Furth belongs to Generation Y and thus to the target group of many personnel marketingMeasures. As he explains in the interview, job security and payment were the decisive factors for his move from Berlin to Würzburg. And he is very much in vogue: the management consultancy Universum has more than 5.000 for a study Boy Employers are asked what makes a good employer for them. Answer: That salary, variety of work tasks and safety are the most important for the respondents.

Safety as a success factor

Companies only have to communicate these factors. But this is where the problem seems to lie. In the past year, Martin Gaedt, Managing Director of YOUNNECT, caused a stir with his book “The Myth of the Shortage of Skilled Workers”. His thesis: There is no nationwide shortage of skilled workers, many companies have just never learned to see themselves and their jobs as attractive Brand showcase. This is also confirmed by Dirk Ohlmeier, Managing Director of Ethos Human Recruitment in Berlin:

“Take one Company in a very rural region, which is also rather unknown to applicants, which only pays a 'normal' salary without any special incentives and offers employees hardly any development prospects. No wonder she hardly gets any applications,” he explains Headhunter. There are also companies that scare off interested applicants. “One of my clients was looking for a new manager for six months without success. When we were the first Candidates presented, let that Feedback Weeks to come, the job interview was delayed,” reports Ohlmeier. The candidates took a different approach.

Companies are looking for the perfect candidate

The companies' hesitation has reasons, such as Axel Stadtelmeyer, Managing Director of the Young recruitment agency IT Professionals in Heidelberg explains: “Many are looking for the perfect candidate. However, headhunters often only shift the problem, because the hard-to-find people are not uncommon fast gone again. Businesses should go to the Further Training their employees invest and actively pursue talent management, then they don’t even have to look for it.”

Optimal working conditions can certainly make smaller companies with a location disadvantage more attractive - Steffen Schoch, Managing Director of the Northern Black Forest Economic Development Agency, has also recognized this. "The traditional, owner-managed medium-sized companies are finding it increasingly difficult to assert themselves against the competition in the big cities for the best minds," he states. Therefore, the companies themselves must become active: "In our experience, family-friendliness and the flexible organization of working hours and work location can be decisive criteria by which applicants look for a job decide. "

Employers can score with family-friendliness

As with the fischerwerke in Waldachtal: It supports the construction of a children's home and offers flexible working time models with flexitime and part-time work - if operational requirements allow this. There are also teleworking and home officeSolutions – but only with restrictions: “The latter are used in certain Tasks used depending on the situation. Basically, we value the presence of the employees, so that the exchange within the company is ensured.

In this respect, the fixed teleworking positions are to be seen as exceptions that are created due to certain personal circumstances, ”says Helge Renz, head of the HR departments. It is still a long way from the complete flexibility that many applicants want. Steffen Schoch asked the companies in his region about home office regulations. “The topic has not yet arrived, many companies could not say anything about it. There are many exciting companies in rural areas that offer highly qualified jobs, ”he says.

A conclusion, which GenY representative Furth also agrees: “Companies should ensure attractive conditions and make this public. Then the qualified employees come on their own. ”


Questions to Generation Y: From Berlin to Würzburg?

Daniel Furth, 29, traded his job as Marketing-Manager of a Berlin start-up against a job at Vogel Business Media in Wuerzburg.

Mr Furth, you have switched from a Berlin start-up to Vogel Bussiness Media in Würzburg. Why?

Because of the working conditions: In contrast to many start-ups, there are 30 days of vacation a year, a safe one Workplace and a precisely defined hourly registration. The higher salary, holiday pay and profit sharing are also factors.

Is not that a completely different corporate culture?

Yes: In Berlin, hardly any employees were over 30, here I work with younger and older people People together that I can learn from. That's positive.

In addition, Vogel has been a family business since 1891, has strong regional roots and is loyal to its employees. Despite this, the company is innovative and mine ideas find a hearing.

How has your way of working changed?

Above all, job security has improved: Vogel is not, like many StartUps, designed to be bought. And employees are not simply fired, but deployed elsewhere if possible.

The change from the capital to the province is not a problem?

No, I think Würzburg is even nicer as a city. People know each other, life is more relaxed, there is a wide range of cultural and leisure activities and a lively media scene.

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