Employer branding is becoming more important, the more annoying for Company negative Employee reviews, yes Candidate can look forward to the unexpected insights into the employer. 10 tips on how job seekers use rating portals in a targeted manner.

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Sense and nonsense of rating portals

Sinn and nonsense of rating portals are not only in many Marketingdepartments, but also a highly controversial topic in the human resources area - because of course there are numerous employer platforms on which laid-off Employees vent their anger and even reveal internal information about the company.

The most recent example is the revelations to Cambridge Analytica, which have recently been publicized by former senior officials.

As with Cambridge Analytica

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And so it comes that companies fear not only customer ratings like the devil's holy water, but almost more the unruly, uncontrolled acts of revenge by employees as they find plenty of money on the net.

On the other hand, some companies use a lot of effort to put themselves in a better light. Tips from a reader on how to use reviews for yourself.

10 tips for using evaluation portals in the evaluation

Some time ago one of our readers reported in a really constructive, but unfortunately not publicly available comment, how he liked rating portals for his Application has used.

I have exatraised some tips for the application process and supplemented by further own tips. The result is this overview:

  1. Trust is good, control is always better: MJ recommends with a healthy mistrust in the applications the chaff from the wheat to separate. Then, he says, the evaluation portal can also be used well for the application process.
  2. Beware of big fluctuations: Caution is always offered when the valuations of a company oscillate between extremely good and extremely bad. This suggests that the company with appropriate PR power the bad ratings tries to catch.
  3. Beware of adulation: Even with excessive praise, caution is advised, because that also suggests that in the background the PR machinery is running.
  4. Beware of mayflies: Caution is also offered when a company has only a few and exceptionally bad reviews in a very short period of time. This speaks for isolated acts of revenge.
  5. Read reviews: If you read the reviews carefully, including the positive ones, and take a close look at the benefits, you will also find one or the other slapstick - for example the internship in the home office, which the employee rated positively, but on closer inspection it is a narrow-gauge internship.
  6. Stay away from bad reviews: If a company has consistently had bad reviews for years, it means that the company is actually not good. So better fingers away.
  7. Durable design evaluations: If a company has consistently constant ratings that the company does not just praise or lament in the sky, but also criticize the constructive and differentiated criticism, this means that one can trust these evaluations.
  8. It does not depend on the numbers: The large number of companies seduces to make a pre-selection after the number of evaluations and the grade. In fact, the emphasis is not on the note, but on the differentiated comments that require a closer look.
  9. Companies respond to positive reviews: It is evidence of initiative and interest in the company, when one talks about the constructive and positive criticisms in the discussion. These can be the basis for a good conversation.
  10. Avoid negative reviews in the interview: At least if you absolutely want a job. Because it testifies to the self-confidence of an applicant to also address the company to negative reviews. I personally think that's good, but as MJ writes so fittingly, “speaking of derailing facial features would still be harmless”.

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