Planning and developing new ideas are undoubtedly important issues. But dreaming alone is not enough - there are stumbling blocks on the way to implementation.

Best of HR –® by Simone Janson012

A good plan is not enough

A defined project, a good plan, and methods of creative ideas - that would be enough for a career change, a lot less people would stick to a frustrating job.

The idea of ​​what you want to do is there, now it's time to plan and implement it. While reading the first two parts, some of you probably couldn't suppress a sigh that said something like "If it were that easy!".

And most of them would be a guide, which will bring their readers to the track with a few good recipes. There is no lack of such counselors or recipes; only the pleasing effect usually remains.

Often it fails to carry out: 5 tips against self-sacrifice

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People who ins to me Coaching come because they finally want to get their professional restart in order, the majority have already consulted various books. Many of these are definitely smart guides that will help you find the job that suits your personality and skills.

If you really from A to Z applied and the way to the end goes, or the book also really worked through. And apparently not a few fail.

1. The inner bastard?

Because even if I want the change so much and I know that I have to use the necessary tools and every step must really go - that does not mean that I do so! Nope.

I would prefer to grind things by eye, do half-way or half-headed work steps (even though I should actually work in writing), or break the whole thing before any results can be generated. Or I'm actually coming up with good ideas - and I'd rather hang out on the sofa, rather than go out and do it.

2. Why do we boycott our change process?

Why do we boycott our own reorientation process? Why do we want one thing - and do the other? Why do we ride dead horses, although we know that they are no longer good for transport?

If we only had the desire for change in us, we would immediately set in motion. Then you would have better things to do than Best of HR -® to read. But most people also have internal resistance to the new. And they are mainly fed by fears.

3. Failure of one's own fears

We are afraid to fail to be laughed, not good enough to be too old or too stupid to lose our security and land in the gutter and so on ...

We have to fight with self-images that are anything but radiant, and much too little confidence in ourselves. And we like to believe that it will go wrong anyway - even if we tend to be optimistic, we can become real blacks when it comes to our own future.

4. Sunny side with brake pads

All of this comes in the way of our desire for change. However, very few people enjoy using their inner brakes. We prefer to look at our sunny side, which gladly welcomes every change and finds it great.

That's why we prefer to read books that persuade us that reorientation is very easy and a lot of fun. And we'd love to believe that everyone has their own dream job can be found quickly and without great effort - if you only use the right technology.

Believe me: your inner resistances bake an egg on you being unhappy in your job!

5. The internal resistances are only stronger

They only get stronger if we try to ignore them or work against them with pressure. If I am split inside, this is an inside Konflikt. We know that conflicts seldom resolve themselves just by looking past them smiling.

And the more we try to concentrate our energy solely on our reorientation, the more likely the result will be a mental blockade. The symptoms can then be confusion, tornness, emotional fluctuations or depression, impotence, or even physical symptoms.

Why self-management is important

The consequence of this is for me: Without good self-management, ie the inclusion of all the parts that make up our own, the air for a new career orientation becomes quite thin - especially if it is to be large and sustainable changes.

As a psychologically clever self-manager, we ensure that we are well positioned for the development process. We do not encounter internal resistances with pressure, self-abuse or ignoring - we try to dissolve blockades and pay attention to internal conflicts.

Where are your brakes inside?

If you think now: "But it will take far too long." or "I want a new job and not on the couch!", your inner brakes have probably just entered the stage.

Best regards from me.

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