The spin doctor spends most of his time in terms, options, and hypotheses, and is wholly a part of the intellectual service profession. What can you learn from him?


Learning from a job with a bad image?

Spin doctors work as specialists in political communication at the interface between politics and PR. Nevertheless, hardly anyone knows this Job. What are they doing exactly?

In an image ranking of the professions published by the Society for Consumer Research, the spin doctors would most likely have performed very poorly. You would have ended up between the rather poor 32nd place for politicians and the hardly better 30th place for advertisers.

What do they actually do?

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The spin doctors, as specialists in policy-making, combine and assume the poor image values ​​of both professions. So it is not surprising that they generally rank fairly below the population.

It must also be said that not many People really know what a spin doctor actually does. Those who know and write and report about it are mostly quite critical of them and openly claim that the spin doctors are unabashedly damaging to democracy.

Spiders of mysterious networks?

In addition, the job title “Spin Doctor” has a bias in the German language, which doesn’t make things any easier. It seems obvious that spin doctors "spin" and that they are experts in the spectacle and the Handling spread a lot of mischief and thereby our fragile political System endanger.

What makes the matter even worse is the fact that the word has a strong connotation with the eccentric, the spider, and the aversion to this animal is transferred to the profession.

Strippenzieher in the background

These questionable individuals are also likely to be specialists in weaving dubious webs and building dubious ones networks. “Nomen est Omen”, so the name really says it all.

All those who are committed to the protection and defense of democracy are right in denouncing the machinations of these mysterious bandits.

Do not stay hidden

In my opinion, the superficial perception of the spin doctors in the public is based on an erroneous understanding of the democratic process of will-formation, particularly of techniques to convince and mobilize the public.

In order to work carefree, the spin doctors cannot remain completely hidden, otherwise they will be suspected of hypocrisy and even more distrust in society. No, the spin doctor profession itself needs no “spin” and no rehab.

Learning from Michelangelo and Einstein

On the other hand, however, a greater degree of clarity about how they work seems advisable. Only in this way can their specificity and their highly specialized skills be made understandable and useful in our networked society.

In his book “Secret of Success creativity” explains the author and ex-officer Michael Michalko what one can learn from Michelangelo, Einstein and Co. He does not present recipes, but rather presents approaches and ideas Methods before. The whole book is about finding other angles. “See right” and the right one Perspektive on this World to find it, that's what it's all about for him too.

Modern mashups

To be more precise: Michael Michalko calls them Art of combining as the most important tool of creativity and takes Gregor Mendel as an example. This monk from Austria combined two completely different fields of knowledge, biology and mathematics, and developed the laws of heredity, laying the basis of modern genetics.

There are many other famous examples of the success of the Combination. Michael Michalko also cites the example of Samuel Morse, the inventor of telegraphic signals, who made his Idea had when he was observing relay stations for horses. Morse saw the horses being changed and thought that telegraphic signals needed an occasional boost of energy as well.

Combine intuition and ratio

Michael Michalko also quotes the well-known formula E = mc 2 and explains that Einstein Energy, mass or speed of light has not been discovered. Einstein invented the theory of relativity. The "mashups" that enrich our digital world, for example the integration of Google Maps into one's own website, are nothing more than the combination of existing content.

The spin doctor deliberately combines intuitive and rational thinking. He knows the limits of reason and calculations. So he also thinks a lot with his gut, whose wisdom he has gradually learned to respect. He noticed that rationality is more for Problems low complexity is suitable.

Endless combination possibilities

The willingness to combine things imaginatively is part of the spin doctor. It cannot be a cold thinking machine, it should always be open. The spin doctor likes to create a relationship between things and constantly tries different variations. He interweaves ideas and thoughts in various combinations and also sees the world as a network of interconnected concepts and people.

Maybe he lacks the time, but the possibilities of the combinations are endless for him. For him, creativity is about forging new relationships and staying away from traditional ways of thinking. He makes comparisons with other areas and looks for differences and similarities.

6 success tips from the spin doctor

The Spin Doctor doesn't try to get to the bottom of any one issue or issue, it just tries to focus on the core factors and combine them. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell's words about philosophy, spin-doctoring may reduce the certainties of how something is, but increase the possibilities of how something could be. 6 tips for Implementation:

  1. Be especially careful with people who keep swearing they don't want to play political power games. It is precisely those who develop their micro-political tactics very carefully and hideously and pursue them mercilessly.
  2. Recognize your exact position in the implicit organization chart of power and respect it to the word. It is always better to know who sits up and who is down to understand the different sensitivities and to act more purposefully.
  3. Your allies are more important than your ideas. It really does not help you to develop the best ideas if they do not get the adjusted coalition on their feet and get the adequate back cover. First clan, then plan.
  4. Avoiding booing is the main part of your profession. Your reputation is your biggest asset and needs to be protected as customers and colleagues communicate 24 / 7 / 365. Do not let your being be jeopardized by appearances. And if necessary, have a little pig.
  5. Try to spend time with people who have shaped your industry. These have a lot of experience and know-how. They are also looking for a broad supporter. Meet with pensioners in your industry. They are looking for a place in history. And they have time and desire to tell everything.
  6. Read as much as you can. You need to know everything that moves your industry. Never forget that you are convinced by their precise knowledge. Make all contacts dependent on it. It's not about knowing something better, but always knowing a bit more.

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