The desire to do everything well and properly is not a bad thing. However, if you exaggerate, you stand up for yourself fast even in the way. 6 tips against excessive perfectionism and for a simpler life.

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Perfection: The desire to do everything right!

Last week I ran into another nice example of someone standing in their way with too high demands on themselves: “If I do something, then I really want to do it perfectly,” said my friend with fervent conviction. There is nothing wrong with that; on the contrary, that Objective is noble and important.

However, the project was about its Planning it worked, failed once before. And the second attempt was well on the way to failing again long before it was even attempted. Reason: As the acquaintance admitted, his desire to make everything perfect led to an unbelievable effort: Because to achieve the desired perfection, a simple thing became Projects made ever larger and more complex by including various factors and people - until it finally turned out to be almost impossible to manage.

Perfection is omnipresent

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No question: in ours Society perfection reigns. All you have to do is turn on the television or open a magazine, and seemingly perfect looking, healthy and, above all, always unspeakably good-humored, happy people jump out at us People opposite.

And there are mountains of how-to literature out there that wants to show you how to become just like that; like you so perfect satisfied and live happily, find the perfect dream job or completely free of side effects Career do and get rich with your left hand.

Perfection in leadership and everyday work

But the phenomenon is not limited to our personal sensitivities. Perfection is omnipresent, especially in everyday working life: Workers should be perfect in this Company fit in and do their job as flawlessly as possible.

Above all, strength and Expertise, which are suggested by supposed flawlessness and the perfect appearance. Everyone plays their part as best as they can. The beautiful appearance often counts more than the actual content. That true competence consists in recognizing mistakes and non-Background being able to admit in order to learn from it is often overlooked.

Perfectly styled: Neat Kens and Barbies from the executive suite

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Where this can lead, has recently the former Telekom personnel board member Thomas Sattelberger  something strikingly described:

“The blow-dried Kens and Barbies in the Business-Outfits are only trimmed for economic efficiency, not encouraged to innovate. The future managers think only in the category 'higher, faster, further'. Business schools and business schools are therefore significantly responsible for failures Guide in management. "

6 tips for getting out of the perfection trap

But how do you escape this perfection trap, bearing in mind all the influences of the environment and the media? The following behaviors can help prevent yourself from getting in the way of an exaggerated claim to perfection:

  1. Away with procrastination: Like my friend mentioned above, many people constantly push important tasks because they are afraid of not being able to do them perfectly. This is the classic procrastination of people who suffer from perfectionism. What Helps: Make a Priority List and Do Important Things Immediately!
  2. Reduce fears: The desire for perfection arises out of fear and personal insecurity. So, be clear about where your fears are and fight the evil from the root.
  3. What can happen? What will happen if you make less effort? Probably a lot less than you believe right now. Just screw down your claims on yourself a little at a time.
  4. Learn to deal with criticism: One factor that drives many people to peak performance is dealing with criticism. Question these times: Did you really criticize you? Is the criticism justified? Does your critic have enough idea of ​​the matter to really criticize you?
  5. Learn to make decisions: Instead of stubbornly remembering - write down everything. Structure helps you to decide despite perfection claim. And sometimes you can see things with humor, because laughing helps against perfectionism.
  6. Use errors productively: Mistakes are human. If you make a mistake, get annoyed that you were not perfect this time. But then think about what you could do better next time.

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